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New York! The city that never sleeps, the place where dreams have no limit, fashion no rules and food you could never imagine would taste. New Yorks Energy will infect you tight away at the airport, an unbelievable feeling from morning till night. New York offers something for everybody and even if you think you know everything about New York, it will surprise you every and each day. No matter if you are looking for extravagant hotels, great monuments, shops, bars, clubs or restaurants – the big apple has it all. But to find the right spots in this big city jungle can be very breath taking, so we made a little guide for you to find the most interesting places in New York City’s 5 boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhatten, Queens and Staten Island.

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Attractions of New York City: Let’s Discover NYC

New York has a lot to offer and of course also many attractions and places you must have to visit while you stay in New York.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is located in the center of Midtown Manhattan and has viewing platforms on the 86th and 102nd floor which offer an unforgettable all-around view of New York City and the surrounding area. Whether you are in town for a week or just for a day – a visit to NYC is only complete if you have been at the top of the Empire State Building.

One World Observatory

The One World Observatory is positioned on top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. On level 100 to 102 you can experience the most beautiful panoramic view. It is very famous for the glass floor, where you can basically sit over New York – an unforgettable experience.

Statue of Liberty National Monument

The Statue of Liberty National Monument is a national monument in the United States in the New Yorks harbor. It includes the liberty statue on Liberty Island and the former immigration station on Ellis Island. It is not only a big part of the American History, it is also one of the world most famous statues and definitely a must-see while being in New York.

Yankee Stadium

The Yankee Stadium is the baseball stadium of the New York Yankees. It is located in the south of the Bronx. One thing you should do is visit the stadium and of course a Yankees game, you will feel like in an American movie.

Citi Field

Citi Field is the name of the baseball stadium of New York Mets, it is located in New York Citys borough Queens. Just like in the Yankees stadium you will feel like in a movie. Now you just have to decide: are you a Yankee or a Mets Fan?

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Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal is a Manhattan railway station. It is located at the corner of 42nd Street and Park Avenue. It is the station with the most of the railroad tracks worldwide – its 67 railways terminate at 44 platforms. You definitely saw it in many movies before, so if you want to feel like in a Hollywood movie, there is no way to not visit the Grand Central Station.

Coney Island

The Coney Island peninsula is the southernmost tip of Brooklyn, which is located directly on the Atlantic coast and is known for its large amusement parks and the adjoining high-rise settlement of Russian immigrants. There are also the remains of former amusement parks.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is one of the oldest Bridges in the USA. It spans the East River and connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. Not only is it one of the most famous attractions in New York it also has a great view and you will meet many other tourists.

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Central Park

You will not miss this in any tour guide: The Central Park! It is a city park in the center of Manhattan in New York City and probably one of the most diversified parks in the world. The central park offers a Zoo, a Lake, a beautiful Garden, Carousel, many artists and a lot more.

Bars! The best locations to be in New York City

New York has 1000 of nice and different bars but to help you find maybe the right one for you, we have a little collection of our favorite bars in the big apple.

Sky Room-Bar

One of the hottest lounges in New York is located at over 120 meters on the roof of the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Times Square. The name already says it from the rooftop bar, Sky Room, you can have a sensational view of everything you want with the 360-degree view: from Times Square, over Hudson to the Empire State Building.

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Haven Rooftop & Restaurant

The Haven Rooftop & Restaurant is in Times Square’s Theater District. It is located on the 10th floor of the Sanctuary Hotel on 47th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue and allows you a sensational view. Although it’s on Times Square, it’s amazingly quiet. Next, to fantastic drinks, you can also eat very well in “Haven”.

La Birreria Rooftop-Bar

La Birreria is a rooftop restaurant and microbrewery which offers the highest quality craft beer and food, with a great view. Each season, the rooftop bar hosts different pop-up restaurant but especially if you are a beer lover, that is your place to be.

Rooftop-Bar Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC

The Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC is the second hotel of the Gansevoort Hotel Group in New York City. This Rooftop-Bar does not only offers great drinks and food, it also offers a pool, a great atmosphere and like most of the rooftop-bars a great view.

Cantina Rooftop Bar

If you love Margaritas and Mexican food the Catina Rooftop Bar is your place to be. Modern Mexican flair over the roofs of Hells Kitchen: The newly opened Cantina Rooftop Bar is currently a very trendy spot in Manhattan.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Bar is Australian inspired bar in Brooklyn. Drinks and Food are typically Australian. The whole location is really relaxed. The best time to come is shortly before sunset, you will love the beautiful view.

Clubs! Let’s dance in New York City

New York is known as the city which never sleeps, so if you are looking for a good party New York got you. From Indie parties in the basement of vegan restaurants to skyline parties, here is a little list of New York finest clubs.


If you really can not wait for the weekend, Cielo is your place to be on a Thursday. Cielo is located in the Meatpacking District, here you will find a good dose of booming sounds and high-energy beats.

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Le Bain

Le Bain is a penthouse club and rooftop bar on the top floor of The Standard, High Line in the Meatpacking District. Le Bain features the world most famous DJs and has a beautiful view plus a pool during summer. If you want to meet extravagant new people, Le Bain is your spot, but it has one of the hardest doors in the city maybe because it is connected to The Boom Boom Boom, which is famous for exclusive celebrity watering holes.

