The perfect date at home: Romantic movies for men – The Top 3

Who of us doesn’t like that: A cosy evening at home with a romantic dinner by candlelight, good wine and of course … a gripping film. While women usually want to watch romantic classics such as Romeo and Juliet with their loved ones, men usually prefer a different film. But wait a minute – there are also gripping love films full of heartache, passionate kisses and heart-rending declarations of love for our loved one. To make the romantic evening on the couch a complete success, we have put together the best romances for you, which your lover will also be happy about.

Romance, comedy or horror – the favourite genre of the man

A look at the numbers makes it clear: men and women are not so unanimous about their favourite genres after all. A survey by Statista showed that men prefer to watch action and comedy films in their free time. Adventure films a la Indiana Jones are also very popular with men. So what about romantic movies? These share one of the last places in the ranking with horror films. While 77% of women prefer romantic love films, the figure for men is only 55%. But this does not mean that a romantic evening on the couch has to be cancelled here: The genre of romantic comedies is more popular with both sexes than the more traditional love drama.

Chaotic love films with Hollywood cast

So that our men don’t get bored during a romantic movie night, a little action and chaos should not be missing. No matter if unexpected triangle relationships, hot bed scenes or funny pick-up lines – these movies please every man. Watch the trailers exclusively.

Friends with benefits with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake

Headhunter Jamie convinces Dylan, a non-New Yorker and art director unknown to her until then, to move to New York for a new job. It doesn’t take long and a once professional relationship quickly turns into something more serious: One flash mob and a few drinks later, both decide to rekindle their respective dormant sex lives and agree on an unfeeling sex relationship. Watch the trailer of the romantic comedy here.

Silver Linings with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

This award-winning film does not fall into the category of romantic comedies, but despite its first-rate actors and profound storyline, it has always enjoyed great popularity. So the manic-depressive Pat and the emotionally unstable Tiffany meet in a restaurant and a turbulent friendship begins. How these two end up in a complicated love triangle and what this has to do with a dance contest, we won’t tell you yet, of course.

High Fidelity with John Cusack in the leading role

Record shop owner Rob Gordon is fed up. When you look at his failed relationships, you notice: his life is boring and full of escapades and monotony. His only ray of hope: The singer Marie de Salle. But even she is quickly forgotten when Rob’s old flame Laura announces herself to him again. And suddenly he meets a magazine editor whom he now keeps an eye on. One thing is certain: this place is going to be chaotic.