Stand Up Comedy USA: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston & Phoenix

Stand Up Comedy USA – Looking for good Stand Up Comedy shows & locations in USA? Let’s go on a laugh-filled journey through the coolest cities in the USA! New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Phoenix are our stops on the comedy tour. But hold on tight, because the best is yet to come – Stand Up Live performances are our absolute highlight! This is comedy at its finest, and you’re invited to join us in the world of laughter. Whether you’re into national comedy stars or local insiders, these shows have everything to make you laugh. Get ready for a comedy adventure that will get your laugh muscles in high gear across the U.S.!

Stand Up in New York City

New York City is the heart of the U.S. comedy scene and is home to some of the most famous comedy clubs in the world. The Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village is legendary and has seen performances from top comedians like Louis C.K. and Chris Rock. Carolines on Broadway is another popular venue that frequently features top-notch comedians. The city also hosts numerous open mic nights where up-and-coming talent can showcase their skills. In NYC, the comedy scene is vibrant and diverse, and you can enjoy top-notch stand-up performances any night of the week.

  • Comedy Cellar: One of the most famous comedy clubs in NYC, famous for performances by top comedians
  • The Stand: Offers comedy shows and top-notch cuisine
  • Carolines on Broadway: a legendary comedy club that hosts many famous comedians
  • Gotham Comedy Club: Known for its top-notch shows and comedy talent

Stand Up in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is another mecca for comedians and comedy fans. The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip is an iconic club that has produced many comedy legends. The Laugh Factory is also a well-known venue that is regularly filled with comedy heavyweights. The city also offers numerous comedy open mics and improv groups. In LA, you’ll find a wide range of comedy styles and talent, from alternative comedy to stand-up.

  • The Comedy Store: A legendary club that has produced comedy icons like Richard Pryor and Jim Carrey
  • The Laugh Factory: Another famous club with regular performances by comedy heavyweights
  • Improv Comedy Clubs: featuring various stand-up comedy venues around town
  • Largo at the Coronet: An intimate venue for alternative comedy and music

Stand Up in Chicago

Chicago has a rich comedy tradition and is famous for its improv comedy. The Second City, a world-renowned improv school and comedy company, originated here. Zanie’s comedy clubs are prevalent in the city and offer top-notch stand-up performances. Chicago has a relaxed and accessible comedy scene that welcomes both established comedians and up-and-coming talent.

  • Zanies Comedy Clubs: with various locations around the city and regular comedy performances
  • The Second City: a well-known improv and comedy training center that also hosts shows
  • Laugh Factory Chicago: Known for its diverse comedy program

Stand Up in Houston

Houston may not be in the spotlight as often as some of the other cities, but it still has a vibrant comedy scene. The Secret Group downtown is an up-and-coming venue for live comedy and entertainment. Improv Houston is part of the prestigious Improv Comedy Club chain and offers regular stand-up performances. The city also has a growing community of local comedians hosting comedy open mics and shows.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

  • The Secret Group: A comedy club and live performance venue in downtown Houston
  • Improv Houston: part of the Improv Comedy Club chain of well-known stand-up performances
  • The Joke Joint Comedy Showcase: A popular comedy show venue in Houston

Stand Up in Phoenix

Phoenix offers an up-and-coming comedy scene in the desert city. Stand Up Live in downtown Phoenix is a popular comedy club that showcases national and local comedians. The Comedy Spot Comedy Club is a comedy show and open mic venue that helps promote emerging talent. Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy is another venue that offers comedy shows in Phoenix. The comedy scene in Phoenix is growing and attracting both local and international comedians.

  • Stand Up Live: A comedy club in downtown Phoenix featuring national and local comedians
  • The Comedy Spot Comedy Club: Offers comedy shows and open mics
  • Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy: Another comedy show venue in Phoenix