Tips for the fashion blog: Take better pictures with your phone

Fashion bloggers usually have a good eye for fashion and outfits, but the quality of the photos could still be improved. You don’t necessarily need a new expensive camera, because even with a smartphone you can take great pictures with the right tips, which you can find out here.

4 Tips for perfect camera shots with your mobile phone

The light

Light is one of the essential elements in photography, because excellent images depend largely on the right lighting conditions. There are different ways to make your photos more interesting in lighting with the simplest means. Use e.g. the so-called “Golden Hour”, also called “Blue Hour”. It means the last half hour before the sun goes down.

The Golden Hour lighting mood is particularly advantageous and much warmer for photographing people. You should also use a reflector, because this makes the illumination more uniform when taking pictures outdoors. The reflector can also change the lighting mood with a silver or gold surface. If you don’t have a reflector, you can use a blanket or white cardboard. It is also easier for you to have a helper with you to hold the reflector accordingly. Try shots with light in the back on the one hand and with backlight on the other.

Different poses

Especially for beginners who want to take better pictures with their smartphone for a fashion blog, there are a handful of nice tips for posing. For example, find a few poses from fashion magazines and let your model display them. Before there were so-called posing books, almost every photographer did it this way. Many photographers still do and read fashion blogs for inspiration.

Let your model wear different fashions, with different accessories and various poses. With other fashion blogs you can get inspiration for the poses, but you shouldn’t just recreate them, but add and change them. It’s always better to create something of your own.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Changes in outlook

With your smartphone you are as mobile as possible, so change your distance to the model, the perspective and the shooting angle every now and then. Slightly oblique shooting angles ensure appropriate dynamics in the images. In frontal shots the accessories look very good, but unfortunately they also often look like a photo from the catalogue. In the long run, these shots look very monotonous.

Therefore, the perspective often changes. Use little helpers like a ladder or a bench, so you can also take pictures from a discreet bird’s eye view. With the frog perspective, i.e. from far below, you have to be very careful, because the face can appear distorted so quickly. Meanwhile, there is also the possibility to buy a suitable lens for various smartphones. This makes your recordings even more unique.

The right locations

The right locations are also crucial for your pictures. For example, find a beautiful lake, a breathtaking botanical garden, a park or a wall sprayed with chic graffiti. An attractive location adds a lot to your pictures.

Smartphone – how to take pictures?

The latest mobile phone models offer direct editing programs for better photo quality. This video shows you how to take high-contrast photos easily. To make your camera focus on exactly what you want to shoot and have perfect symmetry, you just need to make a few settings in your phone. It is often tricked! Some apps help to give your picture a certain flair. Our editors recommend the VSCO Bearbeitungsapp. COOPH will explain more in less than four minutes.

Delicious! Photograph your food

On social media channels there are also food bloggers among the fashion bloggers and influencers. A very new way to test restaurants and present your food. This video shows you how to use the light correctly and how you can fake a little in the background of the picture without anyone noticing it.