Overnight-Oats: The Insider tip of Fitness bloggers

Have you ever wondered how you can lose weight without torturing yourself and starving yourself during the day? We have an opportunity for you that will sweeten you every morning! Almost all fitness and food bloggers swear by it and prepare a healthy breakfast every evening. You want to know how this works and what different ways he can make the Oats?

Overnight-Oats: Make the most important meal of the day with your favorite meal!

Healthy, Tasty and Varied

You are still a little skeptical and not sure if you want to do the work for the preparation? Before I describe to you how to get to breakfast, here are the advantages it brings to making your decision easier.

  • fast
  • promotes muscle growth
  • healthy
  • varied (various forms of preparation)
  • body is freed from toxins
  • saturates long

The preparation

In principle, the preparation is always the same. You take a milk, yoghurt or a mixture according to your taste and mix it with the oat flakes. It is important that the liquid is always added in double quantity compared to the oat flakes. At this point creativity is required. Most consumers of the popular breakfast like to add Chia seeds. What do you mean? The magic seeds provide energy, protein, are intestinal cleansing and have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. So if you want to lose weight, Chia seeds should always be at the start. Here I have selected a few preparation suggestions for you, so that you can make your basic recipe every morning varied.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

This tasty overnight oat has been refined with a spice that is especially hammering in winter: cinnamon! After you have mixed your oat flakes with milk and if you wish Chia seeds, you have to leave the glass to swell overnight in the fridge. The next morning most of the work is already prepared. From this moment on, not only creativity, but also your taste is in demand. There are innumerable different variations with what you can eat your Oat. If you like bananas, the next morning you can simply cut them into slices and mix them with your Oat. Hazelnut kernels, cinnamon and honey go well with this. Cinnamon is not only very tasty in combination with banana, you can also add other nuts or fruits, such as grapes, apples, mandarins, plums or raspberries.

What you need to prepare such a delicious overnight overnight, I’ll tell you. Apart from your Basic-Oat, you need apple pieces, pomegranate seeds, cinnamon and yoghurt. Since you don’t feel like cinnamon every day and that doesn’t fit everyone in every season, I have something completely different for you here. In this Sally shows three super simple and fast variants how to design your overnight out.

Lifestyle of food and fitness bloggers

Famous food and fitness bloggers present among the other beautifully prepared, healthy dishes, which they also always like to post overnight oats for breakfast. For example, the 26 year old Austrian Vallentinaballerina, who is also very committed to the topic of fitness.

And now someone comes along who everyone knows for sure. Sophia Thiel.  The 23-year-old bodybuilder and fitness blogger has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. It motivates an incredible number of people and exemplifies a healthy lifestyle. In this video she shows healthy breakfast variations, including an overnight overnight. If even Sophia Thiel feeds on this, it has to mean something.

What you imagine for an Overnight-Oat was not there and is not to be found otherwise on the Internet? Then let your creativity run wild and discover your own perfect variation. Who knows, maybe you can also convince others of your variant!