Create a garden: design & planning tips with weatherproof furniture, flowers, pool and more.

Create a garden – The garden is a unique retreat and represents a direct connection to nature for many people in their own homes. Whether it’s relaxing candlelit nights with a glass of wine under the stars, or a barbecue with friends, a garden promises to be the site of many, great memories. But only if you feel comfortable there. Otherwise, the garden is quickly shunned and becomes an unpleasant thing that is above all work. We’ll tell you how to get around this and design your dream garden. Also interesting for you: our article on garden furniture. Click here to return to the overview: Furnishing your room. Tip of the editors! Interior trends and styles presented at a glance: Furnishing styles.

Laying out the garden: planning, ideas and tips for furniture

Maybe you’ve just bought your first home with a garden, or maybe you just want to try something new. To design your green space to match your elegant home, there are a few steps that need to be taken, such as planning and narrowing down the budget.

Losing a thought or two more about the garden will help you avoid stress later. A design concept also helps you visualize what is possible in your garden. For example, keep in mind the area, the budget and the effort you can and want to put into maintaining the garden in the future.

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Easy care garden: instructions, suitable plants and tips

This determines, for example, which flowers and plants you should place in the green area. Decorative elements such as fountains also require maintenance. So before you decide on such design options, think about whether you are actually willing to invest time and effort in the long term.

Otherwise, less maintenance installations that enhance the garden but require less work are worthwhile. These include gravel paths and low-maintenance flower beds, for example. In addition, areas can be paved or gravelled to create patios and other places of relaxation.

Garden design with pool: factors and costs for the cool water

Many people dream of having their own pool in the garden. We tell you in more detail what this means and what options are open to you for the construction. With very simple measures you can already put your own pool in the garden, which however serves much more for relaxation and refreshment on cool summer days and is built less for the purpose of swimming in it.

The first option includes an easy to install and uninstall pool that is placed on the lawn. You can get these from as little as €400, depending on the size, and models up to around €1,500 also exist.

Furthermore, you can of course also fall back on the classic, earth-built variant. However, you will have to do quite a bit of work here, or you should definitely seek expert advice in this case, because a completely finished pool requires earthworks, concrete work and pipes, so that the total sum of all services can quickly amount to 15,000 € and more.

The last option we would like to present to you is the swimming pond. This option is very close to nature and requires less cleaning and chemicals. In a swimming pond and also in natural pools, plankton is responsible for cleaning the water. Nevertheless, swimming ponds and natural pools also require some filtering, after all, it is an artificially created body of water. Which option is the right one depends on your personal preferences.

Buying property with a garden: Home Buying Tips & Definitions

The basic prerequisite for all these things is of course a house or an apartment with a garden. If you haven’t found one yet and don’t know exactly where to start looking, we offer you insights into the different types of houses and tell you how you can find your dream house with a garden.

Perfect companion for the search for the dream house with garden: our A-Z guide to house types!

Plants: Flowers, bushes and trees – Gardening

What is a garden without the right greenery? Simply boring. But beautiful flowers can also be a lot of work. If you’re a real fan of gardening, that’s not a problem, but if you enjoy colourful, bright flowers but really don’t want the work involved, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered together a wide variety of flowers and practical plants that look good and don’t require too much maintenance.

We’ll also give you some inspiration on which plants will add visual interest to your garden.

Low-maintenance greenery: Beautiful garden without much effort with lavender & co.

Some plants don’t need much attention to bloom beautifully. Favourites like sunflowers and lavender are among them. Not only do they give off a great scent, but they are also very easy to care for. This means that mostly sowing and regular watering are enough to enjoy the plants for several years.

What’s especially great is that some of the flora not only look beautiful and smell pleasant, but are also useful. Lavender, just like mint and rosemary, can be used for cooking. Sunflowers provide you with fresh sunflower seeds:

  • Lavender
  • Sunflowers
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Amber Trees

The 10 most beautiful garden plants: List with rose, cherry tree & Co.

Unfortunately, the easiest flowers to care for aren’t always the prettiest. As always, it’s a matter of taste and maybe sunflowers are your favorite and you don’t need much else, but your Sleeping Beauty Castle requires a few more tricks of the trade. Still, roses aren’t super difficult to keep in check, though the vines and flowering branches do need to be trimmed back from time to time.

Fruit trees like apple and cherry take a long time to grow, especially in the beginning, but after a while they require less and less care and delight you every year with homegrown fruit for many, great recipes.

  • Roses
  • Daylilies
  • Cherry trees
  • Apple trees
  • Lilac
  • Panicle Hydrangea
  • Cranesbill
  • Dahlias
  • Pampas grass
  • Fan Maple

Garden furniture: Chairs, tables & Co. for the lounge in the countryside

To make sure you really get something out of your little oasis, you should designate at least one place to relax and enjoy. By that we mean a place where you can sit down to read a book, have breakfast or maybe even work.

Comfortable and stylish furnishings are key, so we’ve rounded up the essentials and told you where to get them.

