Natural beauty – images without Photoshop and Make-UP

Natural beauty comes from within, promised life-helpers. That’s true, because it’s hidden under clothes, makeup and retouching with photo shop in the dazzling world of fashion photography. Honest photographers and courageous nude models prove that reality with its asymmetrical, physical flaws also has its very own beauty, namely that of the lived self.

Frank truth – true beauty as imperfect reality

The view in front of the mirror in the morning: No make-up, a few more pillow impressions on the cheek, the hair in all directions. The ritual of morning care turns this imperfect sight into what we expect of ourselves in just a few easy steps. The hairstyle sits, small wrinkles disappear behind creams and makeup, the swab of freshness comes from the blusher brush, generously powdered of course, especially for ladies.

It is simply unusual for many people to like themselves as much as it corresponds to the unvarnished truth. The foreign claim to flawless faces is imprinted in our self-image from childhood from an advantageous charisma. Photoexperiments now try to depict people in real and natural beauty instead of super-perfect through images without Photoshop and makeup. As it turns out, this is an unusual step for photographers and models alike.
After all, the models are not supposed to hide anything, cover it up, hide it behind light effects and fine cloths. The photographer works with nothing but the available light and shadow conditions and puts the model in a beautiful pose, of course, without later post-processing.

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wrong role models and self-criticism

In order to feel good in our skin, the media offer us distorted examples of physical perfection. Not only since Fotoshop and the digitalization in the TV we compare ourselves with that scale, which pretends us parallel worlds of completely symmetrical body proportions. We see ourselves in the mirror with that distorted look. Our own truth appears full of flaws, since the optical example of the Schiller worlds shows how flawless can be.

Of course, this standard leads to unjustified self-criticism. That there are millions of people who don’t have a cracking butt, no super breasts and no perfectly formed thighs, we either hide or bury the much simpler reality, because it is similar to us, in our subconscious.
It is therefore the task of honest photography to capture flaws in such a way that they reflect an honest image of our natural beauty. The fashion world will only like this to a limited extent. After all, it lives from the general striving for perfection. The fact that this is hardly achieved in reality, except through expensive cosmetic surgery or photographic lamination, is better left unlit according to their will.
Even the most famous stars of the world have days where they don’t put make-up on and the truth of their appearance comes to light. Here a short insight!

The photo shoot

Presenting yourself naked in front of a camera is like confession, especially for women. The reason for this feeling of shame is also based on the long tradition of laminating. To cover oneself with clothes meant early on to hide the body with all its peculiarities. Even the natural curves and irregularities were hidden under upholstery and frills. The ages of physical hiding have actually been overcome, suggesting media in generous representations.
Nevertheless, women (and meanwhile also men) are reluctant to do without makeup in order to appear more advantageous. Not to mention material that conceals life-related physical peculiarities in an opaque manner. But courageous photographers and courageous models show in honest photo series worth seeing how beautiful a body with its flaws can be. The right light, a winning smile and a beautiful posture form an artistic composition that is much closer to real life than any glossy shot in a photo shop editing.

Courage to natural beauty back to reality

The experience of appearing undressed and unvarnished in front of a camera describes photo models from such series as new, but also as liberating. Because after the new view of one’s own body, professionally shown by a photographer, it is easier to stand up for oneself and no longer follow the delusion of flawless beauty.
It is desirable that photography can transport more of its natural beauty unprocessed via the media.
After all, the fashion world does not need to fear its markets. The desire for perfection is deeply rooted in every human being. This is why photography without make-up and a photo shop remains an experiment with unembellished reality. She will not banish the desire for concealing and perfecting from people. Natural beauty does not have to measure up to the media standard of perfect body proportions. In photography, it only requires the courage of the models to be unvarnished and undressed and the professional eye of the photographer for a good light and the best pose. Even without post-processing, as such real images prove, every human body is beautiful in its very own way.
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