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Camping Attersee – Turquoise water, high mountains and an enchanting panorama, that’s what awaits you at the Attersee! The Attersee is located in the Salzkammergut directly near the Mondsee and Wolfgangsee. For a relaxing camping vacation at the lake to switch off with roof tent or tent trailer, the Attersee is the perfect place. You can expect a picturesque scenery, which you can discover in varied hiking tours and one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria, which invites you to swim and do water sports! Discover the Attersee and read through the activities you must have experienced in your camping vacation!

Attersee: swimming, hiking, climbing & water sports

You want to really relax and leave your everyday life behind you? Then a camping vacation at the Attersee is perfect for you. You can expect a beautiful lake idyllically located in the midst of mountains. Experience unique activities like hiking and leisure activities directly at the lake. Discover the Alps, relax at the lake and experience what else Lake Attersee has to offer. Tip. More camping? At Campwerk you will find hundreds of destinations for campers.

Location of the Attersee in Austria

Lake Attersee is located in the Upper Austrian part of the Salzkammergut in the district of Vöcklabruck. The next largest city is Salzburg, about 50 minutes away.

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Nature around the Attersee

The Attersee convinces with its dreamlike nature scenery: High mountains and a picturesque lake with turquoise blue water, simply gorgeous!

Discover the Attersee: These activities you must have done!

When you spend your camping vacation at Attersee, you can look forward to a few relaxing days in the mountains! Hiking tours to viewpoints and waterfalls, swimming beaches and water sports await you. But also great other activities like a visit to an alpaca pasture, via ferrata and a high ropes course are waiting to be discovered by you! Special highlight: A tour with the transparent canoe to discover the underwater world!

These are the must-do activities at Attersee:

  • Relaxation and swimming at the lake
  • Water sports like stand-up paddling or water skiing
  • Hike to the mermaid fall
  • Trip to the alpaca farm
  • Via ferrata climbing
  • Visit to the high ropes course
  • Discover the underwater world by transparent canoe or diving

Mermaid fall: hike to the waterfall

You’ve arrived at Attersee, found your campsite and pitched your roof tent. Now you want to take it easy for the first day and discover the surroundings through an easy hike? Then a hike for the Nixenfall is a good idea to arrive first. From Fachbergbrücke in the village of Weißenbach am Attersee you can take a moderate hike of about 60 minutes up to the Nixenfall. The 50 meter high waterfall is an impressive natural event and worth a visit in any weather. The hike is also particularly suitable for families, as the ascent is not particularly steep. It is best to combine the hike with a detour to one of the many small alpine pastures and restaurants for a little refreshment before or after the hike.

  • Beautiful hike
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Route 50 km
  • Family friendly

Attersee: enjoy beach & water sports

At Attersee there are many public bathing places where you can swim in the beautiful, pleasantly warm and turquoise blue water of the Attersee and relax on the beach. Also lie on the sunbathing lawn and enjoy the sun. There are various beaches, beaches especially for families with small children but also dog beaches, where you can bring your four-legged friend. Action fans will also get their money’s worth here: why not try out stand-up paddling, the absolute trend sport among water sports! Paddle standing on a surfboard over the Attersee to enjoy nature and at the same time work on your fitness.

  • Swimming on the beach
  • Stand Up Paddling
  • Water Ski

Attersee via ferrata Mahdlgupf: climbing in nature

The via ferrata directly at the Attersee is for experienced climbers a great opportunity to make a challenging climbing tour with a fantastic view. The tour is steep and demanding and therefore only suitable for experienced climbers and not for beginners. The via ferrata is varied and consists in between again and again of steep downswings and the rope anchorages are partly far apart, which makes the via ferrata partly strenuous and particularly challenging. You have partly an overwhelming view over the Attersee. The entire tour takes 5.5 hours and you overcome 800 meters during the tour.

  • Via ferrata for advanced climbers
  • Duration: 5,5 hour
  • Altitude meters: 800 meters

Discover the underwater world: see through canoe & diving

You want to discover the underwater world of the Attersee? With the transparent canoe you can discover the Attersee in a very special way: While sailing across the lake, you can simultaneously observe the underwater world through your kayak. To experience the unique world of the depths of Lake Attersee, you can also take a diving course and thus be right up close.

High Ropes Course Attersee: High up in front of a dreamlike scenery!

