New York, New York – 24 h in the city that never sleeps

New York City – a destination that is at the top of most people’s travel list. Many attractions, such as the Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building or the
One World Trade Center can be found on the island again but also in the many boroughs like Brooklyn or Queens you can find great and unique places.

New York: Travel planning and tips for a USA trip

I also fulfilled my dream this summer and took the trip to New York City. With some good planning in advance and only a week to spare, I headed to the Big Apple. After a long journey, a missing suitcase and a lot of drama, I finally arrived at the hotel where I met my best friend. We planned our trip over her birthday and spent the week mostly sightseeing, shopping and a whole lot of quality time. Although I spent a week in the city, there are many who visit the Big Apple for a day trip and for those of you, I want to take the work out of planning and give you the best 24 hour itinerary for New York City.

New York Sights – Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge, One World Trade Center

In one day in New York, the most important sights should definitely be checked off and that is easier than it may sound now. First of all, you should buy a subway ticket, because the subway is the easiest way to get to all the places you want to go to in New York. The journey starts in the north of the island, namely at the Central Park. The Central Park is one of the most important sightseeings in New York and one could surely spend a whole day there and enjoy the atmosphere. But even a short stop is worth it. You should start in the middle of the park with the famous ‘Bethesda Fountain’ and then take the paths south to the lowest end of the park. Here you will have a great view of the skyline and get the typical Central Park feeling. At the bottom you will be right in front of the famous Plaza Hotel.

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To the left you will find 5th Avenue. Probably the most famous shopping street. It starts with the all-too-familiar luxury brands and ends in stores like Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Gap and so on. Walk this street a good bit south and you’ll be on a direct path to the next sight. The Rockefeller Center with its many stores and of course the observation deck the Top of the Rock. Although a ticket for this costs around 40 dollars, the trip to the 70th floor of the skyscraper is worth it, because at the top you will find a 360 degree view that reveals the view of the Empire State Building, Central Park and actually all of Manhattan. The price for three viewing platforms is definitely worth it and great pictures are guaranteed here. Continue with St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is right next to Rockefeller Center.

Continue towards downtown, because not far from 5th Avenue you will find some sights directly together. The Times Square, an absolute must and also during the day just great! A little further on you will reach the New York Public Library, where it is really worth taking a look inside the building. Directly opposite you will find the Grand Central Station, which is also simply breathtaking from the inside. From here you can also take the train directly to downtown, because now it goes to the Brooklyn Bridge. A great view of the city, Downtown, Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty is guaranteed! A short walk to the middle of the bridge is definitely worth it. After the Brooklyn Bridge you can continue your tour to the One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial. A very emotional place, but still worth a visit. Wall Street is not far away, for those interested in finance or great buildings this is also worth a visit. You can end the day with a little walk through the streets of Soho. Innovative shops, small alleys, trendy people and an inspiring atmosphere awaits you!

That was quite a lot to walk and see but with this little tour you take the best of New York and see the most important in one day. It is of course always worth investing more time in such a great city and soak up as much atmosphere as possible. Also for me it won’t be the last time in the Big Apple, because the streets just inspired me and you can share a very special feeling of life with your loved ones.