Vacation at the Müritz: short trip, vacation & lake – travel tips

Holiday at the Müritz – You need a holiday and finally want to travel again? Then get out of your everyday life and go on a short holiday at the weekend with the family, the children or together as a couple. We give you 5 tips for a holiday at the Müritz. With them you can visit the sights, relax by the water or discover nature. With the help of maps, routes and a drone flight you can plan your holiday here.

Müritz: map, facts and view from above

Get an overview of the Müritz.

Müritz map: location in Germany

The Müritz is a lake and is located in the north of Germany.

The Müritz from close up. The Müritz is part of the mecklenburg lake district, which is the result of a merger of various lakes in the region.

The Müritz in 360° view.

Müritz facts: Cities, park and lake

At the Müritz you can go to the lake with friends or the dog, stroll through the old town with your partner or explore the national park with the family.

  • It is the largest lake that lies entirely in Germany.
  • Waren and Röbel are large tourist towns nearby.
  • Adjacent forests and wetlands are protected by the Müritz National Park.

View Müritz from above with the drone

Experience the Müritz from above! Watch the footage of the drone flying over Röbel and the Müritz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the video.

Checklist: 5 tips for your holiday at the Müritz

These 5 places in Müritz you must have seen!

Old Town Waren

Take a walk with your loved ones through the historic old town in Waren near Müritz.

Lake Müritz

Go to the Müritz with your family or friends. There you can swim in the largest lake in Germany. For maximum recreation, you can also relax on the beach or go fishing. If you catch a famous Müritz eel, you can prepare it in the traditional North German way.

Müritz National Park

You want to enjoy nature again? The Müritz National Park has a lot to offer you. The best way to enjoy the outdoor world is on a camping trip. Here you will find tips and, among other things, a weather map for camping at the Müritz. Go camping at the largest lake in Germany and have an unforgettable time with your friends or family.

Müritz Arm

Canoe across the river-like lake of a Müritz arm. Or take a stand-up paddling tour.

Mirow castle island

The castle island of Mirow is a must-see if you like historical city tours. At the Mirow lock, you can wave to the boaters as they float by. Or you can go to a boat rental and take a boat trip yourself.

Route planning: Experience the diversity of the Müritz

You have planned a little more time and want to have seen all sides of the Müritz once? We have put together a route for you from Röbel/Müritz via Gotthun, the Mecklenburger Großseeland to Waren in the old town. Have fun!

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