Get out of your comfort zone: healthy cooking & more motivation for sports! René in interview

René is a fitness trainer and nutritionist who produces nutritional content for Instagram. He regularly posts elaborately filmed reels with a wide variety of healthy and delicious recipes. From pasta, vegetables, meat, to rice, there’s something for everyone here. A quick cooked recipe or rather Mealprep? René never runs out of ideas.

Diverse content: cooking, fitness, motivation & tips

In this interview, René tells us why fitness and healthy eating are so important in his life, what his motivation is for producing Instagram content, and how he gets inspired for new recipes. He shares his thoughts on the importance of a strong mindset when achieving fitness goals and shares his best tips for beginners.

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Sport as a balance: life as a fitness lover

FIV: You are a fitness trainer and nutritionist. Why is sport and a healthy diet indispensable in life for you personally?

René: Sports have always shaped my life. I’m grateful that my parents made it possible for me to take part in club sports at an early age. I had to find my way around a bit and try things out. But they supported me in every activity and that’s how I ended up playing handball for almost 25 years now.

With 16/17 the fitness training came along and is since then also a fixed part of my life.

Sport has become a kind of balance where I can forget everything else. I always feel better after a good session.

Experience through proper nutrition

FIV: What motivated you to produce nutrition content for Instagram alongside your job? Why and how did you start?

René: Unfortunately, I injured my shoulder a bit more severely when I was 22/23 and had to put my “handball career” on the back burner. During the time of rehab, the thought arose in me to want to know more about my body and my health. This urge for further education has not gone away.

In the meantime, I am completely free of complaints and, thanks to my optimized diet, I am more powerful than ever. I would like to pass this knowledge on to young people, so that they are one step ahead of my old self. I would have wished for something like that.

Also, cooking is a huge hobby of mine and I believe that everyone has the time to cook simple and quick things healthy. I would like to exemplify that.

Produce content: elaborate reels

FIV: Your content consists exclusively of reels. How long does it take you to plan, create and edit a new video?

René: It varies… Depending on the effort, I can be through with everything within an hour, but it can also take up to two and a half hours.
Whereas I don’t see it that way, because the food that is cooked is then always my food for the day … and well, I have to cook anyway.

Spontaneous cooking or planned meals?

FIV: You must have lots of ideas in your head. Do you always plan your meals for the week or do you spontaneously cook whatever comes to mind?

René: That also varies. Overall, everything is very orderly and regulated, but sometimes it comes from now and then that I feel like “this one” creation.

FIV: Your recipes are very creative and versatile. How do you find inspiration for new recipes?

René: That’s a good question… I’m always looking for new recipes that I don’t know yet. When I find something, I mix it with my preferences and often great things come out of it.

Right on trend: Mealprep

FIV: Mealprep is a very trendy topic right now. What are your top 3 meal prep recipes?

René: Mealprep is so important, otherwise I would probably not survive the very long days so well. However, I do not have a top 3, but a compilation:

  • A rather unprocessed source of carbohydrates
  • Protein source
  • Vegetables (for the vitamins)

This must be in, then it always works!

Motivation for a healthy diet

FIV: In your coaching, you help people achieve their goals. How can you encourage people to get excited about healthy eating?

René: We only have one life. In this life, everyone should be as happy and free of complaints as possible. Unfortunately, many unhealthy lifestyles only take revenge in the later part of life and I would like to prevent that, or make it clear to people. Nobody has to walk around with a washboard stomach, but a healthy life should be the claim of each of us.

Get out of the comfort zone!

FIV: How important is a consolidated mindset to achieve one’s goals (e.g. getting fitter/healthier or losing weight)?

René: Mindset is also such a “newfangled” term. You could also call it discipline. It’s like everywhere…

If you want to succeed and chase a goal, you need some discipline or a solid mindset to stay on the ball. We are usually moving outside of our comfort zone and a certain amount of stamina is needed.

The way to the beach figure

FIV: Many dream of a trained beach figure. If I just start now, can I still reach my goal this summer?

René: Hehe, I have to be completely honest. Even the best exercises won’t help you there. The time to start is always … and I guarantee you, if you start now, you’ll be a long way better than you are now. Train properly and consistently. Take care of your diet so that your body and muscles have all the nutrients they need… and the rest is patience and perseverance.

New routines lead to your goal

FIV: Many are still beginners when it comes to nutrition. What are the most common mistakes beginners make and how can you help them avoid them?

René: The biggest are crash diets or any diet pills / shakes. Because usually, after the completed diet, you fall back into his old eating behavior and the kilos come up again. A tip, try to integrate more vegetables. In addition, sweets and junk food consciously enjoy. And in this way, always create new routines that bring you step by step to the goal.

FIV: Thank you René for this exciting interview! We wish you continued success on your way.

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