Brombachsee: Places, Beaches & Activities- Vacation by the water

Brombachsee: A holiday at the Brombachsee is definitely worthwhile and ideal as a destination for the whole family. The lake is located in Bavaria and is close to Nuremberg. There are many beautiful places around the lake with equally beautiful beaches. Here you can enjoy a relaxing day as well as some water sports or activities on land. For example, jet skiing, quad biking or hiking. The whole family including the dog is welcome at the Brombachsee. In addition to numerous attractions for children, there is also a dog beach and playground. So book your next holiday at the lake, rent a holiday apartment or try camping!

Brombachsee: Facts and figures about the lake

The Brombachsee is composed of the small and the large lake. These are located directly next to each other and are separated only by a dam. The lake is located in Bavaria in the south of Middle Franconia and has a volume of 0.132 km³. In total, the lake offers a shore length of 17.5 and the water temperature is up to 24 ° C in the warmest months.

Location: Where is the lake located in Germany?

Lake Brombach is located in Germany, is localized in the state of Bavaria and lies in the south of Middle Franconia. The nearest major city is Nuremberg with more than 500,000 inhabitants, which is located north of the lake. On the map of Germany, Lake Brombach is located in the middle of the southern side in the district of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen.

Overview: Volume, Length & Water Temperature

The large Brombachsee has a total area of 9km², is 5.1 kilometers long and lies at 410 meters above sea level. The lake was built in 1983, has a shore length of 17.5 kilometers and has a volume of 0.132 km³. Regarding the water temperature, the lake is warmest in the months of July and August. Here it can quickly be 22°C to 24°C in the water. In the months of October to April, the water temperature is at its lowest with 2°C-14°C and therefore not something for everyone.

Most beautiful places at the lake: Absberg, Ramsberg & Co.

Visit together with us the beautiful places around the small and large Brombachsee. We present you here the top 3 areas, in which you can make ideal vacation and experience a lot. We start in the north of the lake in Enderndof. Here you will find a large adventure playground as well as an adventure forest. The journey continues to the southern side of the lake. In the south-east you will find the well-known village Ramsberg. Here you will find, among other things, the largest inland sailing harbour in Germany. As a last point we look at the common Absberg. On the peninsula there is a sandy beach, a dog beach and a wide range of water sports.

Enderndorf: Adventure playground, climbing park & Co.

Enderndorf is a small village at the large Brombachsee and is located north of the lake. The community has about 200 inhabitants and offers many leisure attractions. Especially known is the large adventure playground in the middle of the community, where especially families can spend a nice day. The adventure forest in Enderndorf is also very well known and inspires numerous climbing enthusiasts in different age groups every year. For the lunch break in between, the beautiful beach bar at the Brombachsee is suitable, where you can enjoy a small snack with a view of the lake.

Absberg: Resort with dog beach

The market town Absberg is considered a resort between the Brombachsee and the Igelsbachsee. The village covers an area of 18.99 km² and has a population of about 1,300 inhabitants. Absberg offers a lot of leisure activities, so that you can find something suitable for every age. For example, you can rent a bike at the bike rental, book a boat trip over the Brombachsee or relax at the nudist beach. The resort offers a lot and if you have a holiday apartment or a holiday home here, you can experience a lot during the day and do a lot.

Ramsberg: largest inland sailing port in Germany

Ramsberg is a village at the Brombachsee with about 650 inhabitants. The village is located in the south of the lake and has its own bay and a sailing port. The latter is particularly striking, because the sailing port of Ramsberg is considered the largest inland sailing port in Germany and includes a total of 150 berths. Here you can rent a boat, lie on the beach or enjoy a cold drink in the local beer garden. For more action, there are volleyball courts, bungee trampolines and table tennis tables.

Beaches at the Brombachsee: where is it most beautiful?

Around the Brombachsee there are many beaches and delivery possibilities to spend a relaxing or exciting day at the water. We introduce you to two of these beaches here. On the one hand, the bathing peninsula Absberg, which offers a large beach and a selection of water sports. We also show what the beach of Enderndorf has to offer.

