Build muscle: Simple tips for the right nutrition – delicious & quickly prepared!

You want to define your muscles so that they are more effective? But you don’t know what diet fits the bill? No problem, we have the solution for you. With the right diet you too can build up muscles. With simple tips you can do that too! All you need is a little discipline and ambition. We will show you different recipe ideas that will fit perfectly into your training plan. Delicious food can also be very healthy.

The perfect fitness nutrition day: recipes, ideas, dishes, snacks – whether vegetarian, low carb or high protein – everything is included!

What do I eat best before exercise? What is the best thing to eat after sport? What am I allowed to eat and what should I avoid? First of all, it is important that you have a precise plan of what you want to achieve.

Start the day stronger with a balanced breakfast: Recipes for fat reduction

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We get up and get ready for the day. We need strength and we draw this from our breakfast. What can we eat best and at the same time make sure that it is healthy? Sascha Huber describes four variations of breakfast ideas that can be perfectly integrated into your fitness plan.

Bodybuilder dishes for lunch: Healthy low carb recipes for muscle building

It would be best if the lunch was cheap and also contained a lot of protein, right? Here we have a delicious fitness meal that is perfect for building up muscles.

What are the best recipes for the evening after training? Protein-rich and tasty dishes

Eating together in the evening is always very cosy. Is delicious and healthy compatible with each other? Yes, as we already noticed at breakfast and lunch, it is. You can also prepare a delicious meal in the evening, which can be combined very well with your sport. Have a look!

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

The most delicious fitness snack ideas: cookies, yogurt, fruit and much more

You can’t prevent it, but sometimes it does come: the ravenous hunger. Especially when we do a lot of sports and want to pay attention to our diet, we are even more frustrated when we get weak. But we don’t have to feel bad if we conjure up super tasty and simply prepared fitness snacks that are healthy on top of that. A dream comes true!

Fitness Snacks to make yourself: before sport, in between or after training

Delicious ideas quickly and easily!

The ravenous hunger can come: yoghurt, cookies, sweet recipes to lose weight

Before and after the training: What do I eat best and when? Tips and tricks!

The question is often asked: What do I eat when? Can I eat something after training? Should I rather not eat anything before training and train on an empty stomach? It is important to say that everyone has their own individual training plan and therefore also an individual nutrition plan. For example, if you say that you prefer to train on an empty stomach, you are welcome to do so. Others, however, might feel the same way and say that they cannot use the necessary strength on an empty stomach. So let me emphasize once again: Everyone has his own plan.

Before the training: That’s what the pro says!

What is good to eat after training?

In this video you will be shown which meal you can eat after your training to guarantee muscle building. Isn’t that great?