Cologne Kreuzfeld: A new district “WoodHood” is being created! Apartments incl. climate protection

Kreuzfeld Cologne – In the north of Cologne, in the district of Chorweiler, a new district is to be created. For those who want to buy your first apartment, perhaps a consideration! Because, when ensteht already times a completely new district? Cologne Kreuzfeld, also called WoodHood is the winner of an urban development project of the city of Cologne. WoodHood is intended to be a green, sustainable district that offers new housing, jobs and lots of open space – lots of work for developers in Cologne. A glimpse of the future! Construction work will start soon.

New construction housing: Green building for new ideas

The self-proclaimed garden city is innovative, modern and ahead of classical urban planning, because it incorporates the environment and local conditions and integrates them into the cityscape. You can find out here how the north of Cologne is to be strengthened by Kreuzfeld and what special features the district brings with it.

The new district is to be built in the Chorweiler borough, adjacent to the Blumenberg borough to the north:

Cross field at a glance + location

First the key figures:

  • Location: Cologne
  • District: Chorweiler
  • Size: 80 ha (Comp. soccer field approx. 0.7 ha)
  • Population: 8,000

Project and planning time:

  • Planning: 2021-2022
  • Plan / Landscape: ADEPT + Karres en Brands
  • Consulting: Metabolic, Argus

Urban development project of the city of Cologne

Kreuzfeld, or WoodHood is the result of a new urban development project of the city of Cologne. The ambitious 80-hectare project was penned by the planning team led by ADEPT and Karres en Brands (Plan and Landscape) in collaboration with Argus (Mobility) and Metabolic (Energy).

Mayor Henriette Reker convinced

Their project design for a green city convinced the committees as well as Mayor Henriette Reker and is now to be implemented. Wood Hood is more than a classic garden city. According to the developers, the new district requires a new approach to planning, rethinking the connection between city and nature, landscape.

Green urban development: “Back to nature”.

Instead of defining the new urban structure through buildings, streets and technology, WoodHood’s urban layout builds on the landscape, surrounding forests, use of water, play with the sun, planting and local conditions. True to the motto: Back to Nature! For many who want to live close to nature while enjoying the benefits of the city, perhaps a reason to move to Cologne.

Martin Laursen (partner of ADEPT): “The whole process of developing the new district in Cologne-Kreuzfeld, WoodHood, was carried out with a view to the future and in dialogue with numerous local stakeholders (…).”

She goes on to say:

“WoodHood is a new kind of city that focuses on collective communities in close relationship with nature.”

Goal: Jobs, open spaces

The goals of the new district are clear: Strengthen the north of Cologne! Numerous new residential units for up to 8,000 residents are to be created on a total of 80 hectares. In addition to new jobs, the focus will be on multiple-use open spaces, social, cultural and educational facilities.

Structure, hoods, use of space

WoodHood is not intended to be just an extension of the existing city, but a neighborhood in its own right that is adjacent to the others through innovation, sustainability, and village-like community. The district consists of 5 individual hoods, each with its own character and individual function. The main focus is to promote community and collective and shared functions, with the goal of minimizing private space and strengthening the quality and use of public spaces. WoodHood will provide versatile opportunities for activities and recreation.

Climate protection & infrastructure with water storage

In addition to social coexistence, Cologne Kreuzfeld promotes climate protection, ecology and water storage through open green spaces and a complex ecosystem. The infrastructure and mobility network is also more differentiated and makes the use of bicycles and walking more attractive.

Henriette Reker (Mayor of Cologne): “The selected design is in line with our great ambitions and high standards, because we want to launch a particularly innovative, sustainable and multi-layered urban development and open space concept.”

Further, she said stressed:

“(…) We also place high demands on the topics of environmental compatibility, energy efficiency and sustainability.”

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