Macro- Meso- Micro- Location: City, District & Neighborhood – 3 Decisions

Macro, meso, micro location – you are already fully in the topic of buying your first own apartment? Great, because once you’ve made a rough choice between A-, B- or C- location, you now move on to the analysis of the location. This involves comparing city districts and the specific neighborhood. You want to know how this works? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Macro, meso, micro: from the city to the neighborhood

The macro, meso and micro location is a size comparison of locations where exactly a property is to be purchased. In doing so, it goes deeper and deeper, from the question of which city? (macro), to which district? (meso), to the exact location, i.e. the immediate neighborhood (micro).

Here is a brief overview of the layer types:

  • Macro- location: (A-, B- and C-location, i.e. where in the country / which city?)
  • Meso location: which district
  • Micro- location: exact location/ neighborhood

Macro- location: First decision – The city

This is mainly about deciding at which location you want to invest roughly in the country. You have already learned what A, B and C locations are all about in our article on location types. Here again in short the location types explained, which offer in principle a comparison of places:

  • A-location (simply: metropolis)
  • B-location (simple: large city / city with positive development)
  • C-location (simple: small town / country in stagnation)

Meso location: Second decision – The district

The meso location goes one step deeper in the analysis and describes the specific district in which your property should be located. This is important because many influencing factors, such as infrastructure, educational institutions or proximity to public transportation, are decisive. Thus, each district has its individual advantages and disadvantages that need to be differentiated.

Here again is a brief overview of the meso situation:

  • Infrastructure such as road and rail links, educational facilities, doctors, airport, etc.
  • Economic situation
  • General attractiveness of the location
  • Environmental factors such as flooding, etc.

Micro- location: Third decision – The neighborhood

Here we look at the immediate surroundings. Parking spaces, doctors, supermarkets, parks and the background noise in the neighborhood. Depending on the destination, you have to decide what is most important to you.

Here again the micro situation at a glance:

  • Public transport like train, bus, cab
  • Parking facilities from public to carport and underground garage
  • Shopping facilities such as supermarket and other stores
  • Parks and playgrounds

For examples and more details read here more about the location analysis/

Next step: The right location

Where exactly should I buy my first property? Owner-occupiers and capital investors, as well as yield properties or investors with the goal of value appreciation, accordingly, the decision of the perfect location is different. Here we go into the analysis again to help you find the best location for your goals!

Return vs. investment property: cash flow or value enhancement

Yield vs. investment property – What is it anyway? What is the basic difference between these two types of investment? And what exactly is an A, B or C location? The most important thing is that both types of investment yield a profit for you. In which form, you can read here. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the yield and the investment of a property.