Golf only for snobs? Not so: KacyKatharina in a golf interview

Golf – a sport for snobs? A definite “no” according to golf influencer Katharina Kandel. She wants to convince young people in particular of the sport and dispel the ubiquitous cliché once and for all.

Golf experiences, tips for beginners & personal goals

In the interview, Katharina tells us how she developed from a driving service at her father’s charity golf cup into a passionate golfer, about her little lucky charm “Bäratrix” and how nice it is to build up a network with like-minded people on the course. Katharina gives us exciting tips for beginners, tells us about her best golf course experiences so far and gives us a glimpse into her future and what personal goals she has set for herself as a passionate sportswoman.

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FIV: Maybe you can introduce yourself very briefly in advance so that our readers can get an impression of you. Who are you and what makes your channel?

Katharina: Hi, my name is Katharina Kandel, on social media kacykatharina and I am a native of Munich. On my channel I actually post everything I do from my four-legged friend Picasso, my everyday life, skiing, tennis to lifestyle topics, but most of all golf of course. I think my followers like it that I am authentic and do not pretend. But you’d have to ask my community.

First experience at the golf tournament

FIV: Tell me – How old were you when you first picked up a racket and who introduced you to the sport?

Katharina: I had a golf club in my hand once when I was 16 and had a pro lesson. Since all my friends were doing other sports, I put the club back in the corner. My father organizes a charity golf cup in Velbert every 2 years. I was always assigned to drive the guests back and forth, because I didn’t have a golf license and couldn’t play.

The participants always had “a riesen Gaudi” during the golf round and also after the golf they talked about their golf game and I could not join in. That’s when I decided to get my license so that I could play. So I made the Platzreife and then played the Golf Cup for the first time in 2018. That was my first tournament, but not by default, thank God! That’s how I came to golf and to my passion.

FIV: How nice! I see you always have a little companion with you on the course. Would you like to tell us what the little teddy bear lady is all about?

Always with you: Little lucky charm

Katharina: Now I thought you meant my little dog Picasso, because he is also often on the golf course. He looks like a teddy bear, but he’s not a lady. When I really started playing golf tournaments in 2020, I thought I would definitely need a lucky charm that could accompany me wherever I went.

So I came across the teddy bear lady on the Internet. With a golf friend I then went a round of golf and we came up with the name “Bäratrix”. Bäratrix now accompanies me everywhere and I can’t imagine playing without her. I don’t play without her.

Build a network: Friends on the golf course

FIV: It’s always nice to have a loyal companion who brings you luck and comfort when needed. Now I would be interested to know how important the social element of golf is for you and what role it plays for you to build up a network within the sport? After all, that’s what the sport is known for!

Katharina: Golf is one of the few sports, or even the only sport, where you can talk and have fun with your fellow players during the game. You get to know a lot of different people from all kinds of backgrounds and exchange ideas. In this day and age, it’s incredibly important to expand your network, whether it’s inside or outside of the sport. For me, however, the game of golf comes first; building up the network is a great side effect.

FIV: Are you friends with your fellow golfers off the course?

Katharina: I have met many great people while golfing and have become friends for life. It’s nice when you have the same passion and can share it with each other in your free time out in the fresh air. So a clear yes!

Getting started in golf: tips for beginners

FIV: For those who want to try golf now – what would you recommend to beginners, how can they best get started in the sport especially if they don’t know anyone yet?

Katharina: The first thing I would do is look for a golf course near me on the Internet and take a trial course there to see if it’s a sport for me. There you get to know many like-minded people and have the first step in the door. After that, there are courses and you come into contact with more and more people.

I think that golf is one of the most difficult sports. But with good physical and mental training and the necessary passion, golf becomes the most beautiful sport in the world.

Cliché: Golf only for snobs?

FIV: The youth plays soccer, field hockey or dances – What do you think about the statement that golf is not a real sport and only something for snobs?

Katharina: I have to confess that I also played ice hockey and tennis and rode horses when I was young. Now I regret it, because I would have liked to have taken up golf when I was young. Oh, I hear that all the time. Why do you play golf? That’s for older people, isn’t it? Golf isn’t a real sport, they’re all out of touch.

I definitely have to disagree with this biased opinion. I also want to encourage young people to play golf through my outreach, because it’s anything but not a real sport or just something for snobs.

Golf: One of the most difficult sports

I’ll go even further, it’s one of the most difficult sports there is. Of course, it’s not a sweaty sport like tennis, field hockey or soccer, and your pulse doesn’t go to 200 in a few seconds unless you miss the ball for the 10th time. But I can assure you that after 18 holes you are physically and mentally exhausted. Beginners who go for an 18 hole round for the first time notice muscles the next day that they didn’t even know they had.

As for the statement “is only something for snobs” is also not true. Of course, there are always some snobs, but I think there are in every sport.

Golf has become more and more attractive since the Tiger Woods era. I have the feeling that more and more people who used to condemn golf are now taking it up because they realize that it’s a cool sport.

Importance of the golf course: the most beautiful places

FIV: Well, let’s hope that this false image will change in the future! How important is the choice of golf course to you and what factors influence your decision?

Katharina: Phew, that’s a difficult question. Because every golf course has something special and one is more difficult or easier to play. My decision doesn’t depend on that. I prefer to play on golf courses that have a beautiful panorama and are located in a rural area, whether by the sea, in the mountains or in the foothills of the Alps. My favorite course is my home club Maxlrain.

FIV: What has been one of the most beautiful golf courses you have played so far?

Katharina: The two most beautiful were The Bay Golf Course in Costa Navarino and Club de Golf Alcanada in Mallorca. Whereas, as I said, there are so many great golf courses in Europe and especially around Munich.

Sporty! Katharina keeps fit

FIV: Is golf enough for you as a sport or do you think it’s important to do other activities like jogging to balance things out?

Katharina: It’s very important to do compensatory sports for golf, because it’s already very one-sided. It is best to go to the gym to train and strengthen all muscle groups, especially the back. Cardio training, such as jogging or cycling, is very important for general fitness but also for the cardiovascular system. I balance my workouts with strength training, cardio and tennis. In winter I like to go ski touring or skiing, which keeps me fit.

Important skills and the right choice of outfit

FIV: Are there certain skills that you should definitely bring to the golf course?

Katharina: Coordination, feeling for the ball, desire to run, patience, concentration I think would be an advantage in the beginning.

FIV: Is the outfit choice in golf important for you to fully immerse yourself in your role or are there certain dress codes?

Katharina: For me, the choice of outfit is important. Above all, the outfit should be comfortable, not pinch anywhere, and of course look sporty and pretty. You also have to pay attention to the dress code. It has become much looser nowadays, but a NoGo are jeans and muscle shirts for men. Polos, cloth pants, shorts, skirts, hoodies, dresses and sleeveless tops for ladies (not cut out) etc. are allowed.

Looking to the future: Katharina’s personal goals

FIV: Would you tell me if you have any specific goals you would like to achieve in golf in the coming years?

Katharina: Of course I’ll tell you. I have set myself the goal of getting under HCP 20 and aiming for 15. With a lot of physical and mental training and discipline, I hope it’s doable. I will keep you informed.

FIV: Thank you very much for your time and the interesting insights into the world of golf!

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