Marie Luise in interview: Turf power sports, pressure and dreams

Marie Luise in an interview – Marie provides her 360,000 followers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube with workouts, recipes, coaching and motivation every day. On Youtube, she takes you through her everyday life in vlogs, shows you how she prepares for her vacation and much more. She is a real sports fan and loves challenges.

Hammer throw to gym with bowls

In this interview, Marie takes us inside her everyday sporting life. She talked to us about her big dreams, her athletic life and how she deals with pressure. She also shares with us tips for motivation and lack of drive to give your best in sports with full energy. Marie has been a sporty person since a young age. From sports acrobatics to hip-hop, working out at the gym to lawn sports, she’s played almost every sport. But she also occasionally watches from the sidelines and cheers on her boyfriend at soccer games. How she manages to keep it all under one hat, she reveals to us here in this interview.

Marie’s favorite sports

FIV: Hello dear Marie, I’m glad that it worked out with the interview today. On your social media channels you provide your community with workouts, recipes, coaching and much more. So you’re super athletic and do different sports to go with it, which one do you personally like the most and why?

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Marie: I like the hammer throw best, because in this discipline all muscles are strained and I love the adrenaline in the rotation. However, it’s not always as easy as it looks, especially the technique is very demanding and often presents me with challenges. But it’s these challenges that I love, when I go beyond my limits. It gives you more confidence and self-confidence.

FIV: That sounds very exciting. On your social media channels, you can also be seen training from the hammer throw every now and then. Are there any other sports you’ve always wanted to try and why?

Marie: Since I used to do sports acrobatics and hiphop, I wanted to try cheerleading when I was 14. I love this team feeling, the motivation and the fun that the cheerleaders radiate. I also find it impressive what tricks they present on stage. My biggest wish was to do somersault and flick flack, which I couldn’t do in acrobatics because I didn’t have enough coaches. But as they say, “Never say never!”

Photo: Marvin Schönfelder

Sports: The most important thing is fun

FIV: Besides social media, coaching and your e-book, you also do lawn sports and other sports. That’s all very time-consuming, of course. How do you reconcile everything?

Marie: I have asked myself this question before. I simply believe that it is all a matter of organization and planning. Besides school, I had already been doing athletics for over 10 years and social media, as well as online coaching came along. It had all become integrated into my daily routine/routine so I didn’t give much thought to getting it all under control. I’ve always told myself that as long as school doesn’t take a back seat and my hobbies are still fun, I’ll keep doing everything the way I’ve been doing it. When I graduated from high school in 2021, I was especially proud of myself for how I handled it all. These things give my life meaning; if one thing were to go away, something would be missing. I would not be a complete person.

Tips for motivation to do sports

FIV: That’s nice how you have mastered everything. However, sport involves motivation on the one hand and discipline on the other, which you naturally need for your everyday life. Where does your personal enthusiasm and motivation to do sports almost every day come from?

Marie: Since I grew up in a family that was very active in sports, exercise was always something positive. There are rarely days when I can’t motivate myself. When I do sports, I can turn off my mind and let off steam. I think sports unite people! Whenever I go to the gym to work out, I get to talk to them, and that’s how spontaneous friendships can develop. Basically, my motivation technique is pretty simple. I like to watch fitness videos from other influencers and I also pretty much only follow people on Instagram who all enjoy doing sports. When I watch them doing sports, their positive energy transfers to me and I automatically feel like doing sports.

Marie also watches from the side

FIV: Those are also great tips for your community! But if you do find yourself sitting back and cheering for others, are there other sports you’re passionate about and what are they?

Marie: I find pretty much every sport interesting. Because my boyfriend is a soccer player, I got excited about soccer and love cheering him on. I also find apparatus gymnastics impressive, because you need a lot of body tension and flexibility for it.

FIV: You’re also regularly seen at the gym, care to share what your three favorite gym exercises are?

Marie: My three favorite exercises are deadlift, hip thrust and leg press (oblique).

Photo: Marvin Schönfelder

FIV: To turn off your head and train sensibly, music is simply essential, what music can you not train without?

Marie: Often songs with a remix or mashup give me the push or energy I need.

Pressure? A matter of mindset and planning

FIV: As we’ve already discussed, you share a lot of workouts, recipes and sports content on social media. Are you sometimes under pressure to do this and how do you deal with it?

Marie: You only put the pressure on yourself. I try to stay calm and relaxed. On the weekend I plan everything roughly in advance and so I have no pressure or stress to post something at the last minute. When my community shares the workouts and recipes afterwards, it makes me proud and gives me the necessary energy boost to never stop and always keep going, even if it might get a little stressful. That’s normal and part of it.

FIV: Through your coaching you motivate many people, what is your recipe against listlessness?

Marie: A change is often difficult, but if you yourself perceive that certain routines, such as sports in everyday life have a positive effect, then it will always be easier. I also try to strengthen my community mutually, through reposts and reminders that today is a new day and therefore a new chance to change something. I always give my promise that after you overcome you will feel better.

Photo: Marvin Schönfelder

FIV: Finally, I would be very interested to know if there is another dream of yours that you would like to fulfill?

Marie: A dream of mine would be to work full time with online coaching after I graduate. I love to work flexibly and independently. I love motivating other people to achieve their goals. I can very well imagine that this could become my dream job. If this doesn’t work out, I want to open my own gym with a bowl bar together with my boyfriend. You can work out and afterwards order healthy meals (salad bowls, smoothie bowls,…) including nutritional values.

FIV: That sounds exciting! Thank you for the great interview and we wish you all the best on your way and maybe there will be a gym with a bowl bar soon!