Kim Kardashian West luxury property in Los Angeles: house tour, Kanye, kids, daily life

Luxury Real Estate – When you hear of Kim Kardashian, you picture a good-looking young mother who fulfills her children’s every wish and wraps herself in luxury. However, there is no Kim Kardashian behind these thoughts. As one of the most famous series from the USA, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, Kim, her mother Kris Jenner, her siblings, Kortney, Khloe, Rob Kardashian, as well as Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are known. Find out how Kim lives with her husband, Kanye West, and their four children, North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint West, below.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West House

Since 2017, the couple, Kim and Kanye, have been living in this $17.8 million property with their current four children. Even though the purchase price is known, you can’t tell by looking at the house and its interior. For the price, it is surprisingly very clean furnished and includes only the most necessary.

House: Facts & Data

  • Location: Los Angeles – Hidden Hills, C.A.
  • Purchase price: 17.8 million euros
    Purchase price in dollars: 20 million dollars
  • Total area: 30,000 sqm
    Total area in feet: 320,000 square feet
  • Price per square meter: 600 euros
    Price per square feet: $62.5

Hidden Hills, LA.: Luxury real estate in Los Angeles

Especially California is known as one of the most desirable states. No wonder that also the influencers and stars settle there. The Hidden Hills is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

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Vogue: 73 questions with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West invites Vogue into her sprawling home in Hidden Hills, California, and answers 73 intriguing questions. While surrounded by her husband, Kanye West, and their three children, Saint, North and Chicago. Kim talks about motherhood, law school and her upcoming addition to the family.

West family invites: House Tour

Kim lives with her husband, Kanye West, and their four children, North, Chicago, and Psalm and Saint West, in one of Los Angeles’ most beloved locales. More specifically, in Hidden Hills. The compound of a whopping 30,000 square feet features a huge modern home, as well as two pools and plenty of room for garden space. There is also enough space for the numerous cars of car lover Kanye West.

Family: Kardashian, West & yet both?

Americans know the Kardashion and Jenner families largely from the American entertainment series “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. In Europe, they became successful more through memes or through the various brands they founded. Later, the hype of the entertainment series came to Germany. The first two seasons are available on Netflix so far. The family consists purely of entrepreneurs, actors and actresses, and musicians, some of whom also model.

Kim, Kanye & their kids

When the couple married a few years ago, Kim took over her husband’s name, but she also kept her last name, Kardashian. Together they moved into their first house, which they had to sell due to the lack of space for the upcoming children. However, they stayed true to their locality and moved to a bigger house just a few streets away. Together with her four children, she now lives on the 20 million US dollar property.

The parents of the four children are world-famous and are always under the observation of photographers and paparzis, however, on their travels the four are always with them. The family loves to travel by private plane. The little ones can romp around, run around, and play carefree while not disturbing any other passengers who would normally be seated in cramped rows on a normal commercial flight. Kim and Kanye are both very successful, but in very different industries. Kim in beauty and fashion, Kanye however in music, film and television. The only small commonality in career, is fashion.

House: Safe & beautiful to look at

Located west of Los Angeles, it’s in the gated community of Hidden Hills. Only those who are supposed to get in get in here. The $20 million property with a house, pool, and everything else you could ever want has now been under their collective ownership since 2017. The building is best known for its unusual building and interior design style. High cream-colored walls, a harmonious interplay between oval and angular elements provide a minimalist slightly futuristic, modern, but still interesting look. The exterior walls feature large windows, most of which extend from floor to ceiling.

Living room: Clean & minimalist

Although the couple have a lot of money, they put the focus on the basic and important things. In their living room there is therefore only a larger sofa for visitors, a coffee table, as well as a simple and recessed into the wall fireplace. The highlight is a white piano, which is also regularly played by Kanye. The room is completely decorated in different white and very light cream colors and can be darkened with the help of the different curtains. What is particularly striking about this room is that the entire interior is very clean, in white tones, as well as with wooden surfaces a very strong contrast to the materials, which rather resemble angular concrete blocks.

Living room & dining room: place of connection

However, there is a huge flat screen TV and a smaller sofa in the open plan kitchen, dining and living room area. Clearly divided into the three different areas, the huge kitchen island extends into the center of the room. The kitchen island is so large that you can only reach half of it without help. Decorated with a few round vases, the area is tried to fill. Only the best was chosen for the kitchen appliances. The finest aluminium covers the entire wall behind the hot plates. Under the light grey-beige worktops are numerous cupboards.

The adjacent dining table seats up to eight people. The table, as well as the chairs, were made of soft light wood, made to order for the Kardashians and West. With views of the garden through several square windows, plenty of natural light hits the table at breakfast time. The futuristic shape of the chairs is also reflected in other smaller pieces of furniture, such as vases, side tables and other decorative items.

Bedroom: Highlight of the house

The bedroom is located in contrast to the other rooms on the right side of the entrance area. In the bedroom is a large box spring bed on which your children also like to play. The highlight of the room is not the expensive box spring bed in oversize, but the XXL TV which is embedded in the floor opposite the bed and which goes up at the touch of a button. When the TV is not up, it is covered with a board, which is made of the same wood as the floor, and you can only see a minimal edge when looking closely.

Nature meets concrete & safety: Kim’s bathroom

The bathroom is a large room openly adjoining the bedroom, with a long wall of windows. The view, however, is not as spectacular as you might think. The whole area is fenced in with high fences, Kim and Kanye’s property is too, however, they are mostly worried about drones that can get into their privacy. To avoid this problem, Kim and Kanye sat down with a team of interior designers and came up with a concept, which is safe and still beautiful to look at. The solution is plants that are placed a little distance from the wall and window. They plants provide privacy, but still allow enough natural light and brightness into the rooms. For rooms like the bathroom, bedroom or children’s room, such a precaution is very important.

Nevertheless, the bathroom focuses on angular, heavy and stony, or concrete-like shapes. The glass partitions, which separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom, create a beautiful modern but very clean look. The large walk-in shower creates space for up to two people to shower next to each other at the same time. The bathtub is custom made and, like the sink island, is made of concrete. The interesting thing about the sinks is that they don’t have a basin. The plate is equipped with small drains at the places where the taps are and only very lightly sanded. So the water remains, at least in proper use, where it should stay.

Garden: Oasis of well-being, sun & pool

On the 30,000 square meter property is still a lot of space next to the house. Kim and Kanye have created a lot of space for green areas and space for their children to play. On the lush grass-green lawn, is also a quite viewable pool, as well as a basketball court. The millionaires’ cars are spread out in front of the house, as the wide driveways provide space for several cars next to each other. For adventures at home, the parents of the four children have even planted a piece of undeveloped area with trees. Here you can read, climb or just play under shady trees in the future.

Los Angeles: Stars as neighbours

Above all, LA is known for its countless Hollywood film productions. Even if Los Angeles has one or the other negative feature, such as the increased crime rate and the lack of public transport, the city is from the leisure and cultural offer more than deserves to be one of the best cities with the most offer. Whether music, theater, museums, parks or commerce, gastronomy or just a walk on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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