Rent a photo studio in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg & Co. – Photography in a studio

Whether it’s a family shoot, a gift for a best friend or a professional fashion photographer – photo studios are in demand and always fun. Of course, such a studio must be perfectly equipped to ensure good results. The equipment plays an important role especially for the photographer! If he needs a good studio, he doesn’t really need to bring much, except the camera and the person or persons to be photographed. Be it portraits, still lifes or product photography, with the right equipment for camera and flash technique, you can make a nice photo spread with different backgrounds and the play of chatting and light.

Photostudios – The Best Locations

Who would not like to shoot in the best studios? Extraordinary locations, the best hotspots and the most beautiful daylight studios FIV has found out for you:

  • Photo studio Munich
  • Photo studio Berlin
  • Photo studio Düsseldorf
  • Photo studio Cologne
  • Photo studio Hamburg

Tip! Here you can find the best photographers in Germany & international.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

own photo studio: tips & tricks

In order to build your own photo studio, there are a few points you should consider.

  • Dimensions of the room: A good photo studio should give the customer / photographer, the opportunity to unfold. You need space for flash tripods, enough shooting space and room for all other materials.
  • Make-up & Changing room: Clients/ models need the space to style themselves. Here you can find even more tips in the area of outfits, clothing and accessories
  • Windows: Daylight photo studios are popular, because it looks natural on photos at the end and the play with shadows and light becomes more exciting.
  • flash system: Quality aspects are very important for good studios, this includes:
  1. Mechanical stability
  2. repeat accuracy
  3. colour stability
  4. Control range / How many f-stops are there?
  5. burn-up time
  6. recharge time
  7. Weight
  8. Service regarding spare parts of the brand

Video: Tutorials for Studio Photography

My photo studio – tips & tricks: How do I set up a photo studio?

This video explains which technology is needed and which products are good.

Furnish your photo studio at home – Good & cheap for beginners

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