Berry smoothies: blueberry, raspberry & co. – the freshness kick in everyday life

Berry Smoothies- Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries & Co. These little fruits often sweeten our day! With lots of vitamins and nutrients, berries of all kinds are considered a real immune system booster and a real super food in the kitchen. So that you get your daily kick of freshness, we have compiled recipes for berry smoothies of all kinds for you here. From the smoothie breakfast bowl to protein smoothies, it’s all here!

To start: recipe with frozen berries

Here’s a delicious recipe that makes it easy to use fruit from your freezer. The best part? This smoothie is packed with antioxidants that will strengthen and cleanse your body.

Sweet blueberry smoothie with banana

This smoothie is a real all-rounder. The vitamins of the blueberry and the healthy fats from the avocado make you fit and healthy!

Berries Smoothie: Mixed Fruits

This smoothe is super variable, as you can use your favorite berries for it, according to your taste. Any kind of berries you have at home, you can use for it! Easy to prepare and without many ingredients, a super quick freshness kick for in between!

For every taste: 12 smoothies

If the last videos haven’t convinced you yet, here are 12 more super delicious berry smoothies. There’s something for everyone here, guaranteed!

Fitness smoothies: healthy and delicious

In this video you will find a super recipe with protein powder to go fit and strengthened through everyday life and the next training session.

Smoothie Bowls with berries: super breakfast

Last but not least, here are some recipes that are great for breakfast. Because did you know, smoothies are not only a great drink, but can also be prepared with many toppings as a full meal.

Super Food! Create your smoothies with it

Here are some top ingredients for your smoothies!

Frozen berries

Berries mix

Yoghurt to refine

Honey to sweeten

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

More Smoothie Recipes

You’ve got a taste for it and want to try out more delicious smoothies? To make it quick, we have collected the best smoothie recipes for you here, for the most popular types of fruit in Germany. Also our special: green smoothies made from vegetables.