Tips for beautiful pictures with children – exposure, scenery & Co

Taking pictures of children can be like a long, unsuccessful hunt for the best opportunity. But it can also become a playful process in which the photographer anticipates and follows the child’s next actions if possible. The following tricks make it easier to take pictures with good pre-planning.

Tip 1: Always be ready

The best children’s photos are successful if the children don’t notice anything about taking them. As soon as a lens “captures” them, the shots become stiff, polite rather than natural. It is better to have a suitable camera always ready and rather take a few more random photos. These can be viewed and reworked later.

Tip 2: Observe the light

Children run towards or away from the sun, play under a cloudy meadow or jump to a door in front of a dark background at the moment they are released. It doesn’t matter! The photographer can observe his child and take advantage of such movements in the direction of light. But he can also accept that the movement in imperfect lighting results in a particularly natural photo. Kids photography means a lot of opportunities and later

Tip 3: To be instead of shine – no forced smiling

Children appear almost puppet-like in photographs in which they are visibly invited to smile. A natural laugh, a look at a discovery or even a thoughtful facial expression, however, seems much more beautiful, above all childlike free. The following also applies to the hits of these peculiarities: the photographer takes many photos from the stomach, i.e. whenever a scene looks optimal from a distance, and evaluates the photos later. With the memory cards of digital cameras, collecting photos and sorting them out later is no longer a problem.

Tip 4: Have your picture taken instead of always running after the perfect photo

Especially on excursions with other families or on children’s birthday parties, parents would like to “take home” the most beautiful children’s photos. But there are many other things to organize, and the shared attention would be avenged by less than optimal recordings. On such occasions, an outsider, perhaps a relative with camera experience, would do better to hold the camera. Perhaps he misses an opportunity that seems perfect to parents or grandparents. But because outsiders are more relaxed with scenarios, such random snapshots produce very beautiful, natural children’s shots.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Video tutorial: 10 tips on children’s photography

In this video by Tony & Chelsea Northrup, photographers themself, explains what you should consider during your first photo shoot. In these video tips you will learn a lot about the light situation and kids and their very own quirks. Have fun learning to take pictures!

Conclusion: Using the right moment and not forcing pictures with children

Taking pictures of children means first and foremost taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible for a shutter release. Afterwards, the images collected on the memory card can be sorted out at your leisure. Neither does the light have to be perfectly illuminated for children’s photos nor does the child have to smile into the camera like a angel. The aim of this type of photography is pure life in the most natural situations possible.

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Video Tutorial: Tips from a professional – taking pictures with a reflex camera

You want to photograph your grandchildren, children or siblings? The special thing about this video is that in less than four minutes you will learn how to use and take pictures with a reflex camera. An online photo course in a few minutes gives you a good contact and view into the world of photography.