Online editor*in furnishing & real estate! Full-time / part-time + internship (career entry) – Job

Online Editor*in Furnishings & Real Estate – You like furnishings and beautiful real estate? You like media and marketing? Then apply for a job in our magazine! We are always looking for new talents, at the moment especially in the area of furnishing and real estate. Become an online editor in our magazine for the interior design and real estate department. Work with our team full time to build reach and happy visitors. Back to FIV Magazine Jobs.

Your Job: Living, Buying and Luxury Living

The themes in your new resort are extremely diverse! On the one hand, it’s about casual topics, like different interior design styles or even the homes of celebrities. On the other hand, it’s about our readers learning a lot more with us, such as everything important for their first condo.

It’s “just” about writing, we design small content worlds for our readers!

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

If just one of your articles reaches 100 people a week, that’s 5,600 readers a year. Imagine 5,600 people metaphorically. Each and every one of you. Suddenly, it’s not “just” writing anymore. After all, over 5,000 people trust the recommendations from an article. If your article gets 1,000 readers a week, that’s a whole 56,000 people a year and next year. PS: Your articles will also be translated into 4 other languages (English, French, Spanish and Italian).

With us you learn Deep Content / Content Marketing

Your tasks in the editorial office

Your job in explained quickly and only in bullet points:

  • You deliver real added value for our readers
  • Article layout – intelligent structure
  • Creating text and image content in the CMS
  • Planning of new topics in the department
  • Collaboration with brands and partners – PR
  • Working with Photoshop
  • Occasional video editing and audio (podcast)
  • Cross-company collaboration (internal) @ CXMXO
  • You learn know-how in real estate trade

We are looking for you in full time, part time in Cologne.

Tip for newcomers: You haven’t had the chance to gain experience in an editorial office yet? Then our magazine internship might be just the thing for you (below).

Start, salary and working hours

The most important facts about starting, salary and working hours:

  • Start time: immediately
  • Working Hours: Full time / Part time
  • No weekends!
  • Salary: according to agreement

Application: Editorial full-time / part-time

Send us your resume + short cover letter to:

Your topics and tasks

  1. Furnishing styles: Luxury Living
  2. How Stars Live: House Tour
  3. Real estate as an investment: Financial freedom
  4. Real estate trends: Building and living in the future

Furnishing styles: Luxury Living

Furnishing styles – live in the country style, with retro look or Scandinavian style. Every home is individual. We want to give our readers inspiration above all, but also tips for new interior design trends. To this end, we work on ideas for living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and our own gardens through our own research and in collaboration with PR agencies and brands.

How Stars Live: House Tour

This is how stars live – many celebrities and influencers have millions of fans and of course they want to know what their stars’ homes are like. We take a look at luxurious villas in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles), but also at chic loft apartments in Berlin Mitte. Architecture, interior design and luxury furniture brands.

Buying your first apartment – many of our readers are interested in the topic of owning their own home, their own dream home and living rent-free. That’s why we also provide our readers with a lot of knowledge so that they can optimally prepare for the purchase of their first condominium.

Real estate as an investment: Financial freedom

Real estate as an investment – some people even go one step further and buy real estate as an investment. That means they buy a property and then rent it out. That is very clever! Because this way you take a lot of tax advantages. In addition, your tenant pays off your first property.

Real estate trends: Building and living in the future

Real estate trends – from new districts that are emerging, to trends like real estate crowdinvesting, in our editorial department you are also out and about as a trend scout. That way, our readers are the first to know when there’s something new.

Application: Online editorial full-time / part-time

Send us your resume + short cover letter to:

Internship (newcomer): Gaining experience

Content creation for us is so much more than just writing texts! Ultimately, we always build a small universe in which our users (readers, visitors) get good information with added value. By intelligently linking individual pieces of content, we want visitors to learn as much as possible. No matter if they only have a few seconds, e.g. while waiting for the subway, or if they are relaxed and reading a detailed article with their tablet on Sunday morning.

So in this internship you will not only be present, but you will also create, produce and learn a lot.

Gaining work experience in an internship – you have little practical experience and are looking for an internship where you can learn a lot? Then you’ve come to the right place. Start your internship with us with a chance of being taken on.

Compulsory internship possible?

We often get the question, “Can I do a mandatory internship with you? Yes! We also offer you the possibility that you can complete a full mandatory internship with us by learning a lot.

Perfect for you, even from school and study courses like:

  • Media Management
  • Public Relations
  • Media and communication management
  • Media design; design and production
  • Digital media

Application: Internship / Compulsory internship

Send us your resume + short cover letter to: