Cherry Smoothie Recipes: Banana, peach, apple – 5 tips

Cherry Smoothie Recipes – Sweet and bright red, cherries taste especially good with almonds, banana, blackberries, raspberries, apple, mango, green tea, sweetened lime juice and even kefir. This is a Russian drink made with milk. Cherries contain vitamins A, B and C, as well as magnesium for muscles and calcium for bones and teeth. Getting hungry? Then get in the kitchen right away and try these delicious recipes with the best ingredients.

Easy start: Frozen ingredients

Here you will find a quick and easy recipe for a cool cherry smoothie with frozen fruit. As a topping you can also link delicious blackberries and raspberries.

Pink Lady: Cherry, Apple, Almond & Kefir

Maybe you know the very red or almost pink Pink Lady apples? Here you will find a great recipe to mix a refreshing smoothie with them. In addition, there is a Russian dairy product that is almost reminiscent of yogurt – kefir.

KiBa Smooothie: Cherry & Banana

The combination KiBa – short for: Cherry and Banana – is very popular both as a juice and as ice cream. Now you can find a great smoothie recipe here. As a little extra for the right sweetness, even some cocoa powder is added.

Cherries with lime & peach

Citrus fruits, like the green limes, give the right freshness kick especially in summer. As an extra highlight, juicy peaches are added.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Tropical Mango & Green Tea

This recipe mixes the delicious cherry with fresh mango. And it looks super great too! The two-tone smoothie is a real head-turner at any celebration with friends and family. As a healthy extra bonus, green tea is blended in. Honey is added for just the right amount of sweetness. Try out this delicious recipe right now.

Cherry & ? – 5 tips for the ingredients

To make sure your smoothies are a success no matter what, you can follow these five ingredients.






More Smoothie Recipes

You’ve got a taste for it and want to try out more delicious smoothies? To make it quick, we have collected the best smoothie recipes for you here, for the most popular types of fruit in Germany. Also our special: green smoothies made from vegetables.