Holiday at the Alfsee: water ski, go-kart track and sauna- our tips

You want to go on holiday and are looking for a place where you can find everything your heart desires, from relaxation to games and sports? Then come to the Alfsee! In this leisure centre you can relax, whether alone, with a group or with the whole family. The reservoir in Lower Saxony offers everything you need for the perfect holiday. Read our tips for a successful day at the leisure and recreation centre at Alfsee here, see Alfsee on the maps and discover the leisure centre in exciting videos!

Alfsee: Action, adventure and relaxation

Play, fun and action-that’s Alfsee. You love to swim in the lake, to do water sports and to be in nature? Then Alfsee is the right place for you! The leisure centre on the eastern shore of the lake offers you everything you need to relax and have fun. Whether you prefer a holiday home, hotel or camping, the Alfsee offers you all possibilities. With its wide range of leisure activities, games and sports, the Alfsee is the perfect holiday destination for the whole family! But also alone or with your partner there is a lot to do. You will definitely not get bored here!

Lake Alfsee on the map: location in Germany

The Alfsee is located in the northwest of Lower Saxony.

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Surroundings: Location in Lower Saxony

The Alfsee from the proximity.

Three facts about the Alfsee

Here is a short overview of the Alfsee

  • The Alfsee is a large reservoir with many leisure facilities and an adventure park.
  • The lake actually serves as a flood retention basin for the surrounding villages
  • The Alfsee is a nature reserve

The Alfsee from above: Drone & 360° view

Get a bird’s eye view of the recreation center, the lake and the amusement park!

360° panorama

A beautiful view over the lake with anticipation of swimming, karting and nature!

Checklist: Alfsee Leisure and Recreation Centre

Take a look at a typical day at Alfsee here, which will immediately whet your appetite and also give you tips and offers for perfect relaxation!

Morning: Waking up at the lake

Already in the morning it starts adventurously. The first rays of sunlight shine through the window, you look around the room and feel like you’ve been transported back to another world. You wake up in one of the “Germanic houses” built in 2018, which captures the history of the Germanic tribes. Play and experience is the name of the game here, especially kids will love it! History and a rustic look not your thing? Are you travelling with your partner or without children and do you like comfort? No problem, because the resort also offers you the possibility to stay in beautiful hotels, holiday apartments/ houses or directly at the beach in a stylish bungalow. If you prefer to stay in your own four walls, you can of course also come with your camper, roof tent or converted van. You can find more tips on camping at Alfsee here!

Here you will find the location of the Germanenland, directly on the shore of the Alfsee!

Here is a glimpse of the beautiful overnight accommodation “Germanic houses”, which look wonderfully idyllic at sunrise. Here you are guaranteed to find relaxation!

In the morning: go-karting and maze

After breakfast you are ready for action and want a good dose of adrenaline? At the end of the area, right next to the parking spaces is the 600m long kart track. Go karting at a lake? No problem, because at the Alfsee that is also possible. As an alternative program for the next days, a visit to Germany’s largest round maze is a good idea. Will you find the right way? You can take a look at the maze in our introductory video at the top of the page.

Midday: Beach, swimming and surfing

The midday invites to water fun of all kinds. Whether sportsmen or relaxers, everyone gets their money’s worth here. You always wanted to try water skiing or wakeboarding? You can do that here at the Alfsee, too. With the help of modern cable cars you can glide over the water in the sun. The local surf school invites you to surf, kite surf and sail.

A white sandy beach is the highlight for the children, who can build super sand castles here after swimming and bathing. The adults can relax at the beach bar. Those who are still not exhausted after the water sports can really step on the gas in the aqua park.

Here is an insight into the wide range of water sports on offer at Alfsee.

Afternoon: bike ride and mini golf

The Alfsee is a true paradise for cycling enthusiasts. With children, e-bikes and co. here you can choose different routes, from easy to difficult. You can make a stop at the Alfsee mini golf course, where you can cool off with fresh drinks after a successful game. If the bike tour continues, you can explore the village of Rieste and the Osnabrücker Land. Our tip: E-bikes can be rented at the Alfsee reception. So you don’t have to worry about a bike rack for the car and you can go on holiday relaxed.

In the evening: Relaxing in the sauna

After a long day full of action and power, you can relax in the evening in the large sauna area at Alfsee. In addition to the tranquility of massages, wellness and cosmetic treatments, you can nap on a lounger in the sauna garden. If you still have energy, you can get your body in shape in the fitness studio. Afterwards you can do something good for your health in the salt cave and relax in the hot water bath.

Gain an insight into the wonderful sauna area at Alfsee here!

After a successful day at the Alfsee, you fall into your soft bed and look forward to the next day with even more adventures and action!

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