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Black Flamingo

If you Google Black Flamingo, it will tell you it is a vegan Restaurant, which is true since they describe themselves as cocteleria and taqueria but also danceteria. So in the basement, you will find a 1970’s vibe club with people who dance to funky house and vinyl sounds.


The Mehanata is a Bulgarian bar located in the Lower East Side. It is one of the loudest, the most extravagant and crazy nightclubs in the big apple. It offers two floors, where you can dance to trippy gypsy punk, you will think you are in eastern Europe and not the Lower East Side.


Lavo is an Italian restaurant and nightclub in Midtown East. Lavo is the club for hip-hop, pop, and house lovers. But be careful and stack your wallet, this spot is one of the priciest on our list.

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Shopping! Find your style in New York

Whatever your shopping hearts want, you’ll find it in NYC. Stores across the five boroughs carry the finest in luxury apparel, boutiques, sneaker stores or thrift shops. In our list, we have only a few of the countless shopping places you should visit while in New York.


The Nike store in New York is not like any other sneaker store. It has five-storys and is about 55,000-square-foot big. This is not only a retail headquarters, it also had a basketball court, a Runnik Trial Zone and a mini soccer field. Also here you will find Nike sneakers, which you will find nowhere else like the Air Force 1 Low “NYC” and the LeBron Soldier X collections.

The Adidas Store

This four-story Midtown outlet is the largest of the brand’s stores in the world and so special from every angle. In this store, Sneakerslovers can customize their shoes, if you’re thirsty from all the shopping you can grab a healthy drink at the juice bar. Also, the Adidas Store offers a treadmill to go on a test run and an extra bonus for tourists: If you’re visiting you can have your items delivered right to your hotel.

Macy’s Herald Square

Macy’s is located on 34th Street and it is the world’s largest department store, it has over a million square feet of space and offers everything from cosmetics to fragrance, handbags, ties, shoes and a lot more. Especially for all the luxury lovers, here you will find designer shops like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry or Prada.

5th Avenue

If you are a designer lover, there is no way around the 5th avenue. Not only stores like Nike and Adidas call the 5th Av their home. From Gucci to Louis Vuitton, here you will find everything your designer heart wants.

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Crossroads Trading Company

This Brooklyn clothing exchange offers affordable clothing, shoes, and accessories from $5–$350, also some designer-labels, like Jeffrey Campbell boots for $100 or YSL leather sneakers for $55. You can also exchange your clothes for 35% of the resale value in cash or 50% in-store credit.

Monk Vintage Thrift Shop

If you are a vintage lover you will love the Monk Vintage Thrift Shop. It is a crazy-packed vintage store with a nice selection of 1960s–1990s clothing for guys and girls.

Food! The best restuarants, no matter if vegan or best beef

New York has so many restaurants and places to have a little sweet or savory snack. We looked for the most interesting restaurants and snack places in New York which will let you experience an unforgettable foodporn moment.

The DŌ let your sweet dreams come true! DŌ. At this place, you can order raw cookie dough – exactly the ones your mother never allowed you to eat. You can enjoy it in many different ways ready-to-eat state, mix it into ice cream, throw it in the oven to half or fully bake it.


Trapizzinos offers you overstuffed triangles of pizza Bianca. The pockets have are crispy from the outside and soft on the inside.  You should not miss this nice looking, delicious meal. Our tip: enjoy them at the table, with some nice Italian wine or beer.


If you are in New York and do not try the New York Cheesecake, you’re a sinner. The big apple has countless places to get a good cheesecake but Juniors which was founded in 1950, is known as the home of New York’s best cheesecake. Next, to the famous cheesecake, you can order many other sweet or savory meals. Try it out!

Festivals & Events in New York City: The city which never sleeps

Afropunk Festival

Afropunk Festival is an annual event that takes place in every August at Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park. This outdoor festival is celebrating multicultural arts, the festival host many famous, in 2017, for example, Solange Knowles, SZA or Soul 2 Soul. Also, they got a big offer of food trucks, live art, a craft market and a lot more. This festival got no limits when it comes to style and self-expression, definitely a must-do if you’re in new york around this time.


SummerStage is the place to be for New York music fans, it is always one of the highlights of New Yorks summer-concerts calendar. The Festival celebrated its 32nd anniversary in 2017. Here you will find everything from classic New York hip-hop artists to big-name indie-rock bands on the Central Park main stage.

Hot 97 Summer Jam

The Hot 97 Summer Jam takes place in New Jersey. The biggest names in hip-hop rocked the stage and were artists at this festival: Wu-Tang in ’94, Biggie in ’95, or Fugees in ’96. If you are a true hip-hop fan you should not miss this festival.

Where to stay? Hotels, hostels and alternatives

Yotel New York

The Yotel in New York is definitely fun and funky but also very innovative. It is located in the middle of the bubbly Times Square but it is nothing if you are on a budget, a night in this extraordinary hotel costs about $240, still a good price for New York but not the cheapest you can get.

CitizenM Hotel

The Dutch hotel group brings a funky, edgy version to NYC. Here you will find a comfy king-sized bed and a cool MoodPad gadget in every room.

Night Hotel

If you are a fan of minimalism but still need some drama, the Gotham city inspired Hotel is ultra glamorous and would be a great option for you.


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