Camping Berlin: Breitehorn, Krossinsee & Co. – Nature in the big city

The capital of Germany is known for culture & art on the streets, star restaurants and hip cafes. Nevertheless, you can also enjoy the peace and relaxation of nature there. Who would have thought that camping in the middle of the capital is possible? Whether caravan, camper or car with roof tent, on the campsites in Berlin you will find the opportunity to spend a few days in nature and also to visit the abundance of city life.Many more good recommendations you can find on Campwerk: Campingplatz Berlin.

Region in Berlin: Camping sites in the big city of Germany

So close, yet so far away from the hustle and bustle and the crowds: Berlin is much more than just downtown, as these campsites prove. Those who know the capital of Germany know that there are countless tourist attractions. Spreefahrten and the classic city tour are now familiar to many who have been there and fallen in love with the metropolis. To bring a little variety into your next Berlin vacation, we recommend a camping trip in Berlin. If you just want to relax and let your soul dangle and explore a bit of Berlin, you are exactly right on the campsites. There are opportunities to rent bikes and enjoy tours along the Spree River and Havels Ufer. If you like swimming, you can go swimming at the Nieder-Neuendorfer See, in the Tegeler See or in the Havel. There are countless offers for individuals, couples, friends and families.

  • Spreefahrten
  • Classic Cities Tour
  • Bike tour along the Spree and Havel’s banks
  • Bathing at the Nieder-Neuendorfer See, in the Tegeler See or in the Havel

Lukinski Villas

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Tent, roof tent or camper

Brandenburg Gate, Victory Column, Alexanderplatz – anyone travelling to Berlin really just wants to explore the capital and enjoy big city life. But more and more younger people are interested in camping on holiday. City and nature can also be combined at the same time. Camping, sleeping in a sleeping bag, cooking on a gas stove and enjoying the view of pure nature is something many young people find relaxing. German campsites offer a wide variety of sleeping options. So you can stay with your own car, a tent or camper van just about anywhere. Likewise, you can then also make day trips to the city center of Berlin and experience every sight and attraction with.

  • Different sleeping arrangements
  • Camping van, tent or motorhome
  • Day trips to Berlin

Camping tips in the magazine

Whether in Germany, Europe or worldwide – FIV Magazine has summarized the best camping and travel places for you. We show you how to enjoy a camping holiday and what highlights you can experience while camping.

Camping checklist

A campsite offers individual recreational activities in addition to the beautiful sites. For couples, there are often spas, beer gardens and cafes to enhance your nature holiday. As a family, it’s nice to give the kids the chance to let off steam in the great outdoors. Some campsites offer swimming pools, playgrounds and other child-friendly attractions for this purpose. Sports enthusiasts can also work out in the swimming pool or fitness rooms during their vacation and continue to stay fit during their free time. While package holidaymakers have to leave their pets at home, campsites offer pet-friendly options to take your dog and cat with you and enjoy your holiday with your pet.

  • For couples: spas, beer gardens and cafés
  • For families: nature, swimming pools and playgrounds
  • For active people: swimming pool or fitness rooms
  • For pet owners: camping with dog and cat

Road trip with the whole family. Roof tent from Campwerk.

Berlin: Camping Tips

The first point is planning. Think through your camping trip, consider the weather conditions and find a route that you can take to explore beautiful places and stay at suitable campsites. A checklist can also be very useful. Make a personal camping checklist of the equipment you need – either on paper or on your smartphone. With a reminder, you won’t forget anything. For the “first time” it would be an advantage to choose a larger campsite with paved pitches, new sanitary facilities, a kiosk or a small market. This is comfortable and you can also exchange ideas with other campers and gather your first experiences.

Technical check: If you rent a motorhome or buy a new one, you should discuss the most important technical issues. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that you do not know how to fill a water tank. Try out your camping equipment at home before your holiday. If possible, pitch the tent in the garden and familiarise yourself with the gas cooker, inflatable mattress etc. beforehand. Take hygiene items from home with you. You don’t need to buy new things like a brush, sponge, washing-up liquid and tea towels. It also makes sense to bring a broom, kitchen roll, storage boxes and garbage bags, which most people have at home anyway. Weatherproof, warm clothes: Even if the forecast is for two weeks of sunshine, pack clothes for all weathers so you stay dry even if it rains. It can cool down in the evenings when camping.

You should also arrive early enough. Plan enough time for the arrival. Many campsites allocate pitches in the morning. Then you still have a choice without a reservation and can set up the tent or caravan in peace. Most campers cook with a built in kitchen or cat kitchen. Here it would be an advantage to look for recipes that you can cook well in a small space. You can also pack some food and buy small items in camping markets. Remember to close your tent, camper or caravan when you leave your camp. As soon as you are out hiking during the day, you should lock up your shelter and keep the rain out. This will prevent mosquitoes and other animals from pestering you at night. You will also protect your equipment from rain and showers.

  1. Planning – Consider the weather conditions and find a route
  2. Checklist – on paper or on your smartphone
  3. Infrastructure – For the first time a comfortable camping site
  4. Technology check – discuss technology issues in advance
  5. Test equipment at home – Test camping equipment at home
  6. Transportable household – hygiene products to take from home
  7. Weatherproof, warm clothing – Be prepared for all weathers
  8. Arrive early enough – campsites allocate pitches in the morning
  9. Meal planning – choosing recipes and grocery shopping
  10. Close tent, camper and caravan – For protection against animals, insects and rain

Evaluation: What is important on the campsite?

