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Crowdinvesting real estate: Invest in real estate with little money! Basics

Crowdinvestment real estate – In a real estate to invest, is not always completely simple, particularly, if one stands straight before the purchase of the first dwelling. Not everyone has the necessary equity or a regular income to show, which one must show for a real estate financing. The so-called Crowdinvesting offers here a good […]

Maximum size of your first apartment: living space for owner-occupiers and capital investors – 4 tips

Size of a property – How big should my first condominium be? Micro-apartment, 2, 3 or even more rooms? This question is answered here by comparing living space for owner-occupancy and investment. In general, the number of square meters and the room layout are particularly important. You can learn everything else here! Living space for […]

Existing or new building: purchase price, yield & Co. – advantages and disadvantages

Stock or new building – If one buys a dwelling, one asks oneself, apart from the question of own use or investment and net yield or investment real estate, whether one should invest in stock or new building. Both forms have their advantages and disadvantages. In this article, you will learn what they are. Buying […]

Rental yield and purchase price factor: Calculations for comparing properties

Rental yield and purchase price factor – How do I find good yield properties? This question is mainly asked by capital investors, as they are mainly looking for positive and fastest possible cash flow. With a sufficient yield, you are lucky that the tenant pays off the purchased property. Here you’ll learn all about how […]

Return vs. investment property: cash flow or appreciation – advantages and disadvantages

Yield vs. investment property – You have decided: Finally buy your first own property! But am I buying an income property or an investment property? But what is it anyway? What is the basic difference between these two types of investment? And what exactly is an A, B or C location? The most important thing […]

Buy or build a house? Experiences of builders and experts

Buy or build a house?! – We have a lot to tell you about real estate and your first apartment or house. Today we ask the big question: buy or build? With experiences from builders and experts. We have watched a lot of experience videos and compiled the best ones here in the list for […]

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Real Estate Investment Book Recommendations: Basics, Investment & Tax Tips

Real estate investment – Buying a property and using it as an investment can be a very efficient investment. But what should you actually keep in mind? And what mistakes should you avoid at all costs? We’ve put together a list of books to help you answer these very questions and prevent potential problems. Investments, […]

Buying and renting real estate video tips: Profit, calculation and rental contracts

Buying and renting real estate – It’s hard to get started, but with the right recommendations and tips, it’s easy. So that you too can make a smooth start in the world of real estate, we provide you with tips and tricks. From how to prepare to buy your first home, to finding the right […]