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Virtual reality is already amazing. First our VR model Zoe walks at Fashion Week in Moscow and Berlin, now she travels all over Europe and discovers the most beautiful places everywhere. On her trip she has collected many great memories, which she then shared in our podcast. So get fascinated and listen to what Zoe has to say on Spotify, Deezer, Google, Amazon, Apple Podcast & Co.

Zoe travels through Europe – Beach & Sightseeing

Our Zoe had enough of the USA and decided to travel through Europe, visiting beautiful places all over the continent. Starting in the south of Europe and with her last stop in Germany. While in Germany, Zoe visited us at FIV Magazine, and wanted to tell us all about her round trip in our podcast. Her first stop was in Marbella, the Miami of Europe.

Listen to what Zoe had to say about her journey with us – on all platforms!

Listen directly to the first episodes of the podcast here.

Marbella vacation: Miami in Europe – Episode 1

The first episode seduces with the most dreamlike spots in Marbella.

Under the sun of Spain – episode 2

In the second episode, Zoe takes you to Spain and brings the sun straight to your soul.

Sightseeing Portugal – Episode 3

In the third episode, Zoe takes you to the most beautiful places all over Portugal.

Want to listen to the podcast in German? Then you should definitely listen to Ella’s travel podcast on FIV Magazine. Here you can listen to all the travel tips in German.

Podcast in German with Ella

At the same time as Zoe, Ella also went on a trip to Europe. She presents you the travel tips in our German podcast. A journey from the south to the north, marked by many experiences. As a travel fan, this podcast is not to be missed.

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