Foodblogger in Germany: Instagram meets Healthy, Delicious Recipes!

Food blogging is trendy, there has never been so much presence on websites and social media channels. But how to choose the right blog from this mass? In the following list, we briefly present the top 13 food bloggers in Germany and provide an overview that will make it easier for you to find a food blog that really suits you.

Taste moments: The blog for traditional Austrian specialties

Maria-Treber-Strasse 13, 4600 Wels

Karin Stöttinger’s food blog deals with traditional Austrian specialities as well as international and exotic dishes. It is important to her that her recipes are easy to cook. Her blog is not meant to be a mere collection of recipes, but to evoke truly unique “taste moments”.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Bauerntüte – Order organic and regional food online

Maarweg 233, 50825 Cologne

The company not only offers the possibility to order organic and regional food online and have it delivered directly to your home, the Bauerntüte also has a food blog that regularly provides users with interesting information and trends, many different recipes as well as tips and tricks.

The idea came to the founder and managing director Manuel Perera back in 2012. In the meantime, the Bauerntüte has grown into a successful young company that conveys important values: Transparency, health, regionality as well as environmental and climate protection are the top priorities here.

Bake to the Roots – Cupcakes and sweet temptations

Kremmenerstr. 16, 10435 Berlin

This food blog was awarded the title “Best Baking Blog” at the “Food Blog Award”. Graphic designer Marc Kromer from Berlin developed his love for baking because of cupcakes during a visit to the USA. His ingredients are usually not too exotic, so you can start baking right away without any detours.

GeLeSi – travel and restaurant experiences from around the world

Am Mühlenfeld 14, 06188 Landsberg

GeLeSi is the food blog of Manuela Aust. Its content includes not only delicious recipes that are also suitable for the caravan kitchen, among other things, but also travel and restaurant experiences. She describes food blogging as her dream job, which started with her hobby of cooking and gradually became her personal recipe database, which she loves to share with others.

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Eat this – Blogger couple with a penchant for vegan dishes and recipes.

Heidenheimer Street 141, 89075 Ulm, Germany

Nadine and Jörg from “Eat this” are only available as a double pack. The blogger couple stands out for their exclusively vegan dishes and recipes. They are creative, but not too complicated. In addition, both are passionate about photography and have already published the book “Vegan kann jeder”.

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Freiknuspern – delicious cooking and baking recipes for allergy sufferers

Industriestrasse 26, 64569 Nauheim, Germany

Fabienne Sophie Engel has no desire to be restricted due to allergy-related asthma. She therefore makes it her mission to develop delicious cooking and baking recipes for allergy sufferers (lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, etc.) and to share them with those around her.

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Ina Is(s)t – personal and diverse recipe book

Schweinauer Str. 33, 90439 Nuremberg

Sabrina Speck aka Ina from Nuremberg sees her blog as a personal and diverse recipe book that she shares with others. She makes a point of ensuring that her cooking and baking recipes are both healthy and suitable for everyday use, and she tries to cook regionally and seasonally for the most part.

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The sea cooks – exotic culinary experiences

Lagerstrasse 32c, 20357 Hamburg

Cornelia Glenz loves to travel, especially the sea has aroused her interest. On her travels, she is always on the lookout for new culinary experiences. Since she loves sailing, her blog is characterized by practical recipes that are easy to implement on a sailboat. Tips on provision planning and storage are also helpful for hobby sailors.

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Flowers on my Plate – seasonal cuisine and attention to detail

Vordere Str. 80, 73266 Bissingen on the Teck

Dani and Michael are a pair of bloggers who excel at seasonal cooking and attention to detail. Their recipes are based on organic products, but can of course also be cooked with conventional food. Their blog mainly features vegetarian dishes, with the occasional vegan or fish dish.

Friedas Kitchen – Grandmother’s recipes with pimp-up

Anett’s blog is inspired by and named after her grandmother. You will find a wide variety of recipes on her website. From cooking to baking, from meat and fish to salads, cupcakes and other desserts. She always prepares her recipes with organic, regional and seasonal food.

The ultimate cooking blog – a little bit of everything

Holger Wenzl and Anna König aka Fritze and Fratze run the “ultimate cooking blog”. The two globetrotters have settled in Berlin and are currently mainly active on Instagram. Among their recipes you can find fish, meat, Asian, vegan, gluten-free and much more.

Cookionista – Foodmagazine with many tips & tricks

Bucher Straße 9b, 90419 Nuremberg

Cookionista is a kind of web magazine that also deals with food in an artistic way. You will find location tips, product and cookbook recommendations, recipes, kitchen tools and food columns.