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Social binding & post-binding: favorable housing and limited rent

Social binding – Before the housing search of your first condominium one should know everything about the topic social binding in the housing. Here you will learn all the pros and cons and what you need to know about everything from low-interest loans by public authorities for social housing, to obligations, to the grace period. […]

Minimum rental yield: Yield property, location & Co. – When is it worth it?

Minimum rental yield – How high must the rental yield be at least so that I can let my tenant pay off the purchased property without worrying about having to pay interest and repayments? This is a question that especially capital investors ask themselves when they want to invest in an income property and thereby […]

Determine maximum purchase price: Creditworthiness, equity & Co. – 4 steps to creditworthiness

Purchase price amount – How much property can I afford at all? This question is at the beginning of the purchase process of perhaps the first home and depends on many factors. These include your creditworthiness and self-disclosure, in terms of assets, the monthly balance of assets (repayment), the equity and the mortgage lending value […]

The right location: owner-occupier or capital investment? – The factors

The right location – Where exactly should I buy my first property? Owner-occupiers and capital investors, as well as yield properties or investors with the goal of value appreciation, accordingly, the decision of the perfect location is different. Here we go into the analysis again to help you find the best location for your goals! […]

Macro- Meso- Micro- Location: City, District & Neighborhood – 3 Decisions

Macro, meso, micro location – you are already fully in the topic of buying your first own apartment? Great, because once you’ve made a rough choice between A-, B- or C- location, you now move on to the analysis of the location. This involves comparing city districts and the specific neighborhood. You want to know […]

Return vs. investment property: cash flow or appreciation – advantages and disadvantages

Yield vs. investment property – You have decided: Finally buy your first own property! But am I buying an income property or an investment property? But what is it anyway? What is the basic difference between these two types of investment? And what exactly is an A, B or C location? The most important thing […]