Bathing peninsula Absberg: surfing, wake boarding or pedal boating

The bathing peninsula in Absberg is located at the small Brombachsee and offers a normal bathing beach as well as a dog beach and playground. Here on the peninsula you are offered a lot to enjoy a nice and relaxing day at the water. On the one hand, the peninsula has a 1300-metre long sandy beach including sunbathing areas, showers and changing rooms. Furthermore, you have the possibility to surf, wake board, rent a pedal boat or visit the archery range. You will certainly not get bored. Restaurants and snack bars provide the right catering.

Bathing beach Enderndorf: sandy beach and sunbathing area

The beach of Enderndorf is also particularly beautiful and offers numerous sunbathing areas for the whole family. On the one hand, there is a sandy beach where you can enjoy the sun. If this is too crowded or if you don’t prefer sand, you also have the possibility to find a place on a sunbathing lawn. There is also a beach volleyball court to prevent boredom and the numerous cocktails from the beach club will certainly help against thirst. If you get hungry, you can simply get a snack in the snack bar.

Activities: Water sports, hiking & the best restaurants

Around the Brombachsee there are numerous activities and sights that you can do during the day. Take a day trip with the whole family or with your friends. No matter if you want action and adventure or if you prefer to take it slower. Check out the tourism information to see what is currently available and recommended. Here we present you water sports on the lake, activities on the land and the right restaurants for the hunger in between.

Water sports: kitesurfing, jet skiing & diving

On the large Brombachsee you can find many activities on the water. If you need some action during your holiday, you can go jet skiing, kite surfing, surfing, wake boarding or diving. If you want to take it a bit easier or if you are not a professional on the water yet, you also have the possibility to rent a motorboat or a sailboat at one of the many boat rentals and spend the day relaxing on the water. Grab a friend or family and head out on the water. Fishing is also allowed! So have a great day on the Brombachsee.

Activities in the countryside: cycling tour, hiking trails or indoor swimming pool

You are not a water rat and would rather spend your action-packed day on land? Around the Brombachsee there are numerous possibilities for activities and leisure activities, for which you do not have to go out on the water. Around the small and large Brombachsee there is a 30 kilometre long cycle path, which is ideal for a bike tour for the whole family. You also have the possibility to go inline skating, rent a Qaud or go for a relaxed hike. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, there are indoor swimming pools, thermal baths or other indoor activities such as a farm in the immediate vicinity.

Restaurant and gastronomies: Where does it taste best?

You’re just lying on the beach of the lake, you’re done with the water sports or you get hungry during your hike? No problem. Around the Brombachsee there are numerous pubs, restaurants or snack bars for small and big hunger. Sit down for example in a hotel restaurant, the gastronomy “Haus am See” or eat something small in the bay of the lake. The offer is varied and there will be something for every price range. So make yourself comfortable, order a cold drink and enjoy the beautiful view over the Brombachsee and the nature during your meal.

Vacation with the whole family: child and dog

Especially a holiday with children or with the dog can quickly become a little difficult, because you can not go everywhere with the dog, for example, and the children need something to do during the day. At the Brombachsee this should not be a problem, as there are many leisure activities for children and the whole family in addition to dog beaches. We introduce you to the most important places here and also tell you what you should look out for!

Holiday with the dog: dog beach, playground and meadow

Of course, you don’t have to leave your dog at home on a holiday to Brombachsee. Quite the opposite. The lake and the surrounding area are very pet-friendly and offer many opportunities for exercise. You are allowed to take your four-legged friend anywhere on and around the lake, but running free on designated beaches and nature reserves is prohibited. There is also a dog beach and playground on the Absberg bathing peninsula. Here your fur nose can let off steam and run around freely. However, always make sure not to disturb other guests and to keep large dogs and fighting dogs on a leash.

