Crowdinvesting real estate: Invest in real estate with little money! Basics

Crowdinvestment real estate – In a real estate to invest, is not always completely simple, particularly, if one stands straight before the purchase of the first dwelling. Not everyone has the necessary equity or a regular income to show, which one must show for a real estate financing. The so-called Crowdinvesting offers here a good alternative, in order to be able to invest nevertheless into a real estate as capital investment for the age precaution. What exactly crowdinvesting is and how it works, you can find out here.

Crowdinvesting: basics and rental yields

Invest in real estate instead of the next sneaker? Sounds strange, but that’s no longer a problem with crowdinvesting. Crowdinvestment means as much as real estate investment for everyone. But what exactly is crowdinvesting?

Here in short, before we go into details, the most important summarized on the subject of crowdinvestment:

  • Many shares of a property divided to private individuals
  • Only a small outlay of equity
  • Loan is not paid to developer, but only participation in property

What does crowdinvestment mean exactly?

Crowdinvestments are very similar to a corporation that sells many company shares to private individuals and institutions in order to obtain the necessary financing for the company’s growth. So too, with crowdinvestments, individual shares of a property are sold to private investors. The advantage? You can invest in such real estate even with a small amount of equity and thus secure your pension.

  • Comparison: stock corporation
  • Many shares of a property divided to private individuals
  • Only a small outlay of equity

How does crowdinvestment work in the first place?

Let’s stay with the example of the stock corporation. When a property is newly built or renovated, it is published on a special crowdinvestment platform. This is responsible for the distribution of the real estate shares to capital investors. Through the platforms, the owners are considerably relieved.

Differences from a normal investment:

  • No targeted partners for financing, but division of the property by platform
  • Loan is not paid to developer, but only participation in property
  • Share is not used for personal use, one obtains the part of a yield

How do I find profitable real estate?

In order to know which property is worth investing in, one should know what the return on investment of the respective property is. Here you can use a simple formula to calculate this.

Formula Rental Yield:

Annual rent / investment x 100 = rental yield

If you want to know even more about rental yield, read our article Rental yield and purchase price factor here.

Financing real estate yourself? Equity

When you’re young, you often don’t have the equity directly available to invest in a property. Thus, equity probably plays the biggest role in real estate purchases for first-time investors. Many ask themselves the question, how much equity do you need at all for a regular property?

Equity depending on the situation

The answer is always related to the location of the property. If your property is in an A location such as Munich, Cologne or Hamburg, it is unaffordable for most people. In a B – location or good C- location, however, the prices fall. Depending on the micro-location, prices can also vary depending on how far into the city center you want to live.

  • A- location (big city) extremely expensive
  • B- location and good C- location moderate prices
  • Microlocation is crucial

Equity investment depending on financing

No matter what the final purchase price of a property, the bank usually always requires an equity contribution of 15%, especially for first-time investors. In addition, one must always reckon with the addition of the ancillary purchase costs, brokerage costs (if commissioned) and the land transfer tax.

  • 15% equity investment

Real estate as an investment: Provision for old age

Our pension is getting smaller and smaller and our money in the bank is subject to inflation in any case. So we are left with real estate as a good way to invest our money, as it neither loses its value due to inflation nor is it always in demand. Moreover, after a few years we benefit from the increase in value of the property.

The great advantage of a property as an investment is that it is rented out, unless you want to buy your property for your own use. The income from the rent generates a constant cash flow, with which the property and all costs incurred can be covered. By earning a high return at best, you build wealth on top of that. In addition, real estate always remains fairly constant on the market, which means that you minimize risk when you buy.

  • Real estate is stable in value
  • Real estate offers inflation protection
  • Real estate provides constant cash flow
  • Asset building

Crowdinvesting: Videos

To better illustrate crowdfunding, we have two videos here for you to illustrate the point.

What is crowdinvesting?

Here, crowdinvesting is explained to you with the help of graphics and drawings.