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Oscar night 2024! Highlights and winners: Jimmy Kimmel, illy Eilish, John Cena & Co.

Oskar Night 2024 – 2 days too late – sorry! There was a lot going on, but now, the must-have event, Oskar Night. Who was there? What’s important? Plus a look at the outfits! Here is my review of the 5 highlights: Jimmy Kimmel, illy Eilish, John Cena & Co. let’s go! Jimmy Kimmel as […]

Models in New York City: Requirements, scouting, castings & jobs – Interview

Models in New York City – Welcome to an exclusive interview with Michael, a prominent personality in the world of modeling and Head of CM Models. In this interview, we will focus on the exciting journey of becoming a model in the fashion capital of the world, New York City. Michael will share insights into […]

International model agency: How model agencies work together – A look behind the scenes

Welcome to Beverly Hills! In this video, Stephan Czaja, the founder of CM Models, talks about his experiences in the international modeling business and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how modeling agencies work together. A deep look into the exciting world of modeling to understand how aspiring models can make their way. The importance […]

German Comedians USA: Top 5 stand ups you should know! LIVE

The comedy scene in the U.S. has consistently attracted international talent, and German comedians are no exception. From New York City to Los Angeles, these artists have captured American audiences with their unique humor and diverse approach. In this article, we take a look at some of the notable German comedians who have found success […]

Models in Los Angeles: Scouting, castings & jobs in the USA – Interview

Models in Los Angeles – Join us for a fascinating interview with Michael, the CEO behind CM Models, as we explore the dynamic world of modeling in Los Angeles. Learn what it takes to succeed in the City of Angels, from the bustling modeling scene to what it takes to have a thriving modeling career. […]

The most popular emojis in USA, Germany, France and Spain 🤣 + worldwide 🥰

Emojis – Discover the most popular emojis in the US, Germany, France and Spain and what the emojis mean! Our infographic shows you the top 5 emojis most commonly used in each of these countries. From hearty laughter to loving affection to radiant joy, these emojis are the universal language of emotion. Check out how […]

Models in Miami: Scouting, Castings & Jobs – Interview

Models in Miami – In this insightful interview, we sit down with Michael, Head of CM Models, to uncover the secrets of the modeling industry in sunny Miami. Explore the allure of this vibrant city and learn how to kick-start your modeling career. Michael will shed light on the key requirements for aspiring models, offer […]

San Diego Pooth: Golfer, Model, Life & Training in the Sunshine State Florida (USA)

San Diego Pooth – golf talent, model, life in the USA! Who doesn’t dream of this when he is just 18 years old? San Diego Pooth is pursuing his big dream of becoming a professional golfer, now no longer in his home country in Germany, but in the USA at Saddlebrook Academy. Now Diego Pooth […]

New York Vacation: Nightlife, Central Park & Celebrities in the Big Apple

New York vacation: The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple or also the largest city in the USA is a dream destination for many people and triggers a real mental cinema: Yellow cabs, impressive skyscrapers and the green Central Park in the middle of the big city. Next to metropolises like Los Angeles and […]

Los Angeles vacation: sea, city life and celebrities as far as the eye can see

Los Angeles: The City of Angels is primarily known for stars and starlets and the international film industry. But there is much more to discover in Los Angeles. Beautiful beaches, exciting hikes and crazy street artists are waiting for you! Next to metropolises like New York and Miami, Los Angeles is one of the most […]

Interview with singer Kati K: music career, record deal & future plans

Interview with Kati K. – We met the singer for an interview and talked about her music career and future plans. You’ll hear everything from the latest songs to the biggest career highlights. In addition, you can get ready for an emotional live listening. The singer clearly provides one thing: for pure goose bumps with […]

FIV USA Travel Podcast with Zoe! Now on Spotify, Deezer, Google, Apple & Co.

Virtual reality is already amazing. First our VR model Zoe walks at Fashion Week in Moscow and Berlin, now she travels all over Europe and discovers the most beautiful places everywhere. On her trip she has collected many great memories, which she then shared in our podcast. So get fascinated and listen to what Zoe […]

Realtors USA: Top 100! – The best real estate agents – recommendation

Real Estate Magazine: Rent, Buy, Live!

Real Estate Magazine – You are a real estate owner, you want to start investing in real estate or you just find the topic real estate totally interesting? In our real estate magazine you will find everything about real estate. From interesting real estate projects such as the Hamburg luxury new construction project The Crown […]

FIV Issue #14 : Real Estate in the USA

Issue #14 – The latest issue of our FIV Magazine is all about real estate in the USA. Have you always wondered how to best invest in real estate in the USA and how the tax system works in America? Then our magazine is the right place for you, have fun browsing! New issue: Real […]

Sarina Nowak: Curvy Model in the USA, Hollywood and Family – Interview

Sarina Nowak – Curvy Model, Influencer and Actress. The blonde beauty has made a name for herself as a model in the USA and is really taking off. On her Instagram account she stands up for body positivity and encourages many young girls and models. It’s about courage, self-confidence and the reason why her grandma […]