Dior Beauty: Luxury Perfume, Lipstick & Make Up

Dior Beauty – The label, known for its extravagant women’s haute couture, can do much more than create breathtaking gowns. The label has also been active in the cosmetics sector since 1947. It was then that Christian Dior created the first fragrance to underline his fashion lines. The designer was a true fragrance fan and […]

Marc Cain “How Wonderful” @ Fashion Week Berlin: Wow! Future fashion show? Virtual Reality

Marc Cain @ Fashion Week Berlin – Spectacular prints and quality of the finest. Marc Cain’s fashion shows are well worth seeing. But this year something new is coming to the screens. Marc Cain’s Fashion Show 2021 with the title “How Wonderful” is completely turned upside down. Fiction and reality meet to create something completely […]

Really fragrant! Gucci Floral Perfumes: Flora, Bloom and Guilty

Gucci Beauty not only offers make-up products in seventies-inspired packaging, but also absolute fragrance classics that have already brought compliments to generations of women. With a bunch of famous advertising faces like Lana del Rey, Harry Styles and Florence Welch. The latter has an intimate relationship with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, who also dressed […]

Saint Linh interview: Daily routine, big change in her life & plans for singing and TikTok career

Saint Linh is riding high with over 600,000 followers! But she didn’t plan it this way: a holiday fun with her brother eventually became her breakthrough on the popular social media platform TikTok. Within a very short time, her life changed to one she couldn’t have dreamed of before – her videos, which were once […]

Kiehl’s & Maïté Franchi: Christmas collection with limited design

A great gift idea for family, friends and colleagues, the limited collection of Maïté Franchi enchants every care lover who wants to do something good for their skin. Enchant your skin, improve your appearance and gives the optimal moisture. Kiehl’s Emergence : The old Kiehl Pharmacy stood in the middle of Manhattan, opening its doors […]

No 5, Mademoiselle & Gabrielle: sensual fragrance creations from the house of Chanel

Chanel N°5 is the star among perfumes, but what other great fragrance creations does Chanel have in its range? And what ingredients make the classic fragrance so popular and legendary? Which popular Hollywood beauties can you admire in Chanel’s commercials? We answer these and other questions in our article about the perfume creations of the […]

Itsbabyshelly_ Interview: TikTok, Friends & Co.

TikTok reaches more and more people every day. You can find all kinds of content on the platform and today we took a close look at TikToker Shelly (@itsbabyshelly_). She’s only 20 years old and has been dreaming of using her humor to make as many people laugh as possible every day. Today she tells […]

Long eyelashes mascara: This is how it’s done easily

Don’t you have exactly the eyelash curl you want? Especially with the stars and starlets in the beauty business, lashes always look so great, thick and long. Dark mascara lashes are usually exactly what is missing for the perfect finish of any make-up look. How you can achieve this at home, without having to invest […]

Full eyebrows thanks to Brow Lift, Microblading & Co.

Full eyebrows are the dream of many people, but unfortunately most of us do not grow the desired brows in a natural way and we have to help a little. With the various pens and pomades you can if you have the skills and the time the result herbeischminken what you long for. But not […]

Body care for the man: What belongs to it – nails, beard, teeth & Co.

Shampoo as an all-round weapon is no longer relevant. The man of today attaches at least as much importance to appearance and care as his female counterpart. The trained eye of the woman immediately recognizes whether a man invests time in his appearance or not. White teeth, a perfectly trimmed beard, delicate hands or plucked […]

Fashion Interview with Charlotte

Exclusive interview with the gorgeous Charlotte Pirroni: Fashion, beauty and self-confidence

Charlotte Pirroni is an incredible content creator, model and mother living in Marseille. Her atypical career path and her title of 2nd Dauphine of Miss France 2015 have enabled her to start a successful career as an influencer.  With more than 450K followers on Instagram, Charlotte never ceases to seduce French women with her kindness […]

Hermès Beauty: French perfume, lipsticks and make-up

Hermès – The brand that became famous for its leather goods, especially the iconic bags, can also be different. It’s Hermès perfumes that stand out from the crowd and make you stand out. Inspired by the label’s other accessories, the perfumes and lipsticks are not just the brand’s beauty range, but their own category of […]

Chanel Beauty: Perfume, Chanel No.5, Lipsticks & Eye Shadows

Chanel Beauty – The fashion brand Chanel has much more to offer than a classic high-end fashion brand. Besides clothes, shoes and bags, the luxury label shines with its beauty line. Whether it’s eyeshadow, powder or mascara – Chanel offers everything your beauty heart desires. Not to forget, the unmistakable perfumes that inspire with their […]

Exclusive Fashion Interview

Exclusive interview with the lovely influencer Justyna Czerniak – Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel & Copenhagen Fashion Week

Fashion Influencer – Justyna Czerniak is an incredible blogger, influencer and mother from Poland who is passionate about fashion. Her minimalistic, elegant and confident fashion looks allow Justyna to be part of the best street style from Copenhagen Fashion Week. FIV Magazine is delighted to present you an exclusive interview with Justyna Czerniak about fashion, […]

Laura Blair fashion interview

Exclusive Interview with Laura Blair from London about Fashion, Beauty & Travel

Wonderful and amazing women from London, Laura Blair is one of the incredible influencer to follow on Instagram. She is used to give precious tips and advices about beauty and to share outstanding outfits and fashion haul everyday. She works with a lot of  international fashion and beauty brands like Dior, Lancôme, L’Oréal, Guess, Marc […]

The most popular beauty YouTuber ever – income, subscribers and scandals

The most popular Beauty YouTuber of all time – From Jeffrey Star to Nikki Tutorials – who doesn’t know them? We have taken a closer look at the beauty community of the 21st century. Who actually tops the list as the most popular Beauty YouTuber? Why is there always so much drama in the glitter […]