FIV Issue #14 : Real Estate in the USA

Issue #14 – The latest issue of our FIV Magazine is all about real estate in the USA. Have you always wondered how to best invest in real estate in the USA and how the tax system works in America? Then our magazine is the right place for you, have fun browsing!

New issue: Real estate in the USA

Here you can find a small overview of the topics printed in the new issue:

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Buying real estate in the USA: What to watch out for & tax system in America

You want to invest in real estate in the USA? Here you will find tips and learn what you need to pay attention to when buying real estate in the U.S. and how the tax system works in America.

Taxes USA: Buying real estate – Taxes, property tax etc. for house, apartment & land

What taxes do you have to pay when you buy a house in the US? Below you will find a list of all the types of taxes you have to pay, how much they are, where you can read more about them and what they are used for. Everything you need to know about taxes related to buying a property, be it your home or a vacation home. We answer the questions, what are “transfer taxes”? How much is the property tax when buying a property? Here are the answers.