A trip to the high ropes course Attersee means a day full of fun in airy heights. Experience the exciting and varied via ferrata either alone or with an experienced trainer. While you are climbing you have a breathtaking view of the Attersee. The high ropes course is also highly recommended for families with children, children from the age of 8 can climb here accompanied by their parents, Good to know: For a day in the high ropes course you must definitely book online in advance, this is very easy via an online form.

Hike to the Schoberstein: View over the entire Attersee!

If you want to look over the whole Attersee, a hike to the Schoberstein is worth it, because here you have the best view over the Attersee! The hike starts at the parking lot at the bridge to the Nixenfall near Weißenbach am Attersee and the climb to the Schoberstein takes about one and a half hours. The hike is leisurely, but climbs throughout, it goes through stony path and largely through the forest. Since the route is partly steep and at the top is also walked over rock, the route is rather unsuitable for small children, but doable with older children. Since a large part of the trail leads through the forest, the hike is also suitable for particularly sunny days.

  • Hike to the Schoberstein
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Comfortable, but with slope

View from the Schoberstein:

Alpaca Lake: A day with alpacas!

At Hof See Alpaka you can expect a beautiful day with the fluffy alpacas: You can pet the super cute animals, watch them grazing in the meadow but also participate in one of the offered walking tours and hike together with the alpacas through the beautiful surroundings around Lake Attersee. Fun for young and old and especially for children a day with alpacas is a wonderful experience! But also for a vacation for two, a romantic alpaca walk is a perfect idea for a relaxing vacation day.

  • Petting alpacas
  • Alpaca hikes

Camping vacation in winter: Skiing & winter walks

The area around the Attersee turns into an absolute snow paradise in winter: Snowy hiking trails that invite you to beautiful winter walks in the middle of the snow. Near Lake Attersee there are three ski resorts, all relatively small but with beautiful and varied slopes waiting for you. The ski resorts are all suitable for children, so you can have fun skiing and snowboarding with the whole family! Also two winter toboggan runs once at the Födinger Alm and once the toboggan run Steinbach am Attersee are waiting for you.

Day trip to the Dachstein: excursion to the ice worlds

An excursion to the Dachstein, the highest mountain in Styria, is particularly worthwhile during a vacation at Attersee: At the Dachstein there is much to discover such as the ice worlds that are absolutely unique or the staircase to nowhere, from which you have a breathtaking view, but beware not for the faint of heart! Of course, you also have to walk over the famous suspension bridge during your visit to the Dachstein.

  • Distance: 2:03 hours
  • Ice worlds, suspension bridge and viewing platform

The best campsites at the Attersee

At Attersee you will find a variety of great campsites, with clean hygienic areas and many attractions.

Camping ground recommendation at the Attersee

Here you will find the top 2 best campsites that impress with a central location on the lake, modern facilities and ambience.

Camping Grabner

Here you will find important information of the campsite at a glance:

  • 4.4 stars / 453 reviews
  • Address: Seefeld 47, 4853 Steinbach am Attersee, Austria
  • Phone: +43 7663 8940

Camping Bruckbacher

Here you will find important information of the campsite at a glance:

  • 4.2 stars / 127 reviews
  • Address: Dexelbach 1, 4865 Nußdorf am Attersee, Austria
  • Phone: +43 7666 8570

Vacation at the Attersee: Great in summer and winter!

The region around Lake Attersee has a relatively rainy and mild winter lake climate. Directly at the Attersee, the annual average temperature is between 7 and 9 °C. Especially a visit between the summer months of June and August is worthwhile, because during this time the weather allows you to swim in the lake, to do water sports and to dive in the lake. The temperatures are also ideal for hiking.

Weather conditions at a glance:

  • Annual average temperature: 7 to 9 °C

Questions and answers about the Attersee

A camping vacation must be well planned, before some questions are to be clarified. The answers to the most important questions about the prevailing temperatures and attractions can be found here.

What can you do at the Attersee?

At the Attersee you can hike, relax at the lake and experience quite a lot of activities like alpaca hikes, climbing at the via ferrata and a tour with the transparent kayak.

At what time of year is it best to take a camping vacation at Lake Attersee?

A camping vacation to the Attersee is most worthwhile between the months of June and August, here hers’rschen optimal temperatures for swimming in the lake, for water sports, for diving in the lake and for hiking.