Renting & selling in Freiburg: house, apartment or apartments – interview with real estate agents

Do you like city life, but are still close to nature? Then Freiburg is a good choice as a place to live. “Every Freiburg neighborhood is special and unique” says realtor Pierre Bruns in his interview with us. Should you rather buy and rent? How good is the return on investment in Freiburg and the surrounding area? And which districts are the most beautiful in Freiburg to live in? This and more you will learn here in this article. More broker recommendations for Freiburg and the surrounding area. Also in Germany in our article: Realtors Germany

Rent, buy, live in Freiburg

A good start in the real estate world is always the purchase of the first apartment. Pierre Bruns of Brumani Immobilien explains in his interview with FIV Magazine his experience with properties in a good C-location. The return on investment here depends on the type of house or apartment. For example, micro-apartments have different exploitation possibilities than single-family homes. The meso location is also decisive in pricing, whether in Betzenhausen, Ebnet and other districts such as Haslach and Günterstal.

Here is Freiburg in Germany:

Freiburg seen from close up:

Rent: Contract & Settlement

After the successful purchase of the property and the execution of the purchase contract, you naturally want to furnish your freshly acquired property according to your individual needs. From the living room furnishings, to the garden design, nothing stands in their way of your creative imagination.

Buying: Return on the property

In our interview, you will learn everything about real estate and returns in Freiburg. Should you buy a property in Freiburg or is it more worthwhile to buy nearby, for example in Denzlingen or Kirchzarten? Or you may find what you are looking for in another city in Baden-Württemberg.

Real estate agent interview about real estate in Freiburg

The first condominium or real estate as an investment? In this interview you will learn the most important tips & tricks. Buy, rent, live in Freiburg but also tips for capital investments. We ask the questions, he provides the answers.

Brumani Real Estate: Interview Partner

FIV: Before we talk about Freiburg im Breisgau and its real estate market and your recommendations for tenants and buyers, we would like to know a little more about your agency Brumani Immobilien. Could you briefly summarize for our readers what your agency does and what you specialize in?

Pierre Bruns: The company was founded in 2017 by Pierre Bruns and Joachim Niehaus. Thanks to the entrepreneurial experience of Joachim Niehaus and the sales and marketing experience of Pierre Brun, the two founders were able to complement each other well. This is how the vision to change the real estate market in Freiburg was born. We work for this with a unique and innovative concept.

Our mission is to help property owners sell their property and achieve the best possible result for him. At the same time, we are always looking to find the ideal buyer for the seller, who brings the maximum appreciation for the property and is a perfect match for the property. Through this concept, we have already made many buyers happy and even more sellers.

Favorite properties: apartment & generation house

FIV: As a real estate agent in Freiburg im Breisgau, which properties do you personally prefer to broker?

Pierre Bruns: Preferably all of them! From large multi-generation houses to cozy 1-room apartments. As a real estate agent, it is simply the nicest thing to look into two happy faces at the notary appointment. Of course, demand is particularly high for upscale properties, especially in the popular districts of Freiburg, such as Herdern or Wiehre, and it is always nice to see how prospective buyers fall in love with the property and can’t get out of their amazement. Which makes the rejections all the more difficult for us.

But even our smaller objects have their own charm, so that in the end the new owners are happy with their purchase.

The team of Brumani Real Estate:

Neighborhoods with a future in Freiburg: Littenweiler & Wiehre

FIV: Neighborhoods for Singles, Families & Co. – For those who do not yet live in Freiburg im Breisgau and want to move to Freiburg im Breisgau, which neighborhoods have a future? Where should you move to in Freiburg im Breisgau if you want to live nicely?

Pierre Bruns: Freiburg has a lot to offer and no matter which of the 28 districts someone moves to, it is always beautiful! We are also noticing that more and more people want to combine city life with proximity to nature.

Every district of Freiburg is special and unique.

Even if you know them all and have lived here for a long time, it’s hard to make a decision. Littenweiler, Wiehre, Zähringen and Herdern are of course in vogue with families. The fact that these districts have quasi direct access to nature is very attractive. For students and singles, the districts of Altstadt, Oberau, Stühlingen or Betzenhausen can be interesting. There is definitely something going on here day and night. A small tip for the future is the district Brühl at the old customs hall.

There has been a very great development here in recent years with many new buildings. This could become a new place-to-be in the future. Of course, this is also a matter of taste. As real estate agents in Freiburg, we are sure that the districts that are particularly in demand in Freiburg will remain in demand in the future.

On our website we have also created a small subpage for each district, where everyone can get detailed information about the respective district.

Development of the real estate market: rising purchase prices

FIV: Rents are a big topic, all over Germany. How has the real estate market and rental prices in Freiburg im Breisgau developed in recent years and how will they develop in the future?

Pierre Bruns: It is probably no secret that purchase and rental prices in Freiburg have risen rapidly. The market value development over the last ten years in Freiburg is between +96.1% and 108%. Forecasts predict that there will be a small dip next year. By the end of 2023, market values will be back at current real estate prices. Which forecast will ultimately come to pass remains to be seen; no one can look into the future.

Regarding rents. Due to the constantly rising purchase prices, it is also no wonder that rents are increasing. In 2017, the average price per square meter for a 40m² apartment was €14.20. In 2019, the average rental price in Freiburg was then already at 15.40€. We assume that rents will continue to rise in the future. Please visit our website to learn more about the price developments in the individual districts of Freiburg.

