Travel films: Thriller, documentary, action films

The subject of travel has already been dealt with in many great films. We have compiled the five most beautiful of this kind from the last decades here. There should be a favourite film for every type of travel and film, and those who have not yet seen one or the other can watch it on the streaming site without a monthly subscription!

The best travel films & trailers

# The Beach – Charged Thriller in front of an exotic backdrop

The young American backpacker Richard Fischer, played by Leonardo di Caprio, is driven to Thailand by a thirst for adventure. In the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok, he meets a confused Scotsman who bequeaths him a map to a hidden beach on a remote island. Together with a few newly won friends from France, he dares to venture into the unknown and experiences perhaps the most exciting adventure of his life. What begins as light-hearted fun soon develops into a gripping and disturbing psychological thriller.

# Lost in translation – Together alone

She is a young disoriented woman who accompanies her busy husband on his business trip to Tokyo and he is a movie star in the midlife crisis. They meet in the hotel bar, both in their own way restlessly lost in a foreign country, and find pleasure in sharing the feeling of being alone together. This melancholic comedy harmoniously combines humorous and aesthetic scenes, telling the story of a tender relationship.

# Into the Wild – After a true incident

Christopher McCandless, a successful and popular university graduate from a sheltered family to whom the career world opens its doors, apparently has everything a young person could wish for. Yet it doesn’t keep him in good bourgeois society. Rather, he is driven by the insurmountable passionate desire to break out, to free himself from consumption and possessions and simply to live. He breaks off all contact with his previous life and sets out on foot on a journey across the country to find his way to Alaska and perhaps to himself.

# Your way – authentic and life-affirming

On the one hand contemplative and yet marked by mental tensions, the drama leads the viewer along the 800-kilometre-long Spanish Way of St. James alongside a grieving father. To commemorate his son’s death and his estranged relationship with him, he leaves behind his old, comfortable life in sunny California and continues the journey on the arduous pilgrimage path that his son was unable to complete.

# The big trip – wild – self-discovery alone in the wilderness

The novel adaptation of an extraordinary and true story captivates above all through the credible portrayal of the protagonist Cheryl Strayed, played by Reese Witherspoon. The film tells a stirring story of the 26-year-old’s hike on the Pacific Crest Trail through American wilderness. In addition to the oversized backpack, difficult experiences weigh on her shoulders and lead her back to the past, which simply won’t let go.