Top 6 Comedy Podcasts in Germany: Tips & Recommendations

There are more and more podcasts in Germany these days. You can listen to them wherever there are podcasts – simply on the go with your headphones, if you’re not in the mood for music but for entertainment or even a very exciting podcast. From crime to comedy, everything is represented – wherever you feel like it! Learn more about the most popular comedy podcasts here:

Top Comedy Podcasts – Germany’s Top 6

Comedy podcasts are very popular: you can pass the time by listening to the best and funniest podcast narrators! Learn all about the top 6 podcasts in Germany here.

1. mixed mince

The podcast “Mixed Hack”, which is recorded by comedian Felix Lobrecht and comedy writer Tommi Schmitt, serves listeners weekly with entertaining stories from their lives. Every week with the same start: a rap quote by Felix Lobrecht – but not just any random one. It either has a current relevance or introduces the listeners to the story of the following podcast. The two tell anecdotes from their everyday lives or their past, which they always package in a funny and insightful way. Recently, Lobrecht and Schmitt have introduced the “Five Quick Questions for…” section, where they interview new selected people in the form of a short interview every week – so there’s plenty of variety.
So for comedy lovers who enjoy listening to their stories, this is it!

2. thick & stupid

The podcast “Dick & Doof”, which is hosted by the influencers “Selfiesandra” and “Laserluca”, is definitely entertaining and is published every Monday and Thursday! Sexy, charming and incredibly intelligent – Sandra and Luca are none of those things. They are merely Dick and Doof – that’s the description of this podcast, which lets listeners know right away that these two don’t take themselves entirely seriously. While Sandra and Luca tell a tale from their lives, there may also be some alcohol. From dating experiences to personal secrets, everything is there!

3. Baywatch Berlin

The podcast “Baywatch Berlin” with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, Jakob Lundt and Thomas Schmitt, revolves around the topic of everyday working life. All three participate in the shows of Joko & Klaas (Duell um die Welt, Late Night Berlin, Joko&Klaas and Circus HalliGalli), which is why they can tell all the stories of the filming. Anyone who follows these TV shows knows that they are always entertaining – so is the podcast!

Four. The Pochers here!

In the podcast “The Pochers here!” Amira and Oliver Pocher always tell something from their lives on Fridays, what has happened to them during the week, or what keeps them busy. Oliver Pocher promises the unsparing truth, Amira can already see herself sweeping up the pieces – that’s what listeners are promised via their podcast!

5. firm and fluffy

In the podcast “Fest und Flauschig” Olli Schulz and Jan Böhmermann regularly talk about fictional reports and reflections on their private and artistic lives. From time to time, people are invited to talk to Olli and Jan in the podcast and tell stories from their lives together. In addition to the podcast, the two always refer to the matching music playlist, which then plays the appropriate song in each case – unfortunately not possible in the podcast itself for legal reasons.

6. men’s deck – the podcast

“Herrengedeck – The Podcast” is a podcast hosted by Laura Larsson and Ariana Baborie that revolves around world events, personal experiences and general stories. There are longer versions in addition to the regular podcasts that focus on their personalities and habits. Alongside this section, the two women have introduced the “Celebrity of the Week”. The name of the podcast has evolved from the fact that they drink the alcoholic beverage Herrengedeck during the episodes.

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