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The young Frankfurt woman Mira takes you on a journey through dreamlike sceneries in Frankfurt, shows you many delicious vegan dishes and makes regular funny contributions from and with her cat Peaches. She publishes regularly on her blog, her two Youtube channels and her two Instagram accounts. Her cat Peaches even has her own account and already several thousand followers.

Who is Funnypilgrim – Influencer: Beauty, Fashion & vegan Food

You want to know where Mira comes from and exactly who she is? Then this video is exactly the right one for you.

Funnypilgrim , whose real name is Mira, has her birthday on 04 December. She is about 1.56 m tall.  Mira does not only share her numerous beauty tips with you, so that you have instructions how to implement your desired look, but she also shares many helpful Life Hacks which she demonstrates in front of the camera for furnishing and designing her apartment. She’s also been living vegan for several years now and likes to share her experiences, recipes and shopping tips through her social media channels and blog. She has even written her own vegan cookbook and put it on the market. Very sweet and entertaining are also her posts and videos of her cat Peaches, who even has her own Instagram profile and who with several thousand followers is a real cat influencer. In addition to her main channel Funnypilgrim on Youtube, Mira also runs the Youtube channel Yummipilgrim, as well as the related Instagram channel Yummipilgrim, a blog Funnypilgrim and an Instagram page for her cat Funnypeaches.

Support from a friend: Photography & video on a journey

Mira currently has a boyfriend who mostly accompanies her on her travels and often supports her as a photographer and videographer behind the camera, but they are not married and a wedding doesn’t seem to be planned yet.

Friends & Family: Private Life of the Influencerin

The only known family member of Mira is Peaches, her four-legged roommate. Peaches is a cat and has her own instagram channel with several thousand followers, on which Mira interprets the thoughts of Peaches. If you want to see sweet and funny pictures and videos of the playful, mackerel cat, you should definitely check out her Instagram profile. Other relatives, be they father, mother or possibly existing siblings, are deliberately kept out of the public eye by Mira. The influencer is of the opinion that she otherwise grants many private insights into her life and wants to protect her boyfriend, other friends and her family from any unwanted glances. Anyone who is in the public eye whether as an influencer, musician or professional athlete is sooner or later faced with the choice of showing his followers his relationship, friends and family or not. We understand it well if you only present yourself to your followers.

Beauty & Fitness: Workouts & vegan nutrition of the Influencerin

Although Mira is not a fitness influencer, she is very sporty in her private life. In addition to bicycle trips and regular jogging, the influencer also does strength workouts at home to stay in shape and feel comfortable. Her very healthy and vitamin-rich diet is also beneficial for her top figure. Not only through her contributions on Youtube, Instagram and her blog her fans get a good insight into her healthy diet. As a vegan she is also very creative about her daily dishes. Nothing monotonous about her, she doesn’t just eat tofu, on the contrary – you hardly see more colourful and tasty food anywhere else. Her shoulder-length hair has probably been dyed blonde for many years now and we think she has found the right look for her face type. She prefers to wear her hair open with slightly wavy hair. Mira usually wears a very natural-looking make-up, but she never gives up her compact powder and lip care.

The Influencer Cat

One week good, cheap & vegan with 30€ – is that possible?

You want to live vegan and still cheap? On the Youtube Channel Yummypilgrim Mira takes you through her week, where she made it a challenge to eat healthy, tasty and even vegan with 30€.

Where does Mira live (Funnypilgrim) ?

Mira lives in Frankfurt am Main. The fifth largest city in Germany is known for its skyline with the headquarters of the German Bundesbank, the european central bank and the german stock exchange, the most important financial and service centre in the world. Miras personal favorite places in the city are at the old opera house and the skate park at the Osthafen.

Is your first vegan cookbook already on the market?

The answer is yes. Yummikitchen is her first cookbook in which you can make a culinary journey around the world. From reinterpretations of vegan classics like the cabbage wraps to new trend dishes like the various vegan bowls, she has put together her favourite dishes for you and made them available to anyone interested in them in a cookbook with beautiful pictures and detailed instructions for all dishes.

Is Miras cat also an Influencerin ?

Yes, definitely, because Peaches she has through her mistress an Instagram account with several thousand followers. Regularly on Instagram under the appropriate name Funnypeaches

entertaining, funny and sweet pictures and videos posted. Peaches had her first job ready – as a model for the book cover of Mira’s first vegan cookbook.

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Is there a blog from Mira (Funnypilgrim)?

It does exist. In addition to the various social media accounts, Mira runs a blog with the same name as her main channel on Youtube: Funnypilgrim.

On this blog she presents her vegan food ideas, her beauty favourites, her fashion ideas and her travels.

Fashion Food Travel Beauty – Blog:  Funnypilgrim

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