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Vacation home Denmark: With family & dog, experience report + vacation home checklist!

Vacation home Denmark – last minute or well prepared, the most important practical tips to find a beautiful vacation home and for beautiful memories, on solo tour, as a couple or with the family! Here you will find peace, sea air, friendly people, wonderful nature and beaches. Directly on the sea of the North Sea, […]

Airbnb launch: Is subletting legal? Advantages, risks and how to start

Airbnb Guide – Great! You’re about to enter the exciting Airbnb business and boost your income. You have a unique opportunity to monetize with your property or rental home while providing an unforgettable experience to travelers from all over the world. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully get started […]

Buying your first condominium – criteria, purchase price & capital investment – 11 point checklist

Buying your first condo – The property for first-timers. Want to buy a condo as your first property, but don’t know where to start? Here we’ve created a checklist of 11 items for you to determine the basics and criteria of your property search. Whether determining the maximum purchase price, the question of owner-occupancy or […]

Valuation by year of construction of a property: Does age matter?

Valuation by year of construction – A property valuation is especially important when buying your first apartment. This includes the valuation by year of construction of your house or the building in which your condo is located. So what is the age limit of a building? You can find the answer in this article on […]

Crowdinvesting real estate: Invest in real estate with little money! Basics

Crowdinvestment real estate – In a real estate to invest, is not always completely simple, particularly, if one stands straight before the purchase of the first dwelling. Not everyone has the necessary equity or a regular income to show, which one must show for a real estate financing. The so-called Crowdinvesting offers here a good […]

Eleven Decks: Urban living in Hamburg – luxury at the Elbe Philharmonic Hall

Eleven Decks – Eleven Decks is a unique, new construction project that aims to create new impulses for living in Germany. Living and working are combined and linked by common community spaces. In addition to 18 penthouse apartments, green roof areas, as well as numerous recreational spaces and sports facilities and a spacious terrace offer […]

Eleven Decks: Urban living in Hamburg Hafencity – Interview with Björn Dahler

Eleven Decks – urban living in one of Germany’s largest cities. In the middle of Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier, a newly created district of Hafencity Hamburg, a new residential complex will grace the Hamburg skyline from 2023. Designed by architect Carsten Roth, the modern project is under the management of DC Developments. Already, the building is setting […]

Cologne Kreuzfeld: A new district “WoodHood” is being created! Apartments incl. climate protection

Kreuzfeld Cologne – In the north of Cologne, in the district of Chorweiler, a new district is to be created. For those who want to buy your first apartment, perhaps a consideration! Because, when ensteht already times a completely new district? Cologne Kreuzfeld, also called WoodHood is the winner of an urban development project of […]

Year of construction and condition of real estate: defects, damage & Co. – checklist

Year of construction and condition of real estate – You want to invest in an old building? Then you need to consider a few things before buying. Old properties bring some advantages, but also disadvantages. We have compiled a brief overview of all the facts of the different construction years in comparison. Old properties: Aging […]

Minimum rental yield: Yield property, location & Co. – When is it worth it?

Minimum rental yield – How high must the rental yield be at least so that I can let my tenant pay off the purchased property without worrying about having to pay interest and repayments? This is a question that especially capital investors ask themselves when they want to invest in an income property and thereby […]

The right location: owner-occupier or capital investment? – The factors

The right location – Where exactly should I buy my first property? Owner-occupiers and capital investors, as well as yield properties or investors with the goal of value appreciation, accordingly, the decision of the perfect location is different. Here we go into the analysis again to help you find the best location for your goals! […]

Macro- Meso- Micro- Location: City, District & Neighborhood – 3 Decisions

Macro, meso, micro location – you are already fully in the topic of buying your first own apartment? Great, because once you’ve made a rough choice between A-, B- or C- location, you now move on to the analysis of the location. This involves comparing city districts and the specific neighborhood. You want to know […]

A- B- C- Location: (Basic) Locations, Location Types & Co. – The Comparison

Location types – You’ve got the wherewithal together and have decided to invest in a property. But where exactly do I buy this property? First of all, the question arises: yield or investment property? This question plays a major role in the choice of location of a property for capital investors but also owner-occupiers. What […]

8 mistakes when buying real estate: location, personal use and resale value – our tips

Mistakes when buying real estate – Buying your own home for the first time can be overwhelming. Mistakes creep in again and again gladly into the purchase process of a real estate. Whether a bad location of the property, reasons against self-interest or a purchase out of emotion – mistakes cost you a lot of […]

Return vs. investment property: cash flow or appreciation – advantages and disadvantages

Yield vs. investment property – You have decided: Finally buy your first own property! But am I buying an income property or an investment property? But what is it anyway? What is the basic difference between these two types of investment? And what exactly is an A, B or C location? The most important thing […]

25Hours Hotel Köln The Circle: Check-In, Stay, Sightseeing & Co – Our Experience & Recommendation

25Hours Hotel Köln The Circle – you probably already know this hotel from Instagram! One of the most frequent pictures in Germany is taken here in the elevator. Since our editor was in town to plan the Fashion Week, she didn’t miss the chance to stop here on her trip – and stayed for two […]