Loungers for the garden: Relaxed through the day

Especially if you’ve chosen a pool or swimming pond, loungers are a must-have! There’s nothing more unpleasant than little insects making their way across your skin while you’re sunbathing on the grass. Loungers lift you a little off the ground and also provide greater comfort.

Beautiful loungers for the garden are offered here, for example:

  • Edra Interior

Sofas: Perfect seating as outdoor furniture

Not every sofa can simply be placed outside. Seats with a frame made of painted wood or rustproof, flexible steel are particularly suitable for outdoor use. The upholstery should also be made of plastics to guarantee that the materials dry quickly when they get wet and do not start to rot.

  • Minotti

Tables: Practical garden decoration that is weatherproof

Plastic, glass, wood, steel, the possibilities are endless, but tables are essential! What’s better than breakfast outdoors, at least in the summer. Or maybe you’re a fan of frosty breakfasts in the winter. We’ve never really been convinced by it, unfortunately, but we’re not judging you, of course.

In the search for a suitable table, we highly recommend that you take a look at the Cassina range. The Italian furniture brand offers high-quality outdoor furniture.

Garden design: modern ideas, tips and trends

Pools and flower beds are not the only things you can add to your garden. Terraces, pathways and more can make your garden more personal and adaptable to your needs. That’s why we’ve put some thought into what could make your garden even more beautiful.

Fountains: Water supply for the garden – types & features

Several purposes are served by wells. On the one hand, they can be practical, bringing groundwater to the surface and providing some of the irrigation for the garden. On the other hand, fountains can serve a decorative purpose. Which type of fountain is suitable for you, you must decide for yourself.

Be aware, however, that not every type of well can be placed in every garden. Some types require a certain depth of groundwater. Popular types of fountains are the following:

  • Drilled well
  • Ram well
  • Decorative fountain

Gravel paths and terraces with roofing – garden design made easy

An easy way to structure the garden is with patios and gravel paths. Gravel paths help you make your way through a large garden and help guide guests through the beds and separate them from the lawn.

Terraces are a great way to provide a little place to relax. Pergolas and gazebos are particularly popular, providing shelter from the wind and weather in addition to levels for seating. The complexity of the construction depends entirely on the work you want to put in. You can construct the canopy yourself, but there is also the option of buying a ready-made gazebo.

Barbecue area: Barbecue, picnic & outdoor furniture – Barbecue as a highlight in the garden

Whether it’s summer or winter, barbecuing is simply a part of life in Germany. There are so many options from meat dishes, to vegetarian and vegan food, everything can be thrown on the grill. If you would describe yourself or your partner as die-hard barbecue fans, then a personal barbecue spot is just the thing for you!

Either you can set up a fire pit for this and pack a contraption over it to hold a grill grate, or you can find a place where you create enough of an environment to protect the grass and flower beds from the embers. Paving stones and gravel are particularly suitable and offer protection.

Caution: a fire pit counts as an open fire and requires a permit from the municipality. However, this regulation can be circumvented by a fire bowl.

Garden party: from planning to the perfect event

Once the new garden has been laid out, it’s worth presenting it to friends with a garden party. We have compiled tips on planning and delicious recipes for you here. So nothing can go wrong!

Party concept: theme, budget and checklist

To throw the perfect party you have to think of a lot of things. This can quickly go wrong, because you forget things or they slip into the background. So that this does not happen to you, we have already thought about the most important points that a good party should have in any case.

At the top of the list is of course a guest list, as well as time and date, the place is finally already determined at a garden party. Invitations are also very important, but you don’t have to send them by mail anymore. A simple invitation via Messenger is often enough to reach everyone. It’s best to think ahead about what your guests might bring to the party. That way, you won’t have to cover all the costs and good guests will definitely be willing to contribute something small to the party.

  • Time and date
  • Invitation
  • Food and drinks
  • Music
  • Deko
  • Weather

Decoration: Simple to eye-catching or in keeping with the theme?

Especially for a garden party, the decoration does not have to be too pompous. Lanterns and fairy lights, as well as candles have their special charm in the garden. It is also good to decide in advance how the food should be presented. Do you want to keep everything on the table or would it not be better to present the prepared and brought food on a buffet?

Also, keep one thing in mind: Garden parties in the summer get hot and food spoils faster in the heat. Additionally, there are a lot of insects around in the warm seasons, which can often be uninvited guests at garden parties. So it’s also advisable to either clear food out after a while or even have a space in the fridge cleared for things like meat.

Food and Drinks: Recipes and inspiration

You have no idea what to present to your party guests? Let’s start by saying: food is not that important at parties, it’s much more relevant who you’re celebrating with. But a few small snacks and tasty drinks simply lift the mood. That’s why we have the right article for you.

Here you will find recipes for finger food that you can present to your guests and conquer the heart of all, whether vegan or meat eater

If you’re more into liquid nutrients, we’re of course on board, offering recipes for cocktails with fruit juices as well as non-alcoholic, so every guest gets their money’s worth.