Adorable_caro interview: About the everyday life of a content creator & Ninety-9

Adorable_caro interview – Caro is a content creator on Instagram and TikTok. On her social media channels she takes you into her everyday life, where it’s all about lifestyle, fashion, sports, travel and especially aesthetic content. Fashion in particular is Caro’s passion. Therefore, she shares fashion inspo and hauls with her community. From this passion she found her vocation, because together with her father she founded the fashion brand Ninety-9, where you can buy accessories, swimwear, loungewear and also evening wear.

Everyday life as a content creator

In this interview Caro talks to us about the foundation of her own brand Ninety-9, which she built up together with her father. Among other things, she tells us about her personal favorite piece of her own brand and her personal biggest success in her social media career. Bags are Caro’s hobby, so to speak, so we asked her which bag is still missing in her collection. She also tells us what her everyday life is like in general. Because with social media, Ninety-9, her podcast with Sonny Loops and many other projects, her everyday life is full. How she manages all that and gets it under one hat, she reveals here in this interview.

Caro’s own brand: Ninety-9

FIV: Hello dear Caro, how nice that it worked out with the interview today! Let’s start with the first question. Two years ago you founded your own brand Ninety-9 with your father. Would you like to tell us about your experience of starting your own business at such a young age?

Caro: It’s still a challenge every day. I couldn’t have done it all without my father. It’s important and great to have someone at your side who already has experience when it comes to starting a business. Every day there are different tasks and hurdles that come up and that we have to overcome and master together. Together, we can always look for a suitable solution and then implement it accordingly.


Caro’s favorites from Ninety-9: Bikinis

FIV: It’s always good when you’re not alone in such situations. What is your personal favorite Ninety-9 piece?

Caro: Definitely our bikinis and something that is now launching: our signature tops and dresses with super soft fabric and very everyday cuts.

Every day is always different

FIV: Besides your brand, you have many projects going on at the same time like social media, your podcast with Sonny Loops and a lot more. So you always have a lot going on, what does a typical day look like for you?

Caro: I get up at just before 7 and get ready for sports at 8. After that I go home again, shower and get ready for the day and then the first daily call starts. Then I go out with Skei and feed her afterwards. I make my to do lists every day and look at what’s coming up for the day, like collaborations, YouTube videos or TikToks and whether I’m working from home or going to the office. I then work through this list throughout the day. But you can say that every day is actually always different. In the evening, I like to end the day with my boyfriend on the couch, we order food or cook something and watch a series.

Own discipline: To Do lists & goals

FIV: Many projects require a lot of discipline. Do you have any tips for our readers on how to increase their own discipline?

Caro: Create to-do lists and set realistic goals. Because when you have achieved this goal, even if it is only a small thing or an intermediate goal, this triggers happiness hormones and motivates for the next day and the next goal. You can also write yourself little notes with reminders for everyday life and hang them up in the bathroom, for example, and regularly remind yourself of this positive energy.


Pussy talk together with Sonny Loops

FIV: As mentioned before, you have your podcast together with Sonny Loops and since you just have so many projects, we would be interested to know what inspired you to record your own podcast back then?

Caro: I wanted to do a podcast for quite a long time before Pussytalk, but I never really knew how to start and was pretty busy with other projects at the same time. Then Sonny approached me with the idea of a joint podcast and that’s how the whole thing came about. We can share the work so well.

Louis Vuitton Vintage Bag

FIV: You recently bought a new dream bag from Hermès. Is there another bag you’re dying to get at some point?

Caro: I am currently super happy with my bag collection. On my list is still a Louis Vuitton vintage bag, because I also like to buy very second hand. Here I am already longer on the search, because the model is no longer produced and the price and the condition should of course also fit.

Caro’s greatest success: Ninety-9

FIV: For you personally, what has been your biggest success in your social media career so far?

Caro: The biggest success was, among other things, Ninety9 and that I was able to make this project big together with my dad or launch it at all. Another milestone and dream was the invitation from Dior to the South of France.

Photo: Daniel Graf

“Trust your inner voice”

FIV: If you could meet your former self, what would you want to say to yourself?

Caro: Always listen to your gut feeling and trust your inner voice. You know the right way and should follow it.

Future Projects: Sneak Peaks

FIV: Do you have any projects coming up maybe and you could give our readers a little sneak peak exclusively?

Caro: There are still some new projects coming up and one of them doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with social media. It’s going into other areas as well. I hope I can tell you more soon!

FIV: Thank you very much for your time and the great interview. I wish you a lot of success on your way!


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