Smartphone Photography: Interview with Christoph Engelberth from Pocket Photos

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Interview with the managing director Christoph Engelberth of the online magazine Pocket.Photos

For our blog we have found an interesting expert in the field of smartphone photography. Read through the expert’s orientation and who he is inspired by.

FIV: Please introduce your online magazine to our readers!

Christoph Engelberth: Hello, we at Pocket.Photos have made it our task to report on the constantly and rapidly growing market of smartphone photography. For me photography has long been one of my most popular hobbies, but unfortunately it was not possible to have a camera with me everywhere and at all times. In your pocket, too! With the advent of smartphones and the camera systems built into them, suddenly you had a camera with you everywhere and at all times, which also takes quite respectable photos. Since this market is constantly growing and compact cameras seem to be outstripping it, I thought it worth reporting about it.

FIV: What topics about smartphone photography are covered on your site?

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Christoph Engelberth: Not only new smartphone models with outstanding cameras are exposed here, but also accessories, apps and new technologies are reported. Beyond that there are also sometimes tips and tricks from the most different ranges.

Expert tips: Take pictures with smartphones

FIV: What photography tips can you give our readers?

Christoph Engelberth: My tip number 1 – which I like to recommend to people I catch – is: Never use the zoom unless you have one of the current few smartphones that actually have an optical zoom. OK, this could soon change with the advent of the iPhone 7 Plus. Instead of zooming in, try moving closer to the object. If this is not possible, the object will try to be better staged through other perspectives or other objects. Speaking of perspective… Smartphones are particularly suitable for taking pictures from unusual perspectives due to their design and size. For example, laid flat on the ground or from the air with the help of a Selfie Stick or similar, great shots succeed. More tips for smartphone photography we have collected in the link (see below) for you.

FIV: What is so special about your magazine, how do customers get added value?

Christoph Engelberth: We don’t just focus on one brand or manufacturer, but try to report extensively from the most diverse areas. It is also important to us not only to explain the news technically, but also to make it as understandable as possible for lay people.

FIV: What inspires you, who is a role model for you?

Christoph Engelberth: I don’t know if you can talk about a role model, but I’ve been reading the blog of Caschy (city of Bremerhaven) for quite some time now and I’m always very surprised about the topicality of the contributions and the time invested in them. It is not my intention to be able to keep up there, because was a purely private project and will probably always remain, which is mainly fed in my spare time as well as possible.

Photographically I look up at Pavel Kaplun and especially Erik Johansson, because I not only find the picture Out of the cam interesting, but also the digital postproduction on the PC and recently also on the tablet or smartphone. At this year’s Photokina Kaplun also talked a little bit about photography with or with the help of the smartphone, which I found very remarkable.

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We thank Christoph Engelberth from Pocket.Photos for the interview!