Holiday with the kids: Toboggan run, animal park or bowling

Around the Brombachsee there are many activities and leisure attractions for the whole family and especially for children. For example, there is a summer toboggan run, which is open from May to October. You can also visit farm shops, farms or zoos with your children, where you can find playgrounds and cafés as well as animals. If the weather doesn’t cooperate and an outdoor activity is not possible, you can visit the cinema, the bowling alley or an indoor amusement park.

Types of accommodation: camping, holiday apartment or houseboat?

There are many possibilities to stay overnight at the Brombachsee. Depending on your taste and price range, you can choose where and how you want to spend the night. An example and in any case an adventure is camping. There are several campsites around the lake. Either in the middle of the forest, on the shore or near a town. The choice is yours. Another adventure would be to spend the night on a houseboat or a house in the lake. If this is a bit too exciting for you, there is also a wide choice of holiday apartments, houses or guesthouses. For children and teenagers you can also book a youth hostel or a children’s hotel.

Camping: Flexible and adventurous

If you want to be flexible, experience adventures and travel cost-saving, you should try a campsite. Around the Brombachsee there are numerous campsites for tents, mobile homes or camping barrels for rent. Of course you can also camp together with your dog. Ideal for this are forest camping sites in the middle of nature and close to the lake. For young people there are also extra youth campsites, where you can experience a lot and usually meet new friends. If all this is a bit too much nature for you, you can also go glamping at the Brombachsee.

Holiday homes, holiday apartment and houseboat

The first choice for a holiday is usually a hotel, a holiday home, a holiday apartment or a guesthouse. But if you are already at a lake, it would be ideal to rent a houseboat, stay in a house on the lake or book accommodation in a water villa. Very well known are among others the pesnions Seerose and Zottmann. Take a look for yourself and choose where and how you would like to spend the night. Maybe it is a new adventure to sleep a few nights in the middle of the water. With the accommodations at the Brombachsee there is a big choice for small, big and every purse.

Nuremberg, Cologne and Berlin – what’s the fastest way?

You want to know the best way to get to the Brombachsee and which route is ideal from your home? Here you can find the routes from Nürnburg, Cologne and Berlin. Take a look yourself and plan your next holiday to the water.

Route: Nuremberg to Lake Brombach

Nuremberg is the next bigger city near the Brombachsee and is about 50 minutes away by car. The easiest and fastest route is via the B2. Here you can find an excerpt with all the info about the route:

Route: Cologne to the Brombachsee

From Cologne to the Brombachsee you need about 4 hours and 40 minutes. The fastest way is by car via the A3. Here you can find the route!

Route: Berlin to the Brombachsee

From Berlin to Brombachsee you need about 5 hours by car. Here you best take the route via the A9! Have a look yourself.

Q&A: The most important questions about Lake Brombach

You still have questions about the individual parts and want to know more about the holiday at Lake Brombach? Here you will find some useful answers in a hurry!

Which places are the most beautiful?

Some of the most beautiful places are:

  • Enderndorf
  • Absberg
  • Ramsberg

These are distributed around the lake and here you can definitely experience something. Whether water sports, climbing or relaxing on the beach. In this community you will never be bored and the whole family can experience something.

Which are the most beautiful beaches?

Bathing peninsula Absberg: Here you find beside a normal beach also a nudist area and a dog beach as well as playground.

Enderndorf beach: Here you can also enjoy the sun and the water. The beach in Enderndorf is particularly large and spacious, which is why it is never crowded.

What kind of water sports can I do on the lake?

  • Surf
  • Diving
  • Swimming
  • Wakeboarding
  • Jet-ski
  • Kite-surfing
  • Rent a boat

What can I do with children?

  • Summer toboggan run
  • Farm
  • Indoor play park
  • Cinema
  • Therme
  • Zoo
  • Climbing forest

Can I take my dog with me on holiday?

Of course! The area around the Brombachsee is very animal-friendly and dogs are almost always welcome. There are extra dog beaches and playgrounds. However, always watch out for other tourists and keep large and hunting dogs on a leash?

Is it possible to camp at the Brombachsee?

Yes, you can. Around the lake there are numerous campsites that you can visit. This variant of accommodation is usually cheaper, you are more flexible and have a greater adventure.