Increase motivation during sports: tips for the workout at home, music and more!

You want to push yourself to your limits and feel really good after training because you have achieved something? But you lack the motivation? Today you don’t feel like it, tomorrow you have a date and last week you were just too busy? Excuses over excuses! I’m not making excuses anymore. We will show you tips and tricks how to get the necessary motivation to really get going in a sports context. Often it’s the little things that help you to achieve great things. You can choose which of the tips are right for you. It can be the sporty playlist, a delicious fitness meal or the right plan. Small things can make a big difference and increase your motivation.

Transform listlessness into ambition: Achieve goals, build muscles, do the right exercises with workouts at home!

Actually, it is not that difficult to motivate yourself. You just need certain incentives that make you want to do more. The famous sentence “Success has three letters: TUN” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is more fitting than ever. You cannot achieve anything if you do not actively switch the switch in your head to TUN. Pull yourself together, motivate yourself, get going: That’s what today is all about. In this article we will show you how best to do this.

Achieving goals with the right method

First of all, you have to find a specific goal for yourself. What do you want to achieve? Be as detailed as possible. The more precisely and specifically you name your goal, the clearer it is in your thoughts. Make sure that you always remain realistic. Here the question is: Is it realistic to reach my set goal? It only increases your motivation if you achieve your set goals. It is demotivating and frustrating when you realize that you cannot achieve it. And that is often not due to you, but to the set goal. If you want to have biceps like John Cena in a week’s time, it will soon become clear that you won’t be able to reach your goal. Another critical issue is timing. It promotes motivation when you have a specific time in your head. So you know exactly until when you train and when you can see a result. This creates a foreseeable time in which you train. Nothing is worse than seeing no end. What was described here is also called the S M A R T method. Again for the record:

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  1. Name specific goal
  2. Define a measurable goal
  3. Accept and understand: You are fully behind this stated goal
  4. Realistic: For your goal to be achievable, it must be realistic. So ask yourself: Can I do it? Is it achievable?
  5. Scheduled goal: When do you want to set a deadline?

The right exercises: Workouts to follow, without equipment for home

Structure and an appropriate workout with appropriate exercises are two things you should clarify in advance. This saves you a lot of time before the workout. No more thinking and digging about which workouts you want to do today, because you know what you want to do today before you start training.

Perfect plan for a perfect workout:

Motivation also includes a sense of achievement and this is achieved through an efficient workout plan. So if you are new to sports, you should ask yourself which sport suits you best. What do you like, what do you enjoy and what do you consider successful? If you don’t have a specific sport in mind and you are satisfied with a workout plan in the fitness area, we have a wonderful full-body workout that you can easily do at home without any additional equipment.

Suggestions for the sport: The suitable songs, playlists & training partners

Things that you can easily notice are often obvious. Unfortunately, we often do not see them at all.

Music promotes motivation – whether in the gym, outside or at home

Just switch off your thoughts and focus on your training – sometimes that can’t be so easy. What you need in the right music. Music can motivate you incredibly and push you to want to do more. We have selected a one-hour playlist for you to motivate you to give your best in your workout. Of course music is a question of taste. So pick your favorite songs and create a playlist for your perfect workout.

Teamwork strengthens you and gives you the necessary push: The right training partner

What motivates you more than your best friend or dearest buddy next to you during your workout? The advantage of a workout for two is that you can bite through it together. As the saying goes: “Together we are strong”: That is exactly what applies here. If you don’t feel like a workout that day, your partner will pull you along. On another day you might be the one who shows the necessary motivation. So you can push each other and reach the goal together.

Rewards over rewards: Healthy snacks, rest breaks & Co.

After work, then the pleasure. This is the saying and this is exactly what you should keep in mind. Always train so that you are working towards a reward. Be it a delicious meal or the thought of a relaxing bath. Tip from us: Think about what you want to do before your training session. So you already have in mind what you can look forward to.

Delicious recipes that fill you up and are also healthy

You think that a sporty appearance cannot be combined with delicious food? You’re wrong. It often demotivates you to know that the tastiest dishes do not fit into your training schedule. But that is not true. Of course it makes sense to deal with nutrition in addition to the sports program, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare delicious recipes anyway. Sascha Huber describes in this video his favourite and tastiest fitness recipe, which is easy to prepare and doesn’t cost much. So if that is not motivation enough. Swing the cooking spoon and enjoy your tasty meal. We have already put together delicious recipes for a healthy diet. Have a look there.

Rest breaks are the most important breaks

Rest breaks are just as important as the phases in which we train. The body and also the muscles need a break to regenerate and recover. So always keep this in mind. You are entitled to breaks and they are incredibly important. Doesn’t this increase your motivation? You know that you also have days on which you can calm down and come to rest free of any bad conscience. Simon Teichmann explains in his video in a very appealing way how you can find out when you train best, how much you train and when you should take these breaks.

See successful results and a healthy mindset: before/after pictures for comparison

The most important thing in a project is to see success. Nothing motivates you more than to see a result that makes you happy. Document your training progress and record what you have already achieved.  This way you can always remember what you have done and what you still want to achieve.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Training, workouts and exercises are all well and good, but we want to see all results. The best way to do this is with a before and after picture. It motivates you to see how much you have achieved when you can see it in two photos. So take a picture before you start your sports program and take one at the time you set yourself.

Stay loose: Don’t stress: Everything takes time.

Finally, you should be aware that it will not always be easy. There may be situations in which you do not see progress or in which you simply have no strength. Don’t panic then. Everything takes time, including your training. Your endurance, discipline and ambition are needed here. In phases of frustration you should always remember why you started in the first place. Call the goals into your head and see what you have already achieved.

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