Fashion plus fitness: Marcel’s winter trends and motivational tips for the holidays!

Marcel from Frankfurt successfully runs the online blog “California.89”, on which he regularly inspires his readers in the topics of styling and sports. We talked to him about his passions, his private life and his job as a blogger.

“I absolutely do not like clutter”

FIV: Hey Marcel! Looking at your blog and Instagram account, it’s easy to see that all your pictures have the same style. That makes your pages look very orderly and classic. Would you say that these characteristics also apply to you as a person? Introduce yourself, how would you describe yourself?

Marcel: Hey, these characteristics also apply to me as a person. I absolutely do not like disorder and at my home everything must have exactly its place and be sorted.

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FIV: As you can see from your blog, fashion and fitness are very important parts of your everyday life. Which of these two things could you rather do without in your life?

Marcel: To be honest, I can’t do without either of these things, because they are very important parts of my life. I was always very fashion-conscious as a child and I started with sports at a very early age.

Just married!

FIV: Your relationship status is very easy to figure out from your Instagram bio. You’ve been taken since 2007 and recently married. First of all, congratulations to you guys! Tell me, who is the lucky girl and how did you meet?

Marcel: Thank you very much ! My wife’s name on Instagram is @Ninalovefashion and we met on the internet in 2007. A few days later it came to the first date. Everything fit from the beginning, because we already had the same interests at that time.

FIV: Fashion is the biggest topic on your blog. You regularly post pictures of your outfits where you pay attention to every detail. You also seem to be very into coats. Apart from coats, do you have an absolute fashion favourite and must-haves for winter? What do you think the perfect winter look would be like?

Marcel: A scarf is still one of my absolute autumn/winter must-haves and should not be missing from anyone’s wardrobe. My perfect winter look would look like this…knitted sweater, coat, scarf, jeans and boots.

“Sporty during the day and a little more dressy in the evening.”

FIV: For a man who works in fashion, your wife is certainly involved in fashion and fitness. What style do you like most in women?

Marcel: It always depends on the occasion. During the day sporty and in the evening it may be a little more chic.

FIV: Your style is rather simple and classic but still very modern and stylish. You often combine basics with cool shoes or accessories. What is your tip for styling basics?

Marcel: My tip for styling basics are shoes and accessories. There just have to be 1-2 parts that totally stand out in a basic look. My favorites are cool sunglasses, Alexander McQueen sneakers and a scarf from Acnestudios.

“New challenges are the key to lasting workout motivation”

FIV: One category on your blog is called “Fitness”. Looking at your training schedule (four times a week) it’s clear that you are very athletic. Tell us your best fitness and motivational tips!

Marcel: I love setting new goals and working towards them. New challenges are the key to lasting training motivation.

FIV: Regular exercise is often not enough to keep your body in shape. Do you pay attention to your diet? If so, do you find it more difficult to eat healthily in winter during festive occasions such as Christmas?

Marcel: If you want to be fit and continue to achieve more and more, you have to eat well accordingly. I always eat relatively healthy, if I ever feel like something sweet, then I long to a dark chocolate with at least 80% cocoa content.
I also eat healthy at Christmas, but still eat the odd cookie.

Blogging- a hobby with which you can earn money!

FIV: Even if some of the pieces in your pictures are repeated from time to time, you always manage to create the impression of a completely new look. Isn’t it exhausting for you to always come up with new looks and combine them? Do you see blogging more as a passion or as a job?

Marcel: Most of the time I’m standing in front of my wardrobe and I already know exactly what I’m going to wear, so it’s quite easy for me to combine new looks. I see blogging as a passion, I enjoy inspiring people. That I will earn money with it, I never thought at the beginning.

FIV: Working on your own person and especially on a blog takes a lot of time and effort. You have to be creative all the time, capture your ideas in pictures and then write a post about it. Do you have specific goals you want to achieve and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Marcel: It’s most important to me that I stay true to my own style, but I haven’t set myself any specific goals yet. Where I see myself in 5 years I can not say, I just let it come to me.