Carmen Rose: Interview with the fashion photographer – Journey & goals

Carmen Rose is an australien based fashion photographer. Specialising in fashion, advertising, beauty & editorial. The FIV Magazine did an interview with the fashion photographer, talking about her career, her development as a photographer and her further goals.

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Being a professional photographer – Inspiration, journey and private life

FIV: Tell us something about you. Being a photographer was it your biggest dream? If yes why?

Carmen: Yes I have always wanted to work in creating images I only dreamed about, I can’t even tell why that was, it was just something that made my heart sing.

FIV: What do you love about being a professional photographer?

Carmen: I love how much my job changes from day to day and I love working with such talented creatives.

FIV: When did you start working as a professional photographer?

Carmen: I started when I was studying Fine Art but it’s been a long journey from then.

FIV: And how did you discover your passion for photography?

Carmen: As soon as I picked up a camera when I was a young child.

FIV: Who inspired you and in which way?

Carmen: I have always been a fan of Tim Walker’s what a true artist he is and I have always loved Nicole Bentley’s work & Bill Henson. Totally different work but all have such amazing skills.

FIV: How would you describe yourself in 3 words, What would your friends say about you if they were asked?

Carmen: Hhhhmmmm that’s so hard! Lol. Ok I would say: driven, sensitive, connected. So I asked a friend to answer this for me and they said: funny, strong, caring.

FIV: In which way do you influence your private life? Do you still thinking about fashion, lifestyle and beauty when you’re at home?

Carmen: Yes I do, it influences every part of my life. I love living in a home that feels like me and my style.

Carmen Rose: Everyday life of a photographer – Career & goals

FIV: Carmen thank you for the sneak peek. What I really wanna know is, what you exactly do at work?

Carmen: Well I work for different fashion labels working on their campaigns, lookbooks, ecomm shoots for the coming seasons.

FIV: What is it really like to be a photographer?

Carmen: Its very busy, I work 7 days at the moment so you have to love your job because it becomes your whole life.

FIV: As we all know there is not only you in this photography business. There are a lot of competitor around the world. What do you think makes you special?

Carmen: I don’t know if there is anything that makes me so special but I really do care about my clients and doing the best job possible so I would say I work very hard for them maybe that’s it.

FIV: Is there something you want to show the world with your photography?

Carmen: I wouldn’t say it’s about showing the world for me it was always about creating images I am in love with my-self. Photography is such a great form of art there is so many ways you can take it.

FIV: Berlin becomes on of the fashion metropoles of the world. How important becomes Berlin compared to the other fashion metropoles like New York, London and Paris? And what do you think about the still of the german woman?

Carmen: Berlin is always known for great fashion, German woman are some of the most up and coming fashionable women in the world with a great point of different.

FIV: What is important for you to your work? What makes a good model or designer in your eyes?

Carmen: To always keep an open mind, it means you can always learn from your mistakes and keep getting better at your job. I love a model that can try new poses and really get into their job, willing to try anything to make the images work. Designers – I would say to think outside the box to push their ideas to create something unique to the market.

FIV: Did you study photography or how did you came to be in this business? What kind of characteristics would I need to be a good photographer?

Carmen: Yes I did study, but it was a long journey to where I am now, fashion is not easy to work in and has changed so much with technology over the years from the days when I studied it. I would say assisting a great photographer is the best way to learning.

FIV: When did you realize that you have made it and what is your greatest goal due your career untill now? Looking back on your career, is there something you’re very proud about? If yes what was it?

Carmen: Hhhhmmm my biggest goal was just to have the opportunity work only in fashion and not to have to do other types of photography. Which along the way people always told me it was too hard to do. I think I am proud of my journey as a whole because it’s on going…..always onto the next creative project.

Carmen Rose: Instagram
Carmen Rose: Website