Healthy eating: Smoothies & Bowls for the home

Summer is here and the temperatures are rising! It’s the perfect time of year to start buying fresh fruits and vegetables again and pay attention to your diet. If you don’t have the time or inclination to cook, you don’t have to miss out on vitamins and minerals! The trend of smoothies and bowls is not only delicious, but it’s also an absolute stunner! While Instagram and Pinterest are already full of pictures of such bowls and smoothies, more and more brands are also offering these delicious and healthy drinks and meals. FIV Magazine got to know Wholey and interviewed the start up for vegan shakes and smoothie bowls!

Healthy nutrition with smoothies & bowls

FIV: The trend of healthy eating with smoothies and bowls for everyday is on the rise among young people. What is Wholey and how does Wholey work?

We are a young Berlin start-up offering ready-to-blend smoothies, vegan shakes and smoothie bowls. Our products are made from all-natural organic ingredients, are flash-frozen for the best vitamin and nutrient content and can be prepared at home in the blender in no time. Wholey is a healthy in-between snack and an Instagrammable Bali breakfast from your own freezer.

Vegan Bowls & Ingredients

FIV: People often talk about healthy smoothies in a variety of colors and sometimes even vegan. What are the ingredients of Wholey products?

It is important to us that all our products are made from organic and Demeter quality ingredients, as they not only have a higher content of plants’ own protective substances and therefore more nutrients, but are grown completely without chemical pollution. In addition, our fruits are picked at the highest level of ripeness – that is, enriched with the most vitamins – and then directly shock-frozen. In addition to fruits and various vegetables, such as cauliflower or zucchini, we also use selected superfoods (e.g. açaí, spirulina and maca), as well as nuts and herbs. This not only makes our products taste interesting and balanced, but also provides a wide range of important minerals and nutrients.

FIV: Your smoothies are frozen, why? And what are supercubes? And ready-to-blend smoothies?

Ready-to-blend means that our products are pre-portioned, so all you need is a little water and a blender to make our delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls. Our products are easily stored in the freezer and offer a shelf life of up to 9 months, so you can always have a healthy snack on hand without having to do a lot of shopping or fruit chopping. As mentioned earlier, our flash frozen ingredients have even more vitamins than commercially available fruit – the only thing fresher is freshly picked!

Our Supercubes are handmade in our Berlin factory and contain superfoods, coconut puree or acai puree and give the different varieties an extra taste and energy boost.

Start-Up: Wholey Concept & Experience

FIV: You are former competitive athletes who, with your experience, decided to create Wholey. How did the idea come about and how did you decide on your products? Since 2016 you have been producing smoothies and since February 2020 there are also bowls. How is the whole concept developing, how are your customers reacting to it?

The idea for our smoothies came to us because we ourselves were often faced with the problem of eating healthy and balanced with our busy schedules. Often we simply don’t have the time to stand in the kitchen for a long time and cook ahead or prepare fresh meals. Smoothies and shakes were therefore often our first choice when we were on the go or had a lot to do. However, many ready-made products on the market have a high sugar content due to the addition of juices or are heated for a long time – and therefore lack good vitamins. We wanted to do better!

In addition to our Smoothies & Shakes, since the beginning of the year there are also our Smoothies Bowls – for all those who prefer to spoon instead of drink! This was a logical extension of the range, also because we often already prepared our smoothies as bowls ourselves. Our customers especially love the super exciting Ocean Bowl with blue spirulina. You will also soon discover something new from Wholey away from the frozen food counter. Be curious.

FIV: There are now several brands on the market that produce smoothies. What makes Wholey stand out? Why should people try your products and subscribe?

Well, our products are simply tastier and better, that’s for sure. No, but compared to many other ready-made smoothies, our products really have more to offer! The fact that we only use organic fruit and vegetables alone makes us stand out from the crowd. And thanks to our variety of flavours, we have something for every taste: from the healthy green smoothie (The Real Green), to the slightly spicy variant (Ginger Ninja) or the berry variants such as Ban & Berries, to our vegan shakes such as the Choc Norris, which is particularly popular with children.

FIV: Some eat their bowl comfortably at home, others prefer to take a smoothie to go. How long does it take to prepare a smoothie and what should you bear in mind?

Depending on the blender power, our smoothies can be prepared within 45 to 90 seconds. The bowl also takes about the same amount of time. However, there are different preferences when it comes to the perfect consistency of a smoothie bowl: Some like it a little firmer and creamier, others a little more liquid. Those who prefer it more liquid should mix the bowl a little longer and also prepare it with more liquid. Everyone can be creative with the toppings. From berries to granola, nut puree and superfoods, there are no limits.

FIV: 4 reasons why you should test Wholey:

  • Our bowls are the perfect start to the day!
  • You get the full load of vitamins & nutrients and it tastes delicious too.
  • You can’t make a smoothie any faster or easier than this.
  • Our products will definitely boost your Instagram game – we promise!

Sustainability in food

FIV: The topic of sustainability is playing an important role for more and more people. How can people pay attention to this with your products?

At Wholey, we take the topic of sustainability very seriously and have recently added someone to our team who specializes in this very area and is picking apart every nook and cranny of our company. We are currently working hard on the issue and actively trying to get better and better at this. The holistic Wholey approach of a vegan diet based on organic products is already playing a big role and our packaging is also becoming more sustainable. Our bowl cartons can be disposed of directly in the waste paper bin and are completely recyclable, our insulation is made of straw and can therefore be disposed of in the organic bin, and for our smoothies we will soon switch to an even better solution.

We thank Wholey for the interview and can’t wait to test the bowls!