Those who want to explore the capital can then enjoy the peace and relaxation at the campsite. Every campsite has a different layout and structure. When researching new campsites, look out for these 11 factors:

  1. Quiet
  2. Catering
  3. Kindness
  4. Price-performance ratio
  5. Cleanliness in general
  6. Sanitation
  7. Cleanliness sanitary
  8. Condition of the rental accommodation / plots
  9. Infrastructure
  10. Free time
  11. Location

Campsite recommendations in Berlin

Here you can find our small selection of recommendations for Berlin! You want even more? On Campwerk you will find many more campsites for many cities in Berlin like Krossinsee and Kladow.

Camping ground Krossinsee – (260 places)

Camping ground Krossinsee (address: Wernsdorfer Straße 38 in 12527 Berlin-Schmöckwitz) with 260 pitches for campers on a total area of 9 ha. Per person you pay 8,50 Euro, children 4,00 Euro as well as stand fee 9,50 – 11,50 Euro, payable with cash, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa. Read more: Campsite Krossinsee

Directions, address and camper capacities at the Krossinsee campsite:

  • Address: Wernsdorfer Straße 38 in 12527 Berlin-Schmöckwitz, Germany
  • Location: Berlin
  • 260 pitches for campers
  • 46 Rental accommodation
  • 230 places for permanent campers
  • Total size in ha: 9
  • Directions (Google Maps): Camping ground Krossinsee

DCC-Camping site Berlin-Kladow – (150 places)

DCC-Camping Berlin-Kladow (address: Krampnitzer Weg 111-117 in 14089 Berlin-Kladow) with 150 pitches for campers on 7 ha total area and a plot size of 60-140 m². Per person one pays 8.50 euros, children 4.30 euros as well as stand fee Inclusive, payable with cash, Maestro. Read more: DCC Camping Berlin-Kladow

Directions, address and camper capacities at the DCC campsite Berlin-Kladow:

  • Address: Krampnitzer Weg 111-117 in 14089 Berlin-Kladow, Germany.
  • Location: Berlin
  • 150 pitches for campers
  • 2 rental accommodations
  • 560 places for permanent campers
  • 60-140 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 7
  • Directions (Google Maps): DCC-Camping Berlin-Kladow

DCC-Camping site Gatow – (120 places)

DCC-Camping Gatow (address: Kladower Damm 213-217 in 14089 Berlin-Gatow) with 120 pitches for campers on 2.5 ha total area and a plot size of 90-100 m². Per person one pays 8.50 euros, children 4.30 euros as well as stand fee Inclusive, payable with cash, Maestro. Read more: DCC Camping Gatow

Directions, address and camper capacities at DCC-Camping Gatow:

  • Address: Kladower Damm 213-217 in 14089 Berlin-Gatow, Germany.
  • Location: Berlin
  • 120 pitches for campers
  • 60 places for permanent campers
  • 90-100 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 2.5
  • Directions (Google Maps): DCC-Camping Gatow

Hotel & City Camping North – (80 places)

Hotel & City Camping North with 80 pitches for campers on 1 hectare total area. Read more: Hotel & City Camping North

Directions, address and camper capacities at Hotel & City Camping Nord:

  • Location: Berlin
  • 80 pitches for campers
  • 1 Rental accommodation
  • Total size in ha: 1

Berlin: Camping in the German capital

Not only in good weather Berlin can be enjoyed with exciting leisure activities. In wind and rain there are also opportunities to pass the time with indoor activities. Whether with family, friends or as a couple, especially in Berlin you can find the right activity. Here you will find 11 alternatives to enjoy the holiday season in bad weather:

  1. Black light mini golf
  2. Sealife
  3. Escape Room
  4. Spa and wellness
  5. Reichtagskuppel
  6. TV Tower
  7. Berlin cinemas
  8. Shopping Center
  9. Sports studios and Jumpe House
  10. Madame Tussauds

Map and landscape in Berlin

Berlin is the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. In addition to the historic center, with all its sights, there are numerous streams and lakes. Likewise, there are large forest areas with huge parks that want to experience Berlin as the green city. Here, animal lovers can also spend a day in zoos, animal parks and other zoological institutions.

Lakes & tributaries in Berlin:

  • Spree
  • Havel
  • Panke
  • Dahme
  • Wuhle
  • Erpe
  • Lake Tegel
  • Great Wannsee
  • Müggelsee
  • Spectra Lake

Forests and parks in Berlin:

  • Zoo
  • Rose Island
  • Luiseninsel
  • Tempelhof Park
  • Botanical gardens
  • Victoria Park
  • Schiller Park

Beautiful nature in the city – Berlin Video

If you don’t have time or money to leave the country, you don’t have to miss out on a holiday. Especially in Berlin, everything is offered to you. From city life to green nature, here you can experience everything as a camper. Who is still not convinced should watch these 2 videos. Cute animals, green forests and quiet lakes or rivers – in Berlin you can make your dream vacation and get some change from the boring and monotonous everyday life.

You will find many more good recommendations on the subject of campsites on Campwerk: Campingplatz Berlin