Germany’s TOP YouTube Chefs: Recipes, Instructions & Tips

Cooking: Want to reimagine yourself in the kitchen, looking for new recipes, and just need the right instructions? No problem! We’ve done the research for you and gone in search of the top YouTube chefs. No matter if easy, hard, Italian, Spanish, vegetarian or vegan. Here you will find various channels with many cooking videos and matching tips & tricks. So feel free to browse through the list and start with a new recipe. Have fun cooking!


Yummypilgrim’s channel, while “only” about food videos, is a colorful place with many different video formats and creative headlines. Whether she’s doing food hauls, Taste Testings, or Best of’s, there’s probably something for everyone. Whether hungry, or not. What’s also special about her channel is that everything is cooked and baked vegan.

BaKo baking

Boring cooking instructions? Not with Ebru, the 29-year-old created her YouTube channel because she loves to cook. Today, she has a large community of viewers with nearly 150 thousand subscriptions. Formats like Waffle Week, in which she presents a different waffle every day for a week, make her channel exciting. Among other things, she also shows seasonal delicacies and occasionally Turkish recipes.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA


With weekly videos and unusual recipes, Mealclub are probably a real favorite in the cooking scene on YouTube. With already known dishes, but especially with new compositions and crazy flavors, Mealclub let their subscribers become curious. A great mix of healthy and snacks offer variety.

If you’re a huge fan of American baking culture, this channel is a piece of heaven on earth for you. From classic pies to cupcakes and peppermint hot chocolate, you’ll find everything you need to make at home. Savoury dishes also have a place on this channel, so there’s something for every taste and curious new recipes.

Sally’s World

Sally’s World really does take you to another world at first sight, full of sweet cakes, chocolates and cupcakes. But there are plenty of savoury alternatives too, perfect for occasions like a dinner out, or an afternoon barbecue with friends. Even with delicious drinks Sally can inspire her readers and viewers, because her always new ideas, encourage her fans to try new things and expand the culinary horizons.

Small but tasty

For those who are bored with a simple recipe and prefer to have a bright, motivated person who explains every step and makes everything a bit more interesting with her humor, Klein aber Lecker is the perfect channel on YouTube. Here you will not only find crazy new ideas for your dining table like the Nutella Burger or Baking with Charcoal, but also many recipes that help you to use leftovers. For those who like it colorful and fun and inviting, this channel is the perfect place.

Cooking Cinema

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced in the kitchen, Cooking Cinema is the perfect channel to get your first taste of cooking with basic recipes like cheesecake or tomato soup. However, it also offers a wide range of recipes that require a little practice, such as candied rose petals. A change to normal everyday recipes offers the cooking cinema all the time.

Pour le Plaisir – Thomas cooks

Everyone who is open to try something new should have a look at the channel of Pour le plaisir – Thomas kocht. Culinary diversity is an understatement and everyone should see for themselves. Dishes from Moroccan chicken to Turkish pide to simple lentil soup. A visit is worth the channel all the time and there is certainly something for everyone.

The organic cook

Micheal, known as “The Organic Chef”, tries to cook healthy, fresh and delicious, but still simple. He shows this on his YouTube channel, and tries to stay organic, sustainable, vegetarian, vegan and fair. With this attitude, Michael soon inspires 50,000 people and his viewers are growing.

Simple cooking

With weekly videos, the Simply Cooking channel is arguably a sure-fire inspiration for the week’s shopping. With super food recipes and dinner templates but also baking tutorials, the channel is well interspersed. For all vegans, there is also a positive news, because all recipes on the channel are purely plant-based.

Bea’s recipes and ideas

Bea’s YouTube channel is run with so much love that if you’re a food fan, you won’t miss it. Whether appetizers, main course or desserts, a perfect variety is offered. Whether homemade cookies or a whole menu, it is guaranteed to be delicious!

CALLEkocht – Grandma’s recipes

With very classic, German recipes, the channel brings a bit of tradition with it. The name ‘Omas Rezepte’ gives the viewer a certain image. Fried potatoes, meatballs or seasonal plum cake are just some of the recipe ideas. For a deeper insight into German cuisine, the channel offers a colorful range of videos and should inspire one or the other to cook.


A channel that offers arguably everything and with a regularity that you always discover something new when you visit the channel. Hacks, DIY’s and recipes in many different versions and with many different flavors.

Lets Cook

Are you a fan of exotic food or have you always wanted to expand your culinary horizons? At Let’s Cook you’ll find many tutorials and no nationality ties.