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Make money with real estate…? Become a Deal Trader & Tipster – For Beginners

Deal Trader & Tippgeber – You want to earn money with real estate, but you lack the necessary small change to finance it yourself? No problem – deal trading is the solution for you to earn some extra money with real estate knowledge and connections. Deal-Trading simply means a brokerage of real estate. The earning […]

Renting & selling in Freiburg: house, apartment or apartments – interview with real estate agents

Do you like city life, but are still close to nature? Then Freiburg is a good choice as a place to live. “Every Freiburg neighborhood is special and unique” says realtor Pierre Bruns in his interview with us. Should you rather buy and rent? How good is the return on investment in Freiburg and the […]

Vestiaire Collective: buy, sell & experience from shopping vintage clothes

Get to know the Vestiaire Collective app. The app is very well known in the second-hand community and is an integral part when it comes to luxury second-hand products. Here you can find brands that are currently in trend and are already mostly sold out. How the app works or how you can buy and […]

Realtor Las Vegas Top: Exclusive Real Estate, House & Condo – Recommendation

Realtor Las Vegas – In the middle of the desert stands one of the most popular cities in the United States, Las Vegas. Here, money is made from sun and sand. Millions of tourists flock to the city every year but also many new residents looking for a good property. To buy houses and apartments […]

Luxury real estate Mallorca – Top 19: Exclusive luxury properties, houses & Apartments

Lie by the pool at sunset, with a view of the beach and a homemade cocktail. And on your own property? A property on the Balearic island of Mallorca is a dream of many, which is not so unrealistic. There are many renowned luxury real estate agents who offer great plots and houses on this […]

Luxury real estate agent New York Top 32: Exclusive properties, house & condominium – Recommendations

Luxury real estate agent New York – The city that never sleeps. Living here is a dream for many, but finding a home that is 100% appealing to you is difficult. Are you looking for your dream property in New York? Here you will find the most luxurious and exclusive apartments in the whole world. […]

Luxury Agents Los Angeles Top 10: Exclusive Real Estate, House & Condo – Recommendation

Luxury real estate agent Los Angeles – The city of actors, musicians, stars and celebrities, business bosses but also many artists, this is the city of angels! If you are looking for an exclusive property here, you need a very good luxury broker with an excellent network, because otherwise it is difficult to find the […]

Realtor Miami Top 17: Exclusive real estate, house & condo – Recommendation

Realtor Miami – Miami is the ultimate destination for many Americans. Here is always nice weather, the sun shines and who holds something on itself, which buys itself here a condo, a house or equal a beautiful city villa. Whoever is at home in Florida knows what the city and the state have to offer! […]

Real estate agents in Hamburg: rent, buy, live – Real estate agent recommendations

Broker recommendations – Whether single-family house or condominium the thought itself a broker to consult always exists. When it comes to finding a realtor, there are many important facts that property owners or property seekers should be aware of. We therefore have important tips on how to find the right realtor for your individual situation. […]

Real estate agent in Berlin: Rent, Buy, Live – Real estate agent recommendation

Real estate agent recommendation in Berlin – 1-room apartment, 2-room apartment, furnished or even in need of renovation, for those who still want to “do it yourself”. In Berlin you can find all kinds of real estate, but it is important that you have quick access to it, otherwise your dream house or apartment is […]

Find a real estate agent Frankfurt: Top 20+1 Real Estate Agents – Apartment, House & Tips

Real estate agent Frankfurt – Finding the right property takes time. That’s why most people hire a real estate agent for buying, selling and renting. How often does one commission a real estate agent? That is exactly why you actually know quite little about your tasks, the costs and so on. To help you find […]

Real estate agent in Cologne: Apartment buying + selling – Real estate agent recommendation

Real estate agent recommendation in Cologne – Real estate agent in Cologne searched? Few people have ever had experience with hiring real estate agents, because how often do you change your own apartment? That is why it is good to have good real estate agent recommendations in Cologne. In fact, most apartments and houses are […]

Real estate agents in Düsseldorf: Rent, Buy, Live – Real estate agent recommendations

Real estate agent recommendation in Düsseldorf – Real estate agents save a lot of time and stress! Therefore, the majority of real estate (whether micro apartment, 3-room apartment or single-family house ) is bought, rented and also sold with the help of a real estate agent. Not for nothing, because the tasks of a real […]

Investment Private Lending: Cost and Provider Comparison

Where is the best place to take out a loan? Maybe you should think about a personal loan. This is a very sensible form of financing for equity capital. Back to the Capital Investment editorial. Risk assessment personal loan: advantages and disadvantages What are the advantages of a personal loan from my bank? Can I […]

Real estate agents in Mainz: Rent, Buy, Live – Real estate agent recommendations

Broker recommendation in Mainz – all the same whether single-family dwelling or free-hold apartment the thought itself a broker to consult always exists. The search for the right real estate agent can be long and nerve-racking. And what do you have to look for when choosing? To help you find the perfect realtor, we have […]

Broker advantages and disadvantages: Buy and Sell – The Interview

Someday it will be. If you are not currently working in the real estate industry yourself and find yourself in a situation that has to do with real estate, sooner or later you will ask yourself: “Wouldn’t it make more sense to hire an estate agent? On the one hand there is usually the cost […]