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You were always looking for a Men Blog that exactly matches your style? Whether fashion, lifestyle, technology or cars, and our men’s blog you will find the very best trends. We research news and updates for you every day and offer you every week in the new article the world of men. While women’s blogs often focus on details, we want to be surprised and amazed! We want to see the great things, the spectacular, the extraordinary. That’s why our blog contains only the absolutely latest trends that interest the whole world. With constantly new topics for daily life, a little bit to the very best beard hairstyle and the latest suit trends for men. So if you want to know what’s up to date, stay with us!

Fashion for men: online shops, cheap & expensive trends

Especially when it comes to fashion and fashion, we men have very different characters. One likes to dress discreetly and badly, keeping grey tones in contrast to black and white, while the other is dressed more conspicuously, with bright colours, patterns and eye-catching designs. They also differ, as not all of them go shopping themselves! While one part of the men dresses themselves, the other completely relies on their girlfriend or wife. In our men’s blog, we show things for you! We are concerned with the latest brands, styles and possible combinations. We also talk about the hottest trends from the fashion capitals of Milan, Paris, London and New York! In the field of men’s accessories and fashions, we are the absolute ultimate men’s blog for you.

Cars: Used & buy new, new models and more PS

Every man enjoys absolute freedom, especially in his own car, on a wide country road, nobody can be seen far and wide and the sun shines at the end of the horizon. Men especially enjoy this moment in their car with good music. It is the few moments that remain when you have a stressful life as a businessman, manager or worker in a factory. That’s why for many men the car is such a high commodity, the interior, the materials and the sound, all this plays with you when it comes to choosing your own car. Everyone has their own favourites and their own favourite brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, VW or BMW. Many also like to screw their cars themselves, even if they are super rich and could have someone else do it! The car is and remains our favourite toy. We like to invest in our time, our ideas and our motivation Point
relationship tips: Avoid flirting with women and relationship stress

Let’s face it, we don’t have the perfect answer in every situation. But to get better and better, let’s practice. And it doesn’t start until 8:00. Already at the first small house parties we practice finding the perfect woman for us. And do you think it will? No way! No way! As soon as we’re single, we’re back on the market and will try to do our best, so our men’s blog also has valuable relationship tips and tips on how to deal with women. As a man it is important to maintain respect and to always show the woman that she is something special so that Robert’s one’s heart. That’s why we always have interesting tips for your relationship or insider if you want to meet a new woman!

Sport: Football, basketball and trend sports

Now at the latest, everyone will say, exactly my subject! Sports enthusiast extremely many men all over the world. It doesn’t matter which country you come from or which city, sport and competition are one of the most important topics for us boys from the first class on. Who throws the ball farthest, who throws the football best or Werewolf the 100 meters fastest? Life is a competition! Many men stay with it forever and become the sport with their lives. Most of them play football, if they are a little older, they also become active themselves, as coaches or coaches. As a result, sport and the promotion of young talent are always active. Of course we also report in detail in our men’s blog about sport and its different facets, from football to basketball, football and baseball.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Movies and Series: Netflixen or cinema

After a hard day at work, we like to relax with a cool beer in front of the TV and watch the latest films and series on Netflix & Co. In the past we had to pull out the TV, the remote control and click our way through program by program. Today, of course, this is much easier, faster and more convenient with series and film streaming. The best series as well as Games of Thrones, we can watch online today, of course it is also an absolutely important topic for our blog to report on the latest series highlights. So if there will be a new series on Netflix soon, we will be there for you and will definitely write about it. If you have a series you would like to say something about, feel free to email us at any time!

Leisure: Let’s get wild!

Many of us men like to spend the whole day at home and therefore look for hobbies to make your free time creative. One likes sports and playing football, the other takes his guitar and makes some music and the next grabs the canvas and paints a picture. There are thousands of hobbies that make us men happy, but it doesn’t always have to be our own car! We can be creative and therefore it is also for us an important concern to give you new things, of which you also perhaps enthusiastically time of his new trend sports such as climbing or today modern tree
Everything important for men!

On FIV you will find in our Men blog always all the important information and news you need as a man in your daily life. Of course you can also check out the other blog sections and news about Influencer, Instagram Stars or Blogger. In our magazine you will always find the latest and new interviews with exciting and interesting people. If you have any ideas or suggestions about what we can do in the near future, you can write to us at any time and we will see if we can implement your idea individually!