Buying or renting real estate: Risks with the loan

FIV: In Germany, people rent more than they buy. What would you recommend to a young couple or even a single person, renting or buying in Freiburg im Breisgau?

Pierre Bruns: With current interest rates, it is of course very lucrative to buy a condominium. Provided the property is in good condition and is bought at a fair market price. If you are considering buying an apartment or even a house in Freiburg, you should basically consider how much equity you bring with you and what risks you are taking on with a real estate loan.

In addition, you should definitely prepare a profit and loss account. This way you will definitely make sure that the purchased property does not only cause expenses. A real estate purchase is always a very individual and should be very well thought out.

The first home of one’s own in Freiburg: Opportunities for financing

FIV: Anyone who rents in Freiburg im Breisgau is relatively flexible and can move if necessary. Anyone who buys a property, whether a home or a condominium, is at least tied to the property for the long term by the loan or financing. What are typical first-time buyer mistakes from your experience as a real estate agent and how can you avoid them?

Pierre Bruns: You raise an important point there! The long-term burden of a real estate loan should not be underestimated. Especially with the first condominium, it is important to contact several financial advisors and to look closely at the current interest rates. Another typical mistake made by first-time buyers is not informing themselves extensively about the location and the living experience of the purchased property.

In any case, look at several different properties. Find out about the location, transport connections, public facilities and the quality of life in the respective region. Although Freiburg is a very green and lively city, each district has its own charm. Perhaps you would prefer to get out of the city life and move to one of the communities bordering Freiburg.

Incidental purchase costs and land transfer tax

FIV: The purchase price of a property is one thing, but what ancillary costs and taxes must buyers in Freiburg im Breisgau expect?

Pierre Bruns: When selling real estate in Freiburg, which is part of the state of Baden-Württemberg, a real estate transfer tax of 5% must be paid by the buyer. In addition, there are the notary fees and the broker’s commission. Since the end of 2020, both buyer and seller bear the brokerage costs equally. If the real estate agent and the owner consequently agree on a commission of 3 percent, the agent may also demand up to 3 percent from the buyer.

The costs for the notary and the land registry are borne by the buyer alone, which is about 1.5% of the purchase price. In total, the buyer can add another 10% to the purchase price when buying a property.

The purchase costs at a glance:

  • Real estate transfer tax: 5%
  • Brokerage costs 50/50
  • Notary & land registry fees: 1.5%

Freiburg’s cemetery:

Tips for investors in Freiburg im Breisgau

FIV: Freiburg im Breisgau neighborhoods for real estate investment – Let’s move on to real estate as an investment in Freiburg im Breisgau, for those who want to buy and rent. If our*r Leser*in decides for the purchase, with following letting: Which 2 districts or satellites around Freiburg im Breisgau would you recommend to a buyer for their capital investment in Freiburg im Breisgau? In your opinion as an expert, where do the most future opportunities lie?

Pierre Bruns: Freiburg is currently a paradise for investors, because constant rental income is very secure here. The vacancy rate is 0.4 percent and the city of Freiburg is actively combating misuse and vacancies, because demand is high! We firmly believe that real estate investors will have no problem finding a suitable tenant in all of Freiburg’s districts in the future.

The Brühl district could be particularly interesting for the future.

As mentioned earlier, the infrastructure in Brühl is being expanded further and further and many new construction projects are being built. In February 2019, 60 percent of Freiburg residents voted in a referendum for the construction of the new Dietenbach district. Here, living space
for 16,000 people will be built, which naturally offers a lot of potential for real estate investors. The new district is located in the west of Freiburg, adjacent to the Rieselfeld district.

Types of real estate with a future – new buildings as capital investment

FIV: In your opinion, what type of real estate has a future in Freiburg im Breisgau, what should one invest in? Small, large, existing, new construction?

Pierre Bruns: There is no standard formula for this, because there are always several factors that play a role in a real estate investment. Ultimately, it always depends on one’s own purchasing power and the interests that a real estate investor brings with him. Both small and large properties can be interesting for investors. Due to Freiburg’s reputation as a student city, smaller properties will always be in high demand.

However, the larger properties are very popular with families. Pay close attention to the condition of the object in the case of existing properties. The big advantage is the lower purchase price compared to newly built properties. Usually there are already tenants in the property, so the rental income is already ongoing. New buildings are interesting for capital investments, because you can deduct a part of the acquisition, production and maintenance costs for the purchased property from your taxes.

This is not the only reason why new buildings are very popular with investors; they usually retain their value very well and are equipped with modern facilities. However, the price and location are also decisive here. It is no secret that the location of a property is a central factor in any purchase.

Sell house or apartment in Freiburg im Breisgau

FIV: Finally, one more question. You had mentioned the typical mistakes buying a property. Many buy, but some also want to sell. As an experienced real estate agent in Freiburg im Breisgau, what tips can you give to those who are selling a property for the first time? What are the first steps and how do you successfully sell a property in Freiburg im Breisgau?

Pierre Bruns: To provide sellers with the best possible support when selling their property, we have compiled guides and checklists for a successful property sale. By these private owners receive detailed pieces of advice and practical Tipps. The councellors and check lists can download themselves everyone free of charge on our web page

Thanks to Brumani Real Estate for the interview!

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Rent, buy, live in Freiburg

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