Fitness photo shooting: Preparation as a model – nutrition, tanning and training

In order for a fitness photo shoot to be perfect, precise preparation is very important. Experience has shown that it makes sense to think about the right diet, the strengthening of the important muscles and the precise reduction of body fat 2 to 3 months before the appointment. After that the models can fully concentrate on the training again.

Date and location for a fitness photo shoot

To make the photo shoot as perfect as possible, an early appointment and the location are recommended. This is also important to ensure surprises and unpleasant stress for the model. The date, time and duration of the shooting should already be specified during preparation. It should also be clarified where the images are to be taken. If the shooting does not take place in the photo studio or in the fitness center but outdoors, the photographer can start looking for a location such as an old industrial setting or factory building in good time. The temperature on the day of the shooting should also be taken into account, as this may have a negative effect on the model’s muscle pump and vasodilation. The photographer should also know the date and location in good time so that he can prepare himself for it and determine the price for the shooting.

Price models for fitness shootings

So that no dispute arises later, it is agreed in advance with the photographer in writing whether it is a pay shooting (the fitness model pays the costs) or a so-called TFP shooting (Time For Prints). At a TFP shooting neither the photographer nor the fitness model get money. The photographer provides his time and equipment and the model receives the photos taken without payment. This agreement is especially interesting for beginners and amateur photographers. Not to forget the duration of the shooting, which can be very strenuous and can last several hours. Sufficient drinks and food should be considered.

Experienced fitness models will select the photographer according to his experience, his professionalism and his references. Also important is a personal contact to the photographer to see if the chemistry between the two parties is right. Mutual sympathy is of great importance for a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere during the shooting. Professional photographers often work with assistants who also perform tasks such as masks or hair styling.

Fitness shooting – Behind the scenes

And as such a shooting looks like, you can look at Agota Domokos. In this short clip she shows the everyday life of a fitness shooting. Not only her facial expressions and gestures, but also her body tension and muscles are very much staged in the pictures.

Now it’s not just watching. You have it in your hands to maybe one day be present live at fitness shootings. In the following you will find further tips in the area of fitness training, nutrition and motivation.

We’re ready to go – the last preparations for the model

Once the above questions have been answered, the fitness model can fully concentrate on the physical preparation. The model may have been training for several years, but now it is important to be fit to the point. In the time before the shooting the training should be set to maximum fat burning. The diet is designed to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. During this time it is not so much a matter of building up muscles, but rather of working out the details of the muscles well.

To achieve a healthy skin tone, the model lies down on the tanning bed about 10 days before the appointment. Afterwards the artificial sun is no longer recommended, otherwise the skin turns red and the photographer has difficulties to compensate for this. Some use a tanning shower to compensate for shadows on certain parts of the body. About one or two days before the shooting, a full body shave is required, which should be done by another person if possible. To make the skin look smoother and younger, it is rubbed with oil immediately before the shooting. About 20 minutes before the first images, the warm-up for chest, shoulder and arms is performed.

Training, Training, Training – First class fitness program

You wonder how hard models train to get a perfect body? How did Giselle Bündchen, Gigi Hadid or Alessandra Ambrosio make it as one of the best Victoria Secret models? Kelsey and Michelle are testing the Viktoria Secret Models’ workout for a week. The training is not for weak nerves. Both are accompanied by a personal trainer and after seven days they come to a satisfactory result. Even after this short workout, changes in weight, build and well-being are noticeable.

Food Diary – Nutrition Tips & -tricks for your dream weight

To get the perfect body as a model, you don’t have to do without everything. In the area of nutrition, many professionals offer tips and recipes that will bring you closer to your dream weight. To stay happy and motivated, you need to develop a plan to combine exercise, nutrition and motivation. Anne understands you and explains to you in a short video clip how to proceed. Even as a beginner in this industry and as a desire to become a model, you should stick to these plans to achieve your goals healthily.

Conclusion: Preparations in terms of nutrition, training and location are the A & O of a fitness shooting

Without proper preparation, a fitness photo shoot cannot succeed. Sometimes the fitness coach can help with a sophisticated nutrition and training plan, often an athlete knows after years of experience how to prepare himself individually for the recordings. After that, nothing stands in the way of a perfect photo shoot.