Balenciaga x The Simpsons: The Collaboration of the Year @ Paris Fashion Week

Balenciaga X The Simpsons – Comic meets Haute Couture, an interplay that has never been seen before. The highlight of Paris Fashion Week was definitely the special episode of the multi-award winning animated series “The Simpsons” in collaboration with French high fashion brand Balenciaga. The bourgeois, American family become models in yellow who present the high-priced luxury fashion of the house of Balenciaga on the red carpet aka catwalk, just like the real models. Read everything you need to know about the collaboration of the year in this article, discover the individual looks and watch the full show!

Balenciaga: Designer sets new standards

Since Demna Gvsalia took over from Cristóbal Balenciaga, the young designer has strived to set new boundaries and standards in fashion. Formerly known for his haute couture, the brand is now all the rage on the streets. Oversized cuts, puffer jackets and sneakers like the “Triple S” or the “Speed Trainer” are conquering the street style scene. One reason why the Simpsons are not so far-fetched to represent Balenciaga – Gvsalia is looking for the new. After the sensational “DHL Shirt” and the Balenciaga clothing available in the online game “Fortnite” exclusively for the characters, this episode doesn’t surprise us that much anymore. Still – Two of the biggest faces in their field in a collaboration is a success we won’t soon forget.

Yellow is In: Balenciaga X The Simpsons

Demna Gvsalia’s first haute couture collection was also the house’s first haute couture collection in 53 years! Proudly presenting the characters of the Simpsons family at Paris Fashion Week. Marge wears a pompous dress in gold, which is a reference to the old glamour of the haute couture master Cristóbal Balenciagas himself. But the other characters on the show also wear clothes that fit their characters. Homer, for example, has been given a bright red down jacket in which he strongly resembles rapper Kanye West. Even the mother of fashion Anna Wintour can’t be missing from the frontrow, looking flawless as always even in yellow.

The Simpsons: Fashion Show in Paris

The ten-minute episode once again convinces with ironic charm. Springfield in the world of high fashion? Who knows the series, knows that this idea is completely absurd. The exaggerated portrayal of American citizens does not fit at all with luxury and glamour. Yet – All the residents of the small town we know are flown to Paris, by designer Demna Gvsalia himself. Even though they can’t do anything with the call to model, they all end up doing a great job! Watch the whole special episode here!

Simpsons Haute Couture: The Best Looks

With the Simpsons Special episode, Gvasalia has, among other things, given his Spring 2020 collection a whole new look. In this Simpsons Haute Couture, there are definitely a few IT pieces that stand out. Want to know how the velvety balloon dresses and oversized puffer jacket look on real models? We’ve rounded up our three favorite looks for you.

Homer: Street Style Star of the Show

The spring 2020 collection, built on politics and democracy, showed the puffer jackets as a volume that anyone can wear. So even our lovable, somewhat corpulent family man Homer fits into the jacket in striking red. One thing is clear – Homer is in no way inferior to the real model, neither in coolness nor in elegance.

Twin Power: Sherri and Terri in prom dresses

Twin girls Sherri and Terri present the crowning glory of that year’s Fall 2019 fashion show, but the black velvet ball gowns look great on the girls with purple hair! Gvasalia’s design draws on the repertoire of his predecessor Cristóbal Balenciaga, who stuck to ball gown silhouettes in the early founding years.

Marge: Highlight of the Fashion Show

Gold, golden, Marge. The wife of Homer and heart of the Simpson family gets to close the show on the occasion of her birthday. The ostentatious dress, which was shown in all silver in addition to gold on the Fall 2019 show, is hard to beat for glamour. The huge bow at the back probably adds to it. Marge is clearly enjoying her grand entrance and, as the mother of such a chaotic family, she deserves it!

Here again a video of the Simpsons and the Real Models in comparison!

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