Interview: Photographer Vicky Baumann

The photographer Vicky Baumann has not gone the classical way of an apprenticeship but has acquired her skills as a photographer herself. Her self-confidence and ambition and especially the passion have made her successful. Vicky Baumann is always setting herself new tasks and expanding her spectrum. She is very diverse in her work, yet her core area is wedding portraits. Of course, fashion also plays a big role in the photographs, she wears what she likes from chic to casual-casual everything is there.

The interview

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Vicky Baumann has made it her mission to gain the trust of her clients and to be emphatic. Is it always nice for the fashion-conscious photographs to be part of a memory, which is captured for eternity because of her work.
We talked to Vicky Baumann. Her path to photography full of ups and downs can be found